In my early 20s, I was way too experimental (& wild) with my hair color and style. Pixie cut, bob, almost-blonde hair, lowlights, higlights, I tried them all. I think I got this hair obsession from my mom who is never contented with her own mane.  Six years ago, I finally decided to grow my hair long. To channel a more lady-like appeal. Maybe.

At 36 years young (yay!), I don’t deny that there’s a little bit of gray hair here and there. And with hair past my waistline, just imagine how expensive it can be to have regular salon visits.  Thanks to Do-It-Yourself hair color products, I can do simple root touch-ups myself.

I grew tired of my light brown hair color. That has been my signature look for eons. Now I want to go dark. Black is too harsh. Ash is out. Too many choices. Migraine.

Last week, I bought this hair color from Target. Upon the recommendation of a good friend, I chose Clairol this time. I settled for 117D or Natural Medium Cool Brown.

Will my hair color come out like this?

                         My old hair color. I am talking about mine, not my dog 🙂

My hair has natural waves. Sometimes it has a mind of its own

I colored my hair following the package instructions, plus some tricks I learned from my hairstylist before. The product label is Nice n Easy. So was it easy? Yes. Was it nice? Yes.  I’ll tell you why:

  • Easy application. The bottles and tube are numbered so you know which to mix and/or use before and after. It’s dummy-proof because there are illustrations too.

  • Nice product. Unlike other hair colors which have that overwhelming scent, I’d say this brand doesn’t have the annoying smell. My scalp wasn’t itchy during the application process. I didn’t experience flaky scalp compared to the last brand I used. And yes, it has full coverage of the obnoxious gray hair.

Overall rating : 

….And now for the new look

Up close. I went dark.


Look fab today. Hair is a woman’s crowning glory.

** With hair this long, how do I take care of it? Watch out for my next blog for tips.

Watch my updated hair care here:

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