Another homemade skincare trick using all- natural ingredients. I will be coming up with more of this kind in the future.

I am a fan of body scrub. It’s the key to removing dead skin cells. With gentle exfoliating properties, it makes your skin supple and well moisturized. A sugar scrub from Crabtree and Evelyn retails about $26, Bath and Body Works 2.oz travel size, $29, scrub from Sephora Collection, $18.

Enter Ms. Fab and Frugal. The basic ingredients in making your own sugar body scrub are:

  • SUGAR. White or brown, it doesn’t matter. Sugar acts as exfoliator. When rubbed against skin, it gently sloughs off dead skin cells
  • OLIVE OIL. Or other natural oils like jojoba, sweet almond oil, apricot. Olive oil is available in all grocery stores. Jojoba, almond, apricot, etc. can be bought in any health food stores.
  • OPTIONAL: ESSENTIAL OIL. You may want to skip this. But I want my scrub to smell as if I’m being pampered in a spa, or something that can rival these high end scrubs! Essential oils can be purchased from health food stores as well.
  • EMPTY & CLEAN JAR. Reuse whatever jar you have at home. For this project, I used my small candy jar.
My concoction: Sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, brown sugar

Fill half of jar with sugar. Fill half with Olive oil (I used almond oil). You can always adjust whether you want more sugar than oil. I want mine even. Mix with spatula (I just used plastic teaspoon). If you want to add essential oil, choose a scent that suits you. I want the calming effect of lavender so I mixed it with 6 drops. Again, depending on your preference, you can add more or less than what I did. Remember, essential oils are concentrated extracts and they are not intended to be used alone. If you are giving this as a present, personalize it with raffia or sinamay ribbon. Use within six months. Take extra precaution when coming out from the shower as the floor can be slippery from the scrub. If you are allergic to nuts, don’t use any oil with nut derivative like almond oil.

I really liked my mixture. My skin felt unbelievably soft and moisturized!

Look fab today, everyday. Exfoliate at least twice a month to reveal soft, smooth skin!

* Get inspired* ” Force Ricochet. Just a fabulous description of karma. Throw a negative force, it will bounce back to you.” 

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