Get It Before It's Gone: Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eyeshadow Palette Limited Edition

Take me to Moroccan dunes. Engulf me with all your might. Oh my Sonia you're bursting with delight! 

So I spotted this limited edition eyeshadow palette from Target ($16.99) and felt that it's going to be love at first sight. Hunch was right.

Metallic, baked, sheen, what art thou? This limited edition quad is from Sonia Kashuk's spring '13 collection. If you're anything like me who stalks beauty aisles for new releases, I bet you won't miss this palette, what with its neutral metallic appeal!

First off, I must say that the packaging looks classy, 'kind of high-end feel.

The formula is a tad dry but pigmented. Needless to say, tapping the eyeshadow brush and pressing it on the lids (as opposed to sweeping motion) will prevent unsightly fallouts. Also, using your trusted eye primer like Lorac behind the scenes will guarantee a smudge-free makeup throughout the day.

a quad-full of rose, coppery, chocolatey metallics
And so it survived an intense dance workout, whew!
Face has gone oily, pits were sweaty.
But eyes, oh my golly!

Day or night, there's something sexy about metallics.

Get it before it's gone,


*own purchase*


  1. The shades are just right, don't know the brand have to browse to learn a little about it

  2. Super gorgeous shades, they remind me so much of my faves from the Naked palette!

  3. I haven't heard for this brand before, but this palette is stunning! I can't believe it has survived your dance workout so great!

    1. Hi Melita, it's a Target store exclusive. Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes are more popular than her makeup line, in my opinion though. Yep, it didn't budge or fade even after 10 hrs....

  4. Wow the pigmentation on these looks amazing! Can't beat that price either!

    1. Sorry Krystle for the very late response. I've been losing track of all the comments.


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