With so many things going on right now, most complimentary magazines I have been getting from the mail are hardly ever touched and read. Finally, I got the chance today to sit down and browse through some of them.

This one got my attention- a slimmer and more fabulous- looking Kelly Osbourne on the cover of Shape Magazine (December 2010). The once wild child of rock star Ozzy Osbourne amazingly dropped 50 pounds! 

Smokin’ hot bod Kelly O!

Perpetually called ” fat and ugly” for the most part of her life, Kelly said that these criticisms damaged her self-esteem. She described herself an emotional eater. After she got discharged from a rehab center in 2009, she confessed replacing drugs with food to help her deal with personal issues. 

Kelly O before (Image from here)

Then came Dancing with the Stars. She said her dance partner Louis van Amstel taught her a thing or two on proper diet. To keep her energy up, she advocates a high- protein low- carb diet. Combined with exercise, portion control, and self-discipline,  she has gained her confidence back. Big time.

To see a sample of a high-protein, low-carb diet, click here.

I began my path to healthy living six years ago. Believe it or not, I was chunky before. Between year 2000 -2005 to be exact. With my petite stature,  parading around with extra pounds made me look like Mrs. Humpty Dumpty. I have tried various gym memberships, yoga, belly dancing, diet pills, boxing, all to no avail. I hated what I see in the mirror. BFF meant Best Fast Food then.  Quarter pounder from Mcdonald’s. Pepperoni from Pizza Hut. Strawberry shake from Burger King. Going home late from work was a lame excuse for a quick drive-thru. I used food to comfort me after stressful work meetings, personal drama, and the like. My self-esteem was its lowest point. What I lacked then was very much like Kelly’s. Self- discipline and motivation.

My life took a different twist some years later. I promised myself to love and take care of myself more than ever. Health is the best gift we can give ourselves and loved ones. Though I still don’t have well sculpted abs, defined biceps, and toned legs, I have won the battle against the bulge. It wasn’t easy but let me tell you this with all candor, I have never felt this happy about my health, looks  and life!

Fab and Fit is in. Be one.

Lose weight while doing household chores. To know how much calories you burn while mopping floors, doing laundry, click here. Clean house and fit body, so fab!

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