Yesterday’s blog is about being frugal and fab in organizing your accessories and makeups (if you missed it, click here). Today I will share with you some products that can do other tasks aside from their original indications. I call them my beauty multi-taskers. In no particular order, here they are:

Mild, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic face cleanser; can also be used as makeup remover (image from here)

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a dermatologist-tested brand which is formulated for all skin-types, including the sensitive ones. It provides gentle cleansing action and won’t strip off skin’s natural emollients. This is one product that can be shared with all members of the family- from baby to daddy. The added bonus? You can use it to remove makeup. Pump a few drops into a piece of cotton, and apply onto face in a gentle circular motion. Talk about savings, girlfriends!

Updated as of today (Jan 12 2011). I recently ran out of liquid jewelry cleaner. Time for some experiment. Cetaphil does the job fab friends! Cetaphil is non-irritant thus it has no harsh chemicals that can damage your precious gems. Soak your treasures in warm water. Pump a little amount of Cetaphil. Brush lightly with soft-bristled brush (I used a brow brush). Wash in warm water. Pat dry and wipe using your jewelry cloth. I am amazed with the turn-out. Another item off my shopping list this weekend.

Gentle enough to wash baby’s hair. Gentle enough to wash makeup brushes (image from here)

Makeup brushes need to be washed on a regular basis, for hygienic reasons. I do mine weekly. But why buy if you can use an alternative that serves the same function? You can use a regular hair shampoo but to protect the bristles, I suggest using a mild shampoo like Johnson’s for baby. A little squirt goes a long way. Wash your brushes in warm water and lay them flat over a paper towel to dry.

Maybelline Clear Mascara. Great for eyelash. Great to comb and shape eyebrows too.

If you’re the type who only wants subtle makeup, then use this clear mascara to coat your lashes. But don’t forget your brows. A fab woman needs her brows groomed. Lightly comb your brows from inward to out. The gel formula will help keep hair in place for hours. 

Conditions hair. Works like a shave cream too. (image from here)

One time I ran out of shave cream while showering. I reached for my hair conditioner thinking it will do the job. I was right. The conditioner provides a barrier between the razor and  skin. It also  helps moisturize just how a shave cream does. So instead of buying, why not try your favorite hair conditioner? That’s one product off your grocery list.

Moisturizes dry skin. Prevents dry, chapped lips (image from here)

Why buy a lip balm if you have Vaseline petroleum jelly? With a cotton tip, scoop just the right amount and glide gently on your lips. The combination of mineral oil and wax prevents dryness. Apply at bedtime and wake up with luscious and moisturized lips.

Makeup remover for a fraction of the price. Image from here

Another revelation. Baby wipes as makeup remover. Why not? If you read Mac Make up Wipes ($26, it has Vitamin E which hydrates and nourishes the face. Now try reading your baby’s wipes. Did you see something with aloe and Vitamin E? Then you’re good to go. For a fraction of the price of branded face wipes, this is a nice alternative.

Fab and frugal! So wise.

* Get inspired* “There is no secret to a happy life. Everything is revealed in front of you. Learn to appreciate. “

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