I mentioned in my previous post the importance of applying eye primer prior to eye shadowing. As a review, eye primer does the following functions:

  • Makes eye shadows vibrant and stand out
  • Makes eye shadows last, eliminating frequent touch-ups
  • Prevents creasing and smudging

There are plenty of eye primers sold in the market today. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, a favorite among makeup afficionados, retails at $18.00. Quite pricey but it does make the eye shadow last. A cheaper alternative, E.L.F Mineral Eye Primer, about $3, performs just the same (in my opinion).

However, making your own eye primer is not as difficult as you think it is. In fact, you may already own these supplies. Do you have a liquid foundation? What about an eye cream? Now, take those two out from your dresser and let’s begin the concoction:

  • Using the back of your palm as your pallette, drop a small amount of your liquid foundation
  • Scoop or drop a small amount of eye cream into the liquid foundation. I don’t recommend using other cream other than the one that says EYE cream. A body or hand cream may contain ingredients that can irritate your peepers.
  • Mix together with a cotton tip or finger
  • Apply to your entire eyelid. Let it dry before applying eye shadow.

For this D.I.Y, I used Revlon Photo Ready and Stila Calming Eye Cream

Can you tell the difference between a branded eye primer and D.I.Y?

L-R: The 1st arrow has no eye primer. Notice how the stroke faded downwards? I needed to apply 3x before the color showed. The second arrow has an eye primer. I used Benefit Stay don’t stray. Pretty good product I must say. The 3rd arrow is the Do-It-Yourself eye primer. It lasted pretty long as well. It may not be as vibrant as the branded one but practical enough for daily use.

Wearing my own DIY Eye Primer

Earrings: http://www.kakalinasaccesories.artfire.com/

Look fab today. Add eye primer to your routine. Let your eyes speak.

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