Like I previously mentioned, I'm not trying to be a fitness expert-ala-Jillian Michaels. I'm just your regular gal committed to a healthy lifestyle. So today I'll show you how I squeeze a quickie exercise when I'm at work. Yep, during my lunch break! 

No, I don't change to workout clothes. But just so you know, I wear pants at work so doing these steps are kind of easy breezy for me. Granting you're Ms. Pants as well, may I ask that you remove your sky-high pumps now, go online, click Pandora, and play that Pitbull music gurl!

Step 1. Raise your left leg up and down to your side and count 1 to 60 (60 times = 60 seconds = one minute). Raise leg as high as possible. It's okay to stop at 30, inhale, exhale then continue. 

Step 2. Now do the opposite leg (right) and repeat the same step 60 times.

Step 3. Switch it up. Raise your right leg up and down to your back 60 times. Raise leg as high as possible.

Step 4. Repeat the same step to your left leg. Count 1 to 60.

Step 5. Finally, let's do the wide sumo squat. Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder width, with feet turned out. Do deep squats 60 times.

Panting in between? March for 10- 20 seconds then follow steps as mentioned. You will notice that as days go by, your body has adjusted to the pace.

Done now? Congrats, we just completed a no-brainer yet butt-and-leg-toning exercise! Of course this is meant to supplement your other workout routines (gym, yoga, or in my case hula hoop and hip hop dance). 

Now back to your desk woman!



P.S. If you are into fitness, would love to get back in shape, or trying to lose weight, join me as I commit to my goal: Fit and Fab at Four-O. Learn more about it in the Fitness section of this blog.

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My fascination with all things coral has not dwindled a bit. In fact I have added Marvelous Moxie Light 
It Up by bareMinerals ($18) to my nifty collection.

Are you looking for nudes?, asked the pretty girl at the counter. Nope, the brighter the better moi said. So out of the twelve new shades, my eyes lit up with Light It Up, a bright coral orange that screams summerific!

Slide the button up to uncap it! Kind of a nice detour from the traditional twisting motion you and I are used to right?

If you love bold colors then Light it up won't disappoint. It's quite creamy with commendable staying power. For daytime and/or office wear, I gently dab my lips with it so I can get that coral punch without the scream factor. But outside a rather conservative work environment, I wear Moxie to its full wattage. Hella coral lips don't care bella!

Now here's the thing, you have to moisturize your lips first as I find this lipstick a tad drying. It survived coffee sipping and left a decent stain after a meal. Of course that would depend on what you devoured. And how, hahaha!

Have you picked this one yet?


So I am 80% complete renovating my woman cave a.k.a makeup room-slash-home office. This new setup called for serious downsizing. It helps that I hate clutter to the core so saying adios to most of the makeups and tools I hardly use wasn't melodramatic at all. No, I'm not panting.

Now the next challenge, how do I re-organize my stash? While I did splurge on my new dresser, I want to be creatively frugal on some other things.

Kitchen section you said? why not?!

While at TJ Maxx last month, I found this metal kitchen utensil drawer organizer(s). The size fits my drawers and the dividers are perfect for holding palettes or loose eyeshadows.

About $7 each.

Drawer liners add an unexpected pizzaz to your drawers! I got this black and white paisley print liner from Target (about $6 each, 1 roll, 18 x 4").

Protect your drawers from stains, use drawer liners!

Now my makeups I couldn't be more happy with a clutter-free nook.

More organizational ideas coming your way,


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Not for the faint of heart but neon is back my dahllings
Funny how HubZilla can spot moi from a crowd of clueless shoppers because of my screaming neon orange Kate Spade bag. With a statement piece like this, I tend to keep the rest of my outfit simple.  It's soooo humid the past days so I went for something comfy and airy- white shorts, thong sandals and chiffon coral top. As for my makeup, I settled for demi smokey eyes and classic nude lips. Here are the makeups I used (separate reviews are linked for your convenience):

Milani baked blush

What say you?


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    I'm the type who works out in my regular tee, bra, shorts or sometimes leggings. Ya 'know, nuthin' fancy. I work out at home so what's the big deal. Then I realized with all the jumping and hip swaying, thanks to dancing and more recently hula hooping, I'm not getting enough back, breast, and tummy support. Not that I'm oozing in the boobage department though.

    Sweat can look fabulous. With the right workout clothes and gear, I know I can. Why not. So in my recent trip to Target, I found some cute and comfy workout clothes by Champion. There's not much selection to choose from so I settled for these neon pink and black sports bra (about $22 each) and pair of capris ($33) with neon pink trimmings on the side. The sports bra is made from cotton and has removable pads while the capris are part polyester-slash-spandex.

