Time for another Do-It-Yourself Fab Ladies!

Don’t let your makeup brushes gather dirt and bacteria by just letting them sit in your dresser. A fab woman is neat, organized, and creative.

Makeup brush holders or organizers such as those styled after Sephora can cost anywhere from $30-up.

Enter Ms. Fab and Frugal. These makeup brush organizers are made from what you already own plus a little bit of creative imagination. Scroll down to discover the unusual filler-supplies.

Can you guess what these hot pink stuff are made from?

While buying a new bed for our dog, I saw this on my way to the cashier:

Hot pink tiny gravel used to fill aquarium! Isn’t that neat?

You don’t need to buy the same stuff. Beads, small glass pebbles and even coffee beans can function as fillers for your glass jar. Choose colors which represent your personality or favorite hues. Use any clear jars or plastic containers you own to hold your brushes.

Now they make nice decorative pieces in my vanity closet

Fab and Frugal. Now that’s fun!

*Get inspired*  Maybe is mediocrity. Whether it’s a Yes or No, you have to stand up for your decision. If it’s the right one, thank yourself. If it’s wrong, at least you tried”.

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5 thoughts on “Fab and Frugal: DIY Makeup Brush Holder

  • I've always been worried that those gravel types would damage the handles on my brushes D; I like the rounded acrylic ones :3

    • Hi Anna. Those acrylic ones nice, even beads too. So far, my brush handles are still ok,partly because I put them gently. Thanks for visiting my blog

  • Love the color of the gravel!! LOL!! I've used glass pebbles and coffee beans, but I never thought to use gravel. Love your brush collection! x

    • I was feeling desperate then 'coz I couldn't find hot pink pebbles so when I saw these gravel, 'thought they could work just as good.Super thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Love it! About how much gravel is that you used in the 2 jars?

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