FOTD: Summer Glowin' with Nars Blush/ Bronzer Duo (Desire/Laguna)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

There are certain limited edition releases moi can't resist. Case in point, this Sephora-exclusive Nars blush/bronzer duo ($41).  Available in four combos, I bought desire (blush) laguna (bronzer) because it was screaming my name, like literally! Smashing bright pink and brown muted shimmer? howdy summer I'm ready for 'ya!

Tell me how you can say no to this temptress of a beauty; 
when Desire is the loveliest pink that makes me happy. 
Oh Laguna mah bronzer, you make my heart go twitterpatter!

As to be expected, this blush packs a punch so it's important to apply it light-handedly. The bronzer casts just the right amount of sun-smooched look, that is if you know when to stop. And yeah, the mirror always comes in handy for travel and quick touch-ups.

~ FOTD ~
Summer Glowin' 

Would you buy any of the blush/bronzer duo by Nars?



  1. I have the blush/bronzer duo in orgasm/laguna and LOVE it! I definitely want to try more NARS cosmetics.

    1. Same here. I need to rekindle my NARS infatuation again.xoxo

  2. I would buy this for sure, I have NARS Orgasm blush and love it!

  3. I'd buy this for sure, I have NARS Orgasm blush and love it!

  4. I got the Orgasm/Laguna duo! Love it.....and now I'm thinking this pink would rock for summer! Thanksfor the post.

  5. your look so cute! love the look! Got to get my hands on desire.

  6. That looks great on you! Laguna is one of my favorite bronzers! I can't pull off Orgasm (too glittery) but I LOVE the look of Desire! I love bright pink blushes. :)