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  • So here we are at the tailend of January. Still feeling the "new year, new you" vibe or fleeting just like before? For one, I'm seeing less workout selfies and more pig-out moments in my Facebook and Instagram feeds. Have you reorganized your closet and purged as you initially planned? What about your no-buy idea? Back to your old ways? Congrats, you are confirmed human!

    But seriously, don't feel so bad by not accomplishing your goals this month. Look at the brighter side, you still have eleven months to wrestle! The question is, will it be the same story by end February or March? hopefully not. Remember, procrastination is the evil sister of motivation.

    Blog-wise, I still have a lot of things to implement. I need to come up with an editorial calendar to help me plan my posts more efficiently. I'm thinking a design revamp and possibly investing on a new camera or lighting setup. And yeah, still finding that balance between a full time job and blogging on the side. Eleven months to wrestle.

    No-buy plan unsuccessful. I am but human, yay!

    What about you, how was your January?

    Product Empties, Glamglow Powermud, L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam, A Girl's Gotta Spa, Review
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    I told you I'm serious with my #2 beauty resolution: strive to empty out. Blame beauty blogging and blog reading, these two go hand in hand when it comes to enabling, procuring and hoarding. So in my attempt to cut impulse purchases, I am conditioning myself to finish what's in my possession then evaluate if a repurchase is indeed necessary. 

    Spring 2015 Beauty Must-Haves, Spring 2015 Beauty Trend, Roses,Makeup, Fragrance, Skincare

     photo affiliate_zps2b86e73c.png  photo sample_zps024bfe49.png
    There is but one rule I impose on hubzilla when it comes to gift-giving: don't give me long-stem pricey roses. I'm no romance grinch but I'd rather spend that money on things I will cherish for a while i.e makeups and scents. It's the girly-girl persona behind the fierce facade.

    BY TERRY Baume De Rose Set , Rose Balm Tinted Collection, Photos, Review, Swatch, FOTD, Baume De Rose Nutri-Couleur, Rosy Babe, Cherry Bomb, Fig Fiction, Toffee Cream
     photo affiliate_zps2b86e73c.png
    Officially it's safe to assume that I had too much of a good thing this past holiday season as I'm still posting last month's epic beauty haul in bits and pieces. Case in point: BY TERRY Baume De Rose Set.

    Better late than never. While it's a limited edition, you can still find this diminutive set of luxury lip balms at select retailers. Ever the curious moth like moi? Scroll down for more scoop and juice!

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  • So I'm staring here nonchalantly like a nomad, perplexed as to the whole point of writing a beauty resolution when I can't think of none. As far as habits go, I know I have been meticulous with washing my brushes every so often, removing my makeup as soon as I get home, bathing daily, the works! Moi can't be spotless-perfect lest I get accused of being delusional so after extracting my brain cells repeatedly, I think I have a decent list to present to y'all. Here they are...

     photo sample_zps024bfe49.png
    So how do you get voluminous diva-hair ala Mariah Carey and JLo at the comfort of your own home? VOLOOM it!

    VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron, Review, How to Use, Volumized Hair, Bombshell Hair, Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle, Diva Hair, Tutorial

    The left photo is my natural hair, you can see it's lifeless at the crown area. Some days it has waves and frizz but I soaked it in hair mask the day before so it looks behaved and nice. I'm not big on teasing and laborious hairstyling but I do love me some glamorous sexy hair! On your right is what I call the Great Voloom-ized aftermath; with hair this long, would you believe I styled it under five minutes? yep, no teasing and hairspray involved! Scroll down to learn more about my exciting discovery and a quick tutorial on how to use this nifty tool!

     photo affiliate_zps2b86e73c.png

    I take my word back when I said that I won't be buying anything new this month. A woman who cried wolf, tell me I'm not the only one! But see, how can you not be stunned with a palette so exquisitely crafted?

    Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette, Graphite, Review, Swatch, FOTD

    Hourglass does know when to detonate a woman's kryptonite. Innovative, mod, abstract, the Modernist Eyeshadow Palette is truly a work of art. Available in seven variants, I ordered Graphite which features an interesting mix of ivory (matte), gold (shimmer), dark brown (matte), gunmetal (shimmer), and silver (shimmer). 

     photo affiliate_zps2b86e73c.png
    Guerlain Les Tenders Spring 2015 Makeup Collection, Meteorites Compact 3 Medium and Kiss Kiss Rosy Silk, Review, Swatch

    Second to Fall, Spring releases excite me. Soft and tender, there is an air of innocence that seems to resonate from the deepest recesses of my emotion. It's a stark contrast from Fall's dark and beguiling vibe; a tad hard to elaborate but if you are in touch with your inner self, I know some of you share the same affect.

    Speaking of innocence, Guerlain Beauty is Spring-ready for us luxe makeup enthusiasts! Featuring six products from its Les Tenders Spring 2015 collection, I ordered Meteorites Compact 3 Medium and Kiss Kiss Lipstick in 560 Rosy Silk. Two bellas I am dying to try to perk me up from winter's gloom.

