Changed my mind. I was gonna call this February Empties but then I realized I can't do a monthly feature because it's like "me" telling "me" I have to eat pizza every single day, 'yanno what I'm saying. I like variety and with the ample amount of products I review and test, it's impossible to use up every piece. In short, we'll tackle this as they come and go, oki?

So which of these deserve a repurchase? Let's see.

fresh soy face cleanser was part of my Clarisonic Mia 2 purchase last December. It's gentle and the fragrance is soooo heavenly. I can even wash my face with eyes wide open, and that's no exaggeration honey. It's on the pricey side ($38, 5 oz) but it deserves a little bit more lovin'.

I reviewed this amazing hair care tandem Hapuna by Paul Brown last January. The shampoo and conditioner are made from kukui nut oil, tea tree, aloe vera, among others. I hope this brand find its way to mass retail or specialty shops because right now, most Paul Brown products are only sold in salons #sadface 

Futurederm was included in my top 12 products in 2012. It's the gentlest retinol I've tried, read my full-length review here. It's a repurchase without batting an eyelash.

I featured Mor cosmetics in my holiday gift idea because their body butter is like no other. It melts in your hand the moment you scoop out from the jar, for realz! I like how it moisturizes my skin during colder months, brrrr! So yeah it's a repurchase but I'd like to try a different scent (the one in the photo is basil grape)

Curious about my other empties

What products have you repurchased lately?


I know some people with oily and acne-prone skin who stay away from moisturizer. Reason being, "moisturizer is oil and it just makes the skin more greasy". Well dahlings, let's unkink the misconception, shall we?

Moisture is all about water.  The main job of a moisturizer is to seal water so the skin remains hydrated. A well hydrated skin makes it glow and look supple. But see not all skin are created equal. Mine had been cruel and unfair for years. If there's one thing to love with this grease ball face, that would be delayed wrinkles. That.is.all. 

Having said that, it is mighty important to use a product which is specially catered to our needs. I had the opportunity to try Reviva Labs's daytime moisturizer for oily skin, Glycolic Acid Daytime Light Cream Moisturizer.

So what's special about glycolic acid then? {wears my serious hat}. It's a form of AHA or alpha hydroxy acid which is a good exfoliant. Meaning, it helps shed dead skin cells. For acne sufferers, it dissolves oil and unclogs pores to keep blemishes at bay.

$25, 1.5oz/ 42g
 Ingredients: cross-linked fatty acids from sunflower and safflower seeds, aloe cellulose, mineral water, glycolic acid polymer, lemon extract, witch hazel.

My face isn't new to AHA or glycolic acid so my experience is entirely different from a first time user. Glycolic may sting (I have another review on the way, it's a mask) but surprisingly, I didn't have any of that sensation with this moisturizer. So I use this in the morning, right after I tone and before I apply sunscreen/primer; it's lightweight and gets absorbed onto the skin fast. One tiny swipe from the jar is enough for my face.

The highs: cruelty-free, all-natural, paraben-free. Witch hazel is a good skin mattifier, I wrote a rather entertaining post about it here.

The lows: If you're anything like me who's not into open jars (for sanitary reasons), this might turn you off. The citrus scent is a 'lil too strong for me too.

Marketed for daytime, can you use it night time? Why not, your skin needs to be moisturized 24/7. #enoughsaid

Where to buy? Reviva Labs, Ulta, most health food stores worldwide.

Have you incorporated glycolic acid in your skincare regimen?


Links for reference only

Believe me when I say I have the most boring and lifeless lashes. And when it comes to mascara test-drive and whatnots, I'd rather post pictures for comparison than write superfluous dissertation-like reviews. Of course I am just kidding! How can I shortchange ya my smart readers!

So I bought this tarte mascara set a while back from Sephora. It comes with a full size mascara and deluxe lash primer. For reference, tarte gifted Amazonian clay smart mascara retails for $19 and multiplEye lash primer (0.32 oz, full size) for $22. You see I have never incorporated lash primer in my mascara routine so I thought this can solve my painstaking dilemma- how to achieve voluminous lashes and avoid unsightly raccoon-eyes smudging.

tarte gifted Amazonian clay smart mascara ingredients:
Aqua/Water/Eau, Cyclopentasiloxane, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Stearyl Esters, Stearic Acid, Cera Carnauba/Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax/Cire De Carnauba, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Candelilla Cera/Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax/Cire De Candelilla, Acacia Senegal Gum, Vp/Va Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Aminomethyl Propanediol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Kaolin, Iron Oxides (Ci 77499).

