I’m a frugalista. I don’t buy things I can reuse and recycle, such as storing my accessories and makeups. I would rather spend a few bucks buying a new lipstick  over a container that I might already have at home.

Aside from makeups, I am passionate about accessories. I make my own and sell some thru Kakalina’s. Call it my “me-time”, a self-healing therapy so to speak. My friends would always ask me “with all these accessories, how do you store them? where do you buy them? My proverbial answer ” I don’t buy. I reuse”.

Every woman owns maybe a couple of earrings, bracelets and neckpieces. I would assume most of you own even more, making organization and storage a problem. You’re not alone.

Here are some creative ideas you can try:

Tealight holder

The glass that holds the tealight broke but instead of finding its way to the trash bin, I reused this tealight holder to display some bracelets.

CD Holder 1

I don’t own any CDs now, thanks to Ipod. But instead of throwing this CD holder, I reused it to hang some of my earrings.

CD Holder 2

And there were more CDs, then. This CD rack is a staple in my closet. I also use it when I showcase Kakalina’s in fairs.

Can you guess this one?

Who says you can’t use a peg board to display your earrings? These boards are not just made for guys’ stuff like car tools and accessories. Do you have something like this in your garage? Reuse, recycle.

File holder for makeup palettes

I am trying my best to be paperless (think green) so I don’t need this file holder anymore. It’s a fun way to store some eye makeup palettes.

Do you have items at home that you don’t need or seldom use? Check your pantry, garage or storage, you might find a treasure or two.

Fab and frugal. What a combo!

* Get inspired* ” The finish line is painted the same color. Take a deep breath and relax. Have a cup of coffee. Do things that soothe you. “

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