Winter months. Snow. Tory Burch winter coat. Fireplace. Hot chocolate. Wow.

Dry, flaky skin. Eew!

Lately, my friends have been posting how cold it is on their side of the planet. As of this writing, it’s 28.0 °F in Aspen, Colorado; 12.0 °F in Strasburg, North Dakota; 16.0 °F in Winnipeg, Canada; 21.0 °F in Liverpool, UK; Outside my crib, it’s 76.0 °F and yet I am already feeling cold and restless. Boy, I think I’d freeze  and die in snow.

The winter months can be harsh to skin. Beat unsightly flaky skin by using hypoallergenic products. But which is better to use at this time of the year, body cream or lotion?  

Both cream and lotion act to provide moisture to the skin. They work best when applied after shower or when the skin is damp. Applying either cream or lotion after a warm shower locks the moisture in because the pores are open. Apply liberally all over body or in dry areas that need extra moisture except the face. It’s time to know the difference:

  • Cream is 50% oil, 50% water. It is a lot thicker in consistency compared to lotion. Cream is ideally good to moisturize dry skin during the winter months. 
  • Lotion is normally 80% water. It is lighter in consistency and is absorbed immediately into the skin after application. Because most lotions have a cooling effect, they are best for the summer months. 

Check the label of your cream or lotion before heading to the counter. It has to be hypoallergenic and free from alcohol and perfume. Consult a trusted dermatologist for serious skin conditions or if you notice severe redness, flaking or scaling, open sores, and chronic itching.

In no particular order, here are my favorite over-the-counter body cream and lotion.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is dermatologist-tested and has a non-greasy formulation. I use it alternately with Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion. Both are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Very ideal for sensitive skin. 


L’Occitane Mom and Baby Body Lotion is a good product to try. If it’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skin of the baby, then it’s good enough for you. Plus, as the label says, Mom and Baby- Isn’t that a great deal? Talk about savings.

                              She wants to prove that it’s really cold out here- my dog Winkie

Look Fab Today. Reveal smooth skin. Moisturize.

Cetaphil images from here
L’ Occitane images from here

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