Product claims: delivers 406% increase in lash volume with long-term reparative, rebuilding and strengthening benefits; amazonian clay hydrates dry and brittle lashes to prevent fallout; amazonian clay performs all day by absorbing oil to balance mascara and keep product in place for flake-free longer wear; formulated without parabens, sulfate, synthetic fragrance & dyes, petrochemicals, GMOs and triclosan.

tarte multiplEYE clinically-proven natural lash enhancing primer ingredients:
Aqua, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Stearic Acid, Cera Alba, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Stearyl Esters, Cera Carnauba, Nylon 12, Glyceryl Stearate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Extract, Hydrated Silica, Silica, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Disodium EDTA, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Calcium Chloride, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, Polyhexamethylene Biguanide HCI, Caprylyl Glycol, Andenosine, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Dimethicone, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Product claims: one-of-a-kind lash primer that is clinically-proven to immediately increase the appearance of lash volume by 739% while also increasing the appearance of lash length; combines natural plant waxes and film formers to volumize lashes while the proprietary Hydroplant peptide helps improve lash length and growth.

So enough of the blabber and let's get down to 'biz. For the nth time, let me show you my natural lashes...

Ready to see those lashes transform?

After curling my lashes, I applied the primer (white-coated lashes)
primer + 2 coats mascara

The nitty-gritty. It felt odd applying the white lash primer but I  did see thicker lashes. Oki, definitely not to the high 739% increase (how did they even measure this? whose lashes??? how many participants? I wanna know!). But one thing I can vouch, I didn't experience smudging throughout the day even when paired with mah fairly recent fail product Buxom amplified mascara.

Now how smart is this amazonian clay  mascara, you ask? Better yet, is it the elusive holy grail? Well, close to but here's the thang. While it certainly brought life to my less- than- attractive lashes, it didn't hold up those nicely curled lashes long enough- I'd say the most was four hours.  And without the pricey primer, I experienced, although minimal, smudging issues. Clumping? most mascaras do when you apply more than what is needed.

And so the search continues for the mighty mascara. I'm on the fence with lash primer, while it's nice that I have been introduced to it but I find $22 a 'lil too much for a tube of white substance made from plant wax, #justsaying

Have you tried this mascara and primer from tarte? how was your experience?


It's the voyeuristic tendency ladies! C'mon admit it, we want to see what's inside a woman's purse, makeup bag, shower, vanity, and all that jazz. I remember some years back, I got mighty pissed with a co-worker when she went through my makeup bag without my permission. No manners right? She then blurted straight to my fez, "what's all these garbage in your bag?" To which I responded "some expensive garbage you can't afford woman". #dontmesswithme #lefteyebrowraised

Now back to our main topic. Let's start with the makeup bag; it's a woven clutch from tarte cosmetics which was part of a kit I purchased a year or two ago.

Ready for the big reveal? Much as I love makeups, you'll be surprised to know that....

I don't carry much when I'm out and about. Thanks to oil-free makeups, mattifiers, face primers and finishing spray, my makeup bag was radically downsized to bare necessities.

Lippy gal! If there's one product that's constantly changing in my otherwise boring makeup bag, that would be lipstick. When this photo was taken, I have four in possession, namely: Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint, NYX Matte lipstick (Euro trash, one of my fave neutrals), Buxom big & healthy lip stick, and a deluxe size Cargo lip gloss.

Germophobe! I wash and sanitize my hands frequently. So far (knock on wood) I haven't had cough, flu, colds, or any airborne disease over a year now despite patient interactions. So that explains the 'lil Bath and Body Works sanitizer at the top.

I wear contacts. Those travel-size bottles you see from the photo are eye lubricating and cleansing drops.

Toothpick. It's a face-saver 'ya know! Nothing is more embarrassing than to have food stuck in between my teeth, shoot!

