Before I discovered the wonders of primer, my to-go cosmetic bag would pass for a makeup closet. Eyeshadows, pressed powder, mascara, lipsticks, face mist, etc. Just a load of cosmetic weaponry ready to stage a beauty war. 

You have probably heard or read about primer. Face, eye, lips. Whether you are new to makeup or not, primer is like a manna from heaven. It spares you from constant re-touching. It preps and brightens your skin. And yes, it downsizes your cosmetic bag. At least for me.

A primer (face, eyes, lips) works like a paint primer. You prime your walls before painting to even out texture and make the color last long. But is it really necessary to apply primer and add it to your makeup routine? If you’re the type who don’t want to hassle with touch-ups other than the blotting paper, then yes I’d say go and get one.  Application is easy. After applying moisturizer, dab a pea-sized primer onto your face, concentrating on the T-zone, cheeks and chin. Slowly massage in a circular motion so it sits in your skin. Follow with liquid or powder foundation. Eye primer brings out the vibrant colors of your eye shadow. It prevents creasing of eyeshadow and controls smudging of eyeliner and mascara. Dab a small amount of eye primer in your entire lid before applying eyeshadow or lining your eyes. 

Here are my favorite face and eye primers:

Face Primer


I like Laura Mercier oil-free foundation. It is lightweight and because it is oil-free, it is ideal for my skin type. ELF Studio Mineral Primer is a recent favorite. In my previous post, I mentioned that ELF offers quality makeup brands sans the high tag. Smashbox has a blend of antioxidants and vitamins that nourish the skin while providing a flawless canvass for foundation. 

Eye Primer


I’m into smoky eyes lately, and I swear my eye makeup lasted for hours (more than 8 hours to be exact). Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer  is lightweight and non-greasy.The packaging reminds me of its tattoo-laden creator, Kat Von D herself. Urban Decay Primer Potion  remains to be the favorite of makeup artists. Made with silicone, it delivers smooth application. Elf Mineral Eye Shadow Primer is made with 100% minerals. It glides easily and makes mineral-based eye shadow stand out.


No touch-ups for hours! One-time application, that’s it.

The complete makeup list for this look:

Moisturizer- Body Shop with Vitamin C

Pore Minimizer- Clinique

Face and Eye Primer- ELF

Foundation: Revlon Photo Ready

Cream Eye shadow: Too Faced 

Shimmer eye shadow: Coastal scents

Liquid eye liner: L’Oreal

Mascara: Sephora
Blush/Bronzer: Pixie

Lipstick and lip gloss: Estee Lauder

Mineral veil: Bare Escentuals

*** I don’t normally wear fake eyelashes***

Look fab today. Prime your face.  Because a fabulous face shouldn’t smear.

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