Looking at my own stash of makeups, I found a clear lip balm and lipstick I seldom use. I really wanted to buy a tinted lip balm, and then I realized why not make something out of why I already got. A tinted lip balm by Bobbi Brown is sold $18 at Nordstrom. A pot of Benetint Lip Balm by Benefit is available at Sephora at $20. A drugstore version like Nivea is abou $3.

Enter the fab and frugal mind. For this DIY (do-it-yourself), you will need the following (see picture for ingredients):

L-R: Clear lip balm (or Vaseline petroleum jelly), Any lipstick, Any container (I used an empty travel size jar), cotton tips, microwaveable dish. Also, a clean paper towel, chopping board and bread knife

From my end, I used a clear lip balm from Avon, a red lipstick bought from drugstore, an empty travel size jar from Make Up Forever (it used to hold transluscent powder), some cotton tips, and a microwaveable dessert bowl.

1. Cover the chopping board with a clean paper towel. Lipstick stains are difficult to wash off.

2. With a bread knife, slice a bigger chunk from the clear lip balm and a smaller piece from the lipstick. The idea is to create only a hint of color. Another alternative is to use Vaseline petroleum jelly. Scoop one tablespoon or more.

Clear lip balm should be bigger in proportion than lipstick. You can even slice a thin portion from the lipstick if you really want just a subtle hint of color for your tinted lip balm

3. Transfer both into a microwaveable bowl or plate.

4. Pop in microwave oven for 15- 20 seconds. The lip balm will be dissolved and the lipstick will be quite soft.

5. Mix together with cotton tip until both are well blended.

6. Transfer mixture into a small pot/ jar/ container. Clean sides of jar with moistened paper towel. Replace cap.

7. Glide gently on lips with a cotton tip or lip brush. I used a lip brush  for this picture.

Hmmm, I saved myself $20. I’m loving this tinted lip balm!

Remember, a fab woman knows how to reuse and recyle.

* Get inspired*  “Only a smart and secure man can handle a smart and confident woman. Insecurity dwells even in the brightest minds”.

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