Pens. Not that I love to write. But they come in handy like when you're filling out a form to deposit money and this pen from your local bank hardly writes, goodness gracious!

Business cards that I need to update. They're old and still bear my previous blog name.

Rollerball perfume from Estee Lauder Romance. T'was a freebie and it happens to be there only. No further explanation.

Mirror freako. Somewhat. But it's a vintage mirror made from koa wood.

Sample size Aveeno lotion. Never used though.

Keys, house and car. Oh yeah, I stash them there.

And probably the most random and I don't know why it's there- my iPod. I haven't used that in months.

So that concludes my post. 'Till my next what's in.....


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  • Yeah, I'm talking about sting like noun or verb, not Sting the singer. Or could be both. Oki, what I really mean is that these cleansing wipes from Pacifica (which is now available at Target; see my hauls here and there) smell sooooo coconuty-licious good that I can sing in ecstasy though my face says it sting! Oh I see, I spot citric acid and papaya fruit extract from the ingredients.

    $5.99, 30 pre-moistened towelettes
    Ingredients: purified water, decyl glucoside, glycerin, coconut water, aloe leaf extract, papaya fruit extract, calendula extract, polysorbate 20, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, all-natural fragrance.

    Other things to like: 100% vegan, cruelty-free, formulated without parabens, SLS, phtalates, petroleum and sulfates; for all skin-types, great for travel, can be used to tone skin.

    Other things to not like: doesn't remove all grime and makeup. And if I may repeat, even mah eyes feel the sting so don't use it there. #youvebeenwarned #commonsense


    Still on Sting fever, did you catch him perform at the Grammy's with Bruno Mars, Ziggy Marley and Rihanna? what say you? 'thought he was great!

    *bought this*

    I saw. So I had the opportunity to try the original exfoliant in America- Reviva Labs's Non Chemical Light Skin Peel. Top of mind curiosity, what's with the ingredients that make you see immediate results?

    Concoctions of
    Papaya extract and salicylic acid to help dissolve dead skin.
    Almonds extract + Zinc oxide + Kaolin to absorb & accomplish dead skin rub-off.
    Thyme to eliminate pore impurities.
    Chamomile & allantoin to soothe the skin & stimulate cell turnover.

    It feels like craft paste with a slight minty fragrance. I did what the instruction says: after washing my face, I applied it all over my face and let it dry for about five minutes. Note that I skip using Clarisonic Mia 2 whenever I apply this so I don't over-exfoliate.

    I peeled. The storm before sunshine, literally. When it's completely dry, prepare to look like a cracking zombie #thewalkingdead

    So I rubbed off with my fingertips and dry washcloth. Yeah, rub not wash off, if that wasn't enough of a reminder.

    I conquered. My skin looked brighter and felt smoother after the rub-off phase. While it didn't shrink my open pores, I can say that this fez is as soft as a baby's butt. Wish it came in a tube though because I'm not a fan of open jars, ya' know for hygienic reasons. 

    au naturel

    How much? $20 for 1.5 oz/ 42g net wt.
    Where to buy? Reviva Labs website , Ulta, GNC, and most health food stores worldwide.

    Have you tried this mask yet?


    *links for reference only*

    Last year, I (and 5 of TheFabZilla subscribers) had the opportunity to try and experience this revolutionary approach in lingerie- fitting before everyone else. You can read my full review and evaluation here. In a nutshell, these lingeries are supposed to correct your posture by incorporating an interactive online fitting and consultation with a lingerie expert. Yes, everything is customized to suit your body shape.

    So the good news is, Braologie has officially launched to the public! They offer free online consultation and ship anywhere you are. Not happy with your purchase? There's a two-week trial period, just send it back to receive a full refund. And for a limited time (2/19 to 3/5/13), Braologie is also offering 5% discount to TheFabZilla subscribers. Simply enter the code thefabzilla upon checkout.

    Now on to the giveaway! 2 lucky subscribers will win a set of mini vest and contour pants (valued around $89). So what does this do to your body if you may ask. Posture-contour mini-vest ($39.99) supports the weight of your breast and reinforces your back without strain. Posture-contour pants ($49.99) shapes and firms thighs, prevents buttocks from sagging, and creates shapely hips. 

