Last weekend, I received a box- full of goodies from my ever fab mom. Feeling like an extended holiday spree, I opened each package with elation. Makeups, snacks, shoes- what an eye candy! Came nighttime, I remember my mom saying that she bought me a watch, nothing fancy but appropriate enough for my other day job. Frantic, I searched for every packet but found nothing. Sigh, she forgot! I called her about it but she insisted that the watch was neatly wrapped inside the box. She asked me to check the box one more time. Oh, the USPS box! I threw it right away and was picked up by the garbage truck minutes after. Finder’s keeper. End of story.

While at the mall the other day (okay, I’m guilty- new makeup hauls), I saw this “eco-friendly” watch called Sprout (available at Sears, Macy’s, Nordstrom). Intrigued by the name, I asked the saleslady to let me try several pieces. Sprout watches are made from 80 percent biodegradable and recyclable materials. The dial is made from bamboo; the case and buckle from corn resin; the straps from all-organic cotton; the lens from mineral crystal. The battery is mercury-free. And the price? Anywhere between $23.00- $80.00. Not bad for a watch that requires function more than status symbol.  I like big dial styles so I settled for this unisex gray/army green color.

More styles at

Available at: Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sears

One more cool thing about this watch. The packaging comes with “seeds” which will grow as grass in two weeks time. The box serves as the mini-planter. With proper watering techniques, the sprouts will shoot through the gauze in 5-10 days. Sounds like a science experiment, eh?!

Ms. Mad Scientist! Let’s see if you’ll grow…

See celebrities wearing Sprout here

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1 thought on “The Lost Watch & Sprout

  • Very innovative, hip & really environmentally friendly! Thanks for posting your FAB story 🙂

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