Antique coins. Vintage toys. Stamps. Books. Pens. Paintings. Jewelries. Bonsai plants. Taxidermy. Watches. Cars. And so on. Everyone has a passion. Some collect more than they can handle. Entrepreneurial minds collect, wait awhile, and then sell to make a profit. Regardless of the purpose, collecting stuff is a “mind-your-own- business” thing.

But when people know you collect makeups, you are instantly branded “vain”. “It’s a waste of money”, a friend once said. Stereotyping.

Although I might have more makeups than some women, I cannot really call myself  a collector. I have seen women with piles and stacks of makeups they hardly use.  So huge it can rival a Sephora store. I use every single lipstick, eyeliner and brush I own. When their shelf life is up, I throw them away, for hygienic reasons obviously. So to set things straight, I’m a user more than a collector.

But it still doesn’t answer the question. Am I vain?  Do I waste money knowing that after some time, they will find their way to the trash bin? If vanity is equated to loving myself, then point-blank I’d say I am 100% vain. 

There is nothing wrong with loving oneself. In fact, it is in this order how you should practice love. (1) God (2) Yourself (3) Others. When you love yourself 100%, it is easier to extend love to others without the feeling of being cheated and deprived. I have heard countless complaints from friends uttering ” I have no time for myself. It’s all about them. What about me?”

To me, looking good with a little help from makeup literally boosts my self-image. One time I posted this in my Facebook ” Garden work in red lipstick, big earrings, SPF 30, hat and gloves. I don’t mind the work, I feel so pretty”. I go to the grocery store wearing my fave perfume and pumps. I do laundry wearing lip gloss. Look fab today, everyday girlfriends! 

The Long and short of it: whatever you’re doing, whether you are a working mom, a homemaker, a corporate slave, a hospital staff, always look your best. No matter what. Natural beauty without makeup is a thing of the past. To look natural, you need a hint of color. Not that purplish lips you have as a consequence of smoking. To look flawless, you need to hide pimple marks. To look groomed, you need to pluck those brows. Unless you want to be tagged Mrs. Incredible Hulk.

And like I always say, looking good doesn’t require a fortune. There are drugstore brands that work far better than branded ones. Love yourself. Look fab.

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