    Ready to enter? read giveaway guidelines here and then wait for Rafflecopter to load. Open international. Runs 2/19/13 to 3/5/13. Giveaway sponsored by Braologie. Good luck!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    *links for reference only*

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  • Yes, there's such a thing as post- Valentine date. It's for people who (1) work on V-Day (2) avoid the frenzy 2/14 crowd. I (and Hub) fit the category. Call me a Grinch but I don't like long-stem roses or chocolates too. #justbecause.

    But the girly side of me wanted to paint the town red today. Rosy red to be more precise. I rarely do matchy-matchy but what the heck, I like to resonate lurve!

    I paired my rosy top with jeans and played around with red accessories. Whenever I go out, I like to wear some of my handmade jewelries such as these dainty earrings. They're made from vintage buttons which I wire-wrapped with black czech beads.

    Oh and the makeup! The red lippy is from Wet n Wild Fergie collection called Saraghina. See my full review here

    Other makeups used:
    Tarte blush (dollface)
    Lorac pressed powder

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


    Download and update your PRIMP (Pretty In My Pocket) beauties! This new mobile app which was launched February 13, 2013 has more interactive and relevant features. You can scan hundreds of thousands of products and read reviews from fellow Primpers. Moi is one of the Makeup Mavens by the way....

    You can also redeem location based exclusive beauty perks and get inspired by different looks!

    See you at PRIMP,


    *links for reference only*

    Laser and electrolysis hair removal have each gained a huge following by both women and men alike. Each method has its pros and cons and each delivers different results. If you’re not sure about which one is better for you or if you want to learn about them, here are the basics. 

    Is It Forever? 
    Laser is permanent hair reduction while electrolysis is permanent hair removal. What this means is that laser doesn’t kill the root of the hair but electrolysis does. Laser simply deactivates your hair follicles so that the hairs are still there but they’re not growing out. 

    Timing and Sessions 
    You should get laser treatments every four to six weeks for a total of seven times in order to see results. 
    You should make weekly or bi-weekly electrolysis appointments for however long it takes with electrolysis. Although electrolysis is permanent there’s no way to say how many treatments you’ll need to get before you’re hair free. 

    Are You A Candidate? 
    Laser works best on people with thick, black hairs.  
    Electrolysis can be used to remove any type of hair regardless of the color and thickness. If you have white, grey, blond, red or brown hair, skip the laser and go for electrolysis instead. 

    In Between Maintenance 
    If you do laser you can shave in between treatments but have to refrain from any sort of hair removal techniques where you have to pull the hairs out. 
    If you opt for electrolysis you must refrain from any sort of threading, waxing or shaving in between treatments because they will only work to strengthen the hairs.  

    Damage Control 
    It’s actually very easy to get burned during a laser treatment so make sure to always start with a test shot. It only takes a few minutes and the technician will have a better idea of how you will react to the treatments. 
    You have to really put your mind to it to burn someone with electrolysis. It’s possible, but not common at all. 

    The Ouch Factor 
    Because treatments are done so quickly, most laser sessions are pretty comfortable. The areas that hurt the most are Brazilian, the bone in front of the lower leg and sometimes the underarms. Remember that it doesn’t have to hurt to work so if you’re in pain speak up. 
    Different people have different reactions to electrolysis. While some people fall asleep during their sessions, others feel every single touch of the probe. The good news is that many people build a tolerance to it and find that it’s not so bad after a while.  If this is not the case for you, you can always use a topical numbing cream to make it more bearable. 

    You can’t go tanning while you’re doing laser because you are more likely to get burned during treatments. If you do get some color then take some time off until you get back to your regular skin tone.  

    In general, laser is priced based on the body part. It can get pricey but you can find spas that offer package deals. 
    Electrolysis is priced as per minute in most spas and salons.  Although it can get very expensive, you won’t feel it as much because you pay as you go. 
    Feel free to sun worship all you want while doing electrolysis though. 

    Guest Post by Aleya Bamdad. Aleya has been performing electrolysis and laser hair removal for seven years. She specializes in Diode laser hair removal because the machine is effective, can be used on a wide range of skin tones and is safe making it the gold standard of lasers.  

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