Who says you can’t look fab while out and about burning calories? Running a mile or two? Walking your dog? Gyrating to zumba? Chasing kids in the park? Step out looking good with these sweat/water resistant and simple beauty aids.

This tutorial was inspired by a friend who asked about a beauty routine that can help her look even more fabulous despite the scorching summer heat downunder.

There is only one product that will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays: Sunscreen. Never go out without wearing one. Choose a product with at least SPF15 and has both UVA/UVB protection. For more information on sunscreen, click here.

Save on makeups. Use a product that has multi-tasking functions. I like to use Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 because it also acts as a moisturizer and sunscreen. And because it is lightly tinted, you have the option to wear it alone.

Use water/sweat resistant products or you end up running like a zombie. Line your upper lashline with water resistant eyeliner, follow with 1-2 coats of water resistant mascara.

Look fab but not overdone. Apply neutral lip color. If you are pale like me, you have the option to apply a hint of color. Lightly brush rosy pink blush on cheeks or bronzer on the side of the face up to mid forehead (where light hits you).

These are the products I would normally use when I’m out running. These are for illustration purposes only.

1) Sunblock SPF50 Ocean Potion Sweat & Water Resistant (for arms, legs) 2) Clinique SPF 40 (face)  3) Optional: Bare Minerals Face Powder  4) e.l.f. water-resistant eyeliner  5) Rimmel mascara  6) e.l.f.  mineral lipstick nude color

Here’s a simple makeup look you can try:

Click image to zoom

Get fab & fit. Sweat it out without the sweat.

*Get inspired* “The door to opportunities is never closed. You just need another key to unlock it.”

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2 thoughts on “Fab & Fit: Sweat Resistant Makeup

  • great write-up sis.reminds me i have to get my tinted moisturizer,it's always sooo humid/hot here in th PI. 🙂 hard to wear foundations when you're out. everything's melting. i wanna try mascaras too.i haven't been a mascara person.just a lippie/blush girl 🙂

  • Many thanks Belle! make sure you also apply primer before foundy or tinted moisturizer and seal your makeup w/ finishing spray so it last longer. I have super oily face and I live in a humid state as well (Hawaii)

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