Sweat. Vigor. Fab.

I just finished my dance routine as I write this blog. Nothing fancy. No gym membership. No zumba fees. Blasting 90s dance mix streaming from a Euro radio, good old tennis shoes, exercise  mat, and dumbbells. All in the comfort of our living room.

Dancing is a fun way to burn calories. You don’t even need to enroll in a dance class if your sole purpose is to exercise. It doesn’t matter whether you can or can’t dance, just roll and gyrate. On the average, you burn 120 calories for a 30- minute of modern dance routine. Add lifting of dumbbells and you burn more.

I love dancing. I tried other forms of weight loss exercise in the past but I always go back to modern dance. Your entire body moves, your hips sway and you sweat big time. No matter how busy my schedule is, I try to squeeze at least 30 minutes of dancing thrice a week. When out in the park on Sundays to run our dog, I do simple dance moves as my warm-up exercise. With Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal playing in my iPod nano, I am all set to start the day right. 

Get Fab and Fit! Move around. Burn calories. Dance. The world is your centerstage.

*Get inspired* “March to your own drumbeat. Dance to your own rhythm. Don’t fit in. Stand out”- Fab Kath

Sun. Water. Dance.

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2 thoughts on “Fab and Fit: Dance & Burn Calories

  • I'm totally gonna start dancing my weight off! Like I said yesterday on FB I'm so bored with the regular routine. but how do you count how many calories you burn??

  • @87sassysam that's great!! I only use my iPod nano to monitor. I know there are other gadgets you can buy that can track all calories burned depending on your activities. Stay fab!

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