I purchased these three beauties from an online exclusive gift set from Sephora. The other Too Faced products included in the pack are lipstick, lip gloss/shimmer, and mascara (I will be doing separate reviews for these).  

These cream eye shadows come in 8g and are infused with Shadow Insurance eye primer (a popular brand from Too Faced). I am not really a fan of cream eye shadows so I thought I’d give them a try.

L-R: Dramarama (bronze), I’m guilty (turquoise), Jailbait (peach pink)

The eye shadows are metallic- so if you’re into adding drama to your eyes, this can be your ally. Here’s a swatch of the colors:

L-R: Jailbait (peach pink), I’m guilty (turquoise), Dramarama (bronze)

Although it did say these cream eye shadows have built-in eye primers, I still primed my eyes with Urban Decay. With clean pinkies, I applied the shadows over my eyelid. Then I applied powder eyeshadow over it to make the color stand out more. I found I’m guilty (turquoise) heavily pigmented as there was no need for me to build up the color I wanted. Jailbait (peach pink) can be used as a brow highlighter instead. The color does not really come out as peach-pink, only a subtle hint to it. I used Dramarama (bronze) not as an eyeshadow but an eyeliner. It worked pretty good, sans smudging.

Jailbait (bottom two) is so pale- I needed to blend it with other eye colors to produce desired results

Cream eye shadows add more staying power and glamour to eye makeups. And yes, I did not have unsightly creases, so I give this a thumbs-up. However, I would stick using the peach pink hue as a brow highlighter and occasionally use the other two as eyeliners. Try to be creative. Blend colors if you must. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s what makeup removers are for 🙂

Over-all analysis

*Too Faced was founded in 1998 by Jerrod and Jeremy. To know their fun fairy tale, click here.

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1 thought on “Product Review: Too Faced Lock Down Cream Eye Shadow

  • Anonymous

    oh darling..your sweet practical advise are fabulous !! as what the title says …yeah, ive done doin my own eye primer too !! its exactly how you do it.. hopefully girls like us would try it too.. and they will be happy with the result.. thanks..keep it up..


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