Have you ever experienced not finding a lip gloss or lip stick with a color that you really want? Like something that would match your eye shadow or your mood for the day? Graduate from the same shade you wore in years and try this Do-It-Yourself Lip gloss.

It’s so simple even a seven-year old can do it. Seriously. Ready for the materials? Here they are…

Eyeshadow (Pressed or loose), Petroleum jelly, bobby pin

Petroleum jelly has a gamut of functions. It is used to moisturize lips, relieve chapped lips, remove makeup, prevent diaper rash, remove gum stuck in hair, etc. It is a staple in our household. It’s so cheap and can be bought from your pharmacy or grocery store. Mixed with pigment, you just owned your first customized lip gloss.

If you are using a pressed powder eyeshadow, grab that bobby pin and scrape a little to produce loose powder. See sample image below.

Choose the color you want. I chose shimmer bronze

Using a clean cotton tip, scoop a small amount of petroleum jelly

Mix loose pigment and jelly in a clean container

And the result…..

Apply on lips with a lip brush or cotton tip. 
Exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin cells. To make your own, click here.

Fab, fast and fun. I’m loving this!

* Get inspired*  Experience is the best teacher. Only if you learned a thing or two.

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