Pre- Mark Zuckerberg era, the saying “Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are” made sense. Now, it’s “show me your Facebook profile pic and I’ll tell you who you are”. Seriously.

Consider the following profile pics I have seen numerous times: 

Dogs. Kittens. Hamsters. You’re a pet lover/ owner.

Babies. Proud parents.

Couple. In-love. Real or otherwise.

Family. Contentment.

Still- life photos. New or dabbling in photography.

Self. Obviously, you’re the owner and moderator of your page.

This drives me to the next point. A profile pic that shows all cleavage, buns, guns, alcohol, and anything that connotes indecency is a total turn-off. You’re probably aware by now that prospective employers conduct background checks on potential candidates through Google, Facebook and other social networking sites. Girl, you just blew your chance being hired if they see you intoxicated or engaged in some unscrupulous activities. Unless you don’t care at all.

As the owner and moderator of your page, you are solely responsible in screening and uploading your own photos. So why show your unkempt and oil-laden face? Is life really that hard my friend? One time I saw a profile pic of a fifty-something woman partying like a rock star. All glitter and bosom. Oh, she’s a mom to teenage daughters. That ain’t fab!

There is a thing called “crop” in your computer program. This icon helps you delete unattractive elements in your photos. If you like how you flashed your smile in one photo but hate that it was taken beside a dumpster, then crop the latter. If you like your dress but feel you’re upstaged by a friend, crop that GF. Look fab today, everyday. Even if it’s just a tiny piece of memento.

Remember, your profile pic can say a hundred things about you.  Time to check your Facebook.

Moi, incognito

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