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  • #FaceFriday , Monochromatic Brown Makeup, Tom Ford Lips and Boys Gustavo, Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Powder Foundation, Guerlain Terracota Joli Teint, NARS Creamy Concealer, Gucci Eye Magnetic Color Shadow Quad
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    Well who's back with #FaceFriday? after a period of hibernation, I am reviving this segment which I have introduced in 2013. To recap, #FaceFriday is just my fancy title for the overly-used and hash-tagged #FOTD. In here, I feature most of the products I have reviewed in the past to show you how I wear them altogether on a regular basis.

    Brown on brown, seems like an overkill monochromatic theme ha? Inspired by my 'lil boy Gustavo (from Tom Ford Lips and Boys), I thought of using this earthy shade as the anchor for today's makeup. Reminiscent of the 90s sans #WTFBrows (see my odd transformation here), you bet I enjoyed my espresso-laden day!

    Time Management, How to Manage Time, Time Management Tips, How To Beat Deadlines

    If you multi-task every time, regardless of your status in life or society, whether you work full or part-time, you know that there isn't really enough time to accomplish most things because of the following factors: (1) unforeseen circumstances (2) workload just keep on piling (3) lack of help (4) procrastination (5) fatigue 

    So I just went back to work after two weeks of holiday staycation, all refreshed and pumped up for the New Year...only to be greeted with two weeks worth of work and whatnot, backlog (admin-wise and patient care), insurmountable paperwork, deadlines, etc. Given all these blood-pressure raising challenges, how do I start and finish my first day at work unrattled?

    I'm a consumer first and foremost. My money, my opinion. While there are products that sent me to nirvana countless times, there are those that disappointed me beyond reasonable doubt last year. I'm generally forgiving but if I spent considerable amount, I look for acceptable quality if not perfection. Ready to read my worst purchases? There's a runner-up and grand winner...

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    Tom Ford Lips and Boys, Review, Swatch, Pavlos, Gustavo, Wes, Men are from Mars

    Collect boys but settle for a man; for boys are cute and ephemeral while a real man is dapper and perpetual. I mean it literally and figuratively. Intrigued? let's brainstorm further.

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  • :: press samples, affiliate ::

    Yes, it does get cold in Hawaii. I mean at low 60s, it's winter-cold to us by all means. Okay, I see you guys in the mainland are laughing but c'mon, show some mercy to this woman who's buried under the sheets right now.

    Winter Staples, Winter Skincare, Remedy for Dry Skin, Winter Beauty

    Physiological and Body Changes on Vegetarian Diet, Benefits of Vegetarian Diet
    Easy Mango Salad
    (mixed greens, sliced mango, tomatoes, almond nuts, feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette)

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. My feed is brimming with positivity and fitness resolutions this year. I say go for it and don't let your goals fizzle after a week or two. Compliment smart diet choices with exercise to a healthier You in 2015! 

    So I'm on my seventh month as vegetarian, enough time to give you updates as to some physiological changes that transpired (this post will explain my decision to go vegetarian and how I transitioned). Contemplating on becoming one? read further.

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    When I became (il)legally blonde, my utmost concern happened to be my brows. I want them to compliment my hair color without looking cartoonish or fake. So my no-fuss solution led me to repurchase another Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, the only cream eyebrow product I love to-date.

    Do you need to match hair color with eyebrows?, Anastasia DipBrow Pomade, Swatch, Review

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    By now, you already know that Marsala is the color of 2015. But what in the world is Marsala? I don't remember it in my kindergarten Crayola years, do you? For quick reference, Pantone LLC describes Marsala as earthy wine red. In my opinion, it's a mature color compared to 2014's radiant orchid, 2013's emerald green, and so on. With that said, it does appeal to a niche group: older, refined, timeless, just like wine!

    2015 Marsala, How to Wear Marsala, Marsala Makeups, What is Marsala

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  • Happy First Day of the Year, Zillas! As we welcome 2015 with jubilation and vitality, I want to thank you for your support and friendship. Your insightful comments and suggestions once again prove that beyond smoky eyes, red lips and festooned nails, this blog continue to be your reflection: modern, astute, self-reliant and empowered woman.

    2014 has been a transformative year for me, mainly because of radical lifestyle decision. I became vegetarian in June (read the story), joined the big 4-0 club in July (no choice there, haha!) and lastly, became devoted to fitness/exercise more than ever. In fact my best purchase of the year is neither makeup nor purse but a treadmill!

    In my four years of blogging, you may have seen an evolution of sorts. For one, change is inevitable; second, I am getting older. Hence my preference in makeups, skincare, including lifestyle choices have changed. While I have not lost my bubbly (and sometimes sarcastic) nature, you may have noticed that even the way I speak to you conveys a certain level of maturity. No, I am not going to bore you with prophetic life lessons but I won't sit here and insult your intelligence with arid commentary. Writing is my utmost passion and this is how I express my creativity among other things. So yes, I will continue to write probably all the way to my diaper years. And who knows, continue to rock Tom Ford Lip Color Matte Black Dahlia on my DEXA (bone) scan appointment. I will be that granny beaming with zest and pride so consider yourself warned, haha!

    To my loyal readers from Day 1, I hope that you will continue to stay with moi and adapt to these changes. Let's grow old together wiser, stronger and more fabulous! To my new readers, say hi and make your presence felt. Serendipity brought us together.

    In conclusion, may 2015 bring you good health and more wealth! Believe in the power of perception. You become what you perceive. Change happens only when you make it happen. And like I always advocate, age is just a number. Look young, feel young.


    Your Editor-MissChief

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