Too Faced Glamour to Go is a credit card- sized makeup palette that has eight coordinating eye shadows, four lip glosses and one blush. Meant for travel and quick touch-ups, this fits your purse/ pocket. It retails about $19.50 at Sephora.

The lip gloss/ blush on slides in and out

Yes, it really is the size of a pocket. Thus the name.

The eyeshadow colors are more on neutrals/ earth tones and they are sheer when applied. They are not heavily pigmented so you might need two to three (or more) applications before you see the color in your eyelids. The blush-on is of rosy-peach hue (my favorite item from this palette).  The lip glosses are carefully selected to compliment the eyeshadows and blush-on.  This set is ideal for daytime wear and for beginners who may want subtle yet enchanting colors. Since the packaging has “to-go” printed on it, this set could have been more user-friendly if it came with travel eyeshadow brush, blush brush and lipstick brush.

My Kissmark Analysis:

Disclosure: I got this as a gift.

Daytime Makeup Tutorial

The inspiration for this tutorial is the subtlety of Too Faced Glamour To Go Pocket Palette. Meant for daytime wear and/or makeup beginners, this look is simple and sweet.

1. Prep your face. Cleanse, wash, tone. Apply moisturizer with SPF.

2. Apply face primer to make your face look flawless. More on face primer benefits, click here.

3. Apply liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer over face. (Optional) Seal foundation with mineral powder.

4. Groom your eyebrows. (Optional) fill eyebrows with brown eyebrow makeup or brown pencil.

5. Apply eye primer over eyelids. Let it dry for 1 minute. Eye primer prevents smudging and creasing of eye makeup. It also makes the colors stand out more.

6. See guide picture below. Apply pink shade (1a) over eyelids. Blend bronze shade (1b) over crease and outer corner of eye. Lightly blend mocha (1c) over crease but not the arch area. Highlight arch area & tear duct with shimmer yellow (1d).

Click image to zoom
Feel free to replace these supplies with your own collection.
1) Too Faced Glamour To Go Pocket Palette  2) Too Faced Mascara   3) Estee Lauder brown eyeliner  4) L’Oreal carbon black liquid liner

7. Line waterline with brown eyeliner. (Optional) With a smudge brush, line lower lashline with bronze eyeshadow from outer to midline, then with pink eyeshadow from midline to inner area (towards tear duct).

8. Apply waterproof mascara. (Optional) Wear fake eyelashes (like I did in the the succeeding photos)

9. Brush blush-on over apples of cheek. (Optional) Brush bronzer on side of face (temple area) to contour.

10. For longer-wearing lip product, line and fill your lips with lip liner then apply lip gloss or lip stick.

Click image to zoom
Feel free to replace these items with your own collection
1) Too Faced Glamour To Go Blush-on  2) Optional. Lancome Bronzer  3) Optional. e.l.f. under eye concealer  4) Bare Minerals Powder

Click image to zoom
Wet n Wild lip liner   LA Girl Lip Gloss

Don’t sleep my dear!!!

Look fab today. Sexy and sweet, why not?!

” The greatest form of self-promotion is not the talk but the walk. Let your actions speak for you.”- Fabkath

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