    I have mentioned dancing as my fat-buster in several of my fitness posts. It sure does. Regardless whether you have the moves or you're left-legged, just blast that music bella and dance in your living room. Commitment to a routine works best when you love and enjoy what you're doing. That's why treadmill ain't for me. I need variety of moves such as hip hop and belly dance. Hip hop is a high impact exercise. I mix it with hula hoop, aerobics and sometimes yoga.  Sweat to the max it is my dahlings!

    What's your exercise like?


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    Sonia Kashuk is my go-to drugstore brand for makeup brushes. Okay not exactly drugstore because it's exclusively sold at Target. But you get what I mean, affordability without compromising quality. Case in point, this duo-fiber crease brush ($6.99).

    So you are here because you lurveee makeup, would like to learn makeup, or you googled Sonia Kashuk and serendipity brought you here. Regardless of your reason, I have but one question for you- what do you think makes a good eye makeup?

    Skills, correct. Brush or tools, correct. Quality eye shadows, correct. But see not all of us are born with exquisite skills to whip out runway-worthy looks. Expensive palettes don't mean quality. However, if you are using the right brush, a crappy palette can look sassy. Trust me, even a noob can do it.

    This duo-fiber crease brush is great for blending, blending, and blending. I say that repeatedly because some eye makeups neglect this aspect. You blend for flawless finish and for smooth transition of colors. From lid to crease, from outer corner to mid, etcetera etcetera. Since this brush is angled, it fits nicely into the crease as you do the "wind-wiping" motion. The bristles are soft and dense; in fact you can also use this to apply your under eye concealer. As with my other Sonia Kashuk brushes, I had no shedding issues at all.

    Have you tried this one yet?


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    Here comes another batch of empties. See I told ya that I''m keeping up with this series. Post as I may. No rush, only when able.

    One great drugstore find is this Take It Off Makeup Remover from Hard Candy. At less than $6, it performs just the same as Urban Decay's Melt Down at fraction of the cost.

    Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray is one of my must-haves. It's a lightweight mist that helps my makeup last throughout the day. I spritz my face with this, let it dry, and then off I go!

    I said it before and I'd say it again, Burt's Bees is my go-to drugstore brand for skincare. This Radiance Facial Cleanser has a milky consistency and it leaves my face feeling smooth and firm. Too bad because it was out of my stock when I was at CVS (Long's) the other day.

    Jurlique is one of my faves in the high-end-slash-natural skincare category. This Balancing Foaming Cleanser has a distinct citrus scent which makes it a nice facial wash in the morning!

    It's my first time to try First Aid Beauty. I got this facial radiance pads (7 pads) as freebie from Sephora.  While it's safe for sensitive skin, I don't like that each cotton pad is heavily soaked- waste not want not!

    What are your current empties?


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    Sunscreen, check. Bronzed skin, check. Wayfarers, check. Maxis, check. Bikini, check. With summer around the corner, don't forget to throw in your best accessory yet - le straw hat.

    Today I will be your tourist guide around my tropical island that is Oahu (Hawaii).

    Save for some rainy days, it's practically summer year-round here. But gurl you don't need to be in Hawaii or in the Carribean to welcome summer in style. 

    This fabulous brimmed hat from Dorfman Pacific is part of the Tropical Trends 2013 Summer collection. It's a floppy style straw hat with self-sizing tie so you can adjust it to your head size. Retailing for $25, you also get a pretty cool benefit- it has UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50 plus! So if you're anything like me who's all about sun protection, it's a must-have in the summer accessory check list!

    Check out more styles and colors at hartfordyork.com 

    Okay let me say first that I'm in no way a fitness guru. In fact, this word shguru gives me inexplicable goosebumps, especially when loosely uttered by some kiddos or inexperienced peeps from nowherelandia. Well you know what I mean so this statement needs no elaboration. 

    Unbeknownst to most of you, I used to write fitness topics when my blog is still in its micro nano size stage, which was like two years ago. Then beauty and whatnot took the limelight and boom! I totally forgot about it. My my my bad! You see in my mid 20s up until early 30s, I was in my chunkiest but with exercise and diet, I triumphed over the bulge! So my personal goal as I approach my late (very) 30s is to be fit, ripped perhaps? Truth is, I want to be Fit and Fab when I hit the Four-O. 

    One thing that motivates me to get my ass off the couch is to do something I seriously love. Dancing is one of them. Twenty minutes gyrating to J Lo or jumping to Black Eyes Peas music can burn 300 or so calories. That's  one slice of pizza for you mama!

    Recently, hula hoop is gaining popularity again. Thanks to celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel, even our First Lady Michelle Obama! Then I remember we have this old and dusty hula hoop hibernating in the closet for years.

    If you're on Instagram and happen to follow mine, you probably remember that my hula hoop amazement (obsession) started two weeks ago. Well I'm happy to say that moi is still on the roll, doing nonstop rounds for 15 minutes (with another 15 minutes dedicated to hip hop dancing), thrice a week. Yep, all of that twisting and turning happening in the backyard. Dogzilla enjoys it. Hubzilla supports it.

    So if you're into hula hoop or simply looking for a super fun way to get fit, I highly encourage this hip and leg-shaping exercise! Blast that music girl and get ready to hoopla!

    My warm-up: Raise leg while holding hula hoop (I do 50 sets each leg)
    Amp it up! Hold the hoop up, down, side to side.

    Shaking to Shakira
    Woo! Get down on it
    Scream and shout and let it all out

    Stretch and shake baby shake

    Girl move that body

    What's your fave exercise to get fit?


    P.S. If you want to know how I lost weight, click the "Fitness" tab section of this blog and there you will find my story and  tips (some routines have changed though).

    Till my next fitness post beauties....

    Are you fun and fearless? warm and cozy? sun-kissed? Tell me your kind. Say anything except the third kind.

    If you have Victoria's Secret store near you, I bet you won't miss these goody jars of luminous body butter sold for $15 each or $30 for 3. Great deal I must say! Depending on your olfactory inclination, you have eight variants to choose from: Pretty and pure, Wild and breezy, Fun and fearless, Fresh and clean, Wild at heart, Sweet and flirty, Warm and cozy, and Sun-kissed.

    My personal picks from my last VS retail therapy were: Fun and Fearless (water lily and currant), my top fave; Warm and Cozy (toasted vanilla and peony) which smells more floral than vanilla; Sun-kissed (coconut water and sunny vanilla) which is perfect for summer, that is if you like coconut scent!

    Now that we're springing into summer, are these body butters thick and heavy for the hot season? I don't know about your preference but for me (and I live in Hawaii where the mighty sun never sleeps; okay there are days it does!), I love 'em. They're quite thick but never greasy. There is subtle luminosity to it which makes your legs or arms glow. I alternate all three, as evidenced by finger marks you can see from the jar. Lavish much?

    Have you tried Pink yet?


    *Own purchase*

    Bite Beauty is a new acquaintance to my makeup arsenal. I'm supposed to be on a no-makeup purchase vow but this eye candy talked to me like I'm a damsel in need of serious counseling.

    Ms. Pastille Lavender: oh dear, what brought you here?
    Moi: I'm not telling, my lips are sealed.
    Ms. Pastille Lavender: I can see that! Your lips are dry and dulll.
    Moi: Yeah right, and who are you to tell me that?
    Ms. Pastille Lavender: Tweety bird told me you like French pastille candies. 
    That's my inspiration for this lipstick collection
    Moi (picks and reads): Hmm, matte and creme, interesting!
    Ms. Pastille Lavender: Honey, add this to your sweet craving: this lippy is made
    from natural and food-grade ingredients
    Moi: Really? The proof is in the eating. Wait a minute....

    Damsel's swatch of pastille lavender: a sheer pinkish- lavender

    Key ingredients: Trans-Resveratrol (antixoxidant), organic shea butter, vitamins E and C.

    The real deal. This lipstick is housed in a sturdy gray tube with rubber-like finish.  While it is scratch-resistant and fingerprint-proof, uncapping is a tad difficult. C'mon, at $24 I look for magnificence! It is indeed creamy with a semi-matte finish. It survived coffee sips but was entirely wiped out after a hearty meal. It's so hydrating you don't need a lip balm at all. There are four lovely shades from the Pastille collection: Lilac (fuchsia), Violet (bright violet), Lavender, Rosebud (scarlet red). I like how lavender goes with any makeup I wear, or outfit to that effect!

    Damsel in pastille lavender.
    Distress? No more!
    Long story short, that woman who was counseled (or tricked) by Ms. Pastille Lavender totally broke her promise. Reports say she's on her way to Sephora to buy and refill her Bite prescriptions. Story of her life. But 'ey, it's worth the bite!


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    There she goes again ~ a woman who likes to match her lip color with her outfit. Okay not all the time but whenever she feels like the world is up on her shoulders. Haggardness, yo hell to the no!

    Orange is the new red, at least during spring and summer. Need a quick orange fix? you'd be surprised that my secret to this vivacity is a cheap drugstore lip liner from NYX, aptly named orange. Because it's soooo matte and I mean it to the core, I had to layer it with a not-so-coral but hydrating lippie from Korres.

    So with the hot season taking over, I like to wear loose and comfy clothes such as this asymmetrical orange tee I snagged from TJ Maxx and a pair of jeggings I own for eons.

    'Orange you glad lady?!

    As in usual, I like to amp my uber casual style with a nice purse and thong sandals.

    Love the hematite grommets of this Kenneth Cole bag.
    I go for comfort and style (Steve Madden sandals)

    Are you obsessed with orange?


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