Trick or treat! Geez, it's the last day of the month and you know what that means. Pretty soon it's Thanksgiving then Christmas then 2013, woot woot! 

I'd be honest, picking favorites for a particular month is like going thru a needle's eye. With all the products I use and test at the same time, it's hard to narrow down. But this woman gotta choose, so here are my picks for spooky Octobah!

1) butter london matte finish is for gals who want to give their nails a quick hiatus from all things glossy. Having said that, it's not for everyone's taste as it tends to make nails look flat and boring. But when you layer it with regular lacquer such as this monochromatic french tip, it gives your nails a rather interesting dimension. Here's a picture from my archive.

2) I won't repeat that my hands are super dry due to excessive handwashing. Of course I just did that. Seriously, aside from lip balms, I have a serious stash of hand creams or lotions in every nook imaginable. A staple in my purse is Laura Mercier creme de pistache, the scent is so heavenly, it makes me want to devour my hand, zombie eh?

3) Don't be fooled by its shocking gloss and pigment. In days I want to keep everything low key and simple, I reach out to NYX lip gloss (03 pink). One swipe gives a very sheer barbie pink hue; add a coat of mascara and am off to do some quick errands.

4) I featured this beauty not too long ago (w/ a giveaway, it's closed now) but I've been wearing this bracelet frequently the past month. One cool thing about this jewelry is that you can adjust it to your wrist size by removing the magnetic beads.

5) Ever heard of jane cosmetics? it has a cult following way back in the 90s; recently the company revamped its website by offering more upbeat looking products. I got this bronzer (09 Sahara) from Nordstrom Rack (Honolulu), it's oil-free and gives my face a fair amount of warmth. I can't find it on jane's new website, I hope they relaunch this baby again. Pretty please Jane.

6) Promise me you won't laugh when I say that I didn't know this eyeliner was made for tweens (pre-teens)? yeah, it's from geoGirl. It's only when I googled it, silly moi! But it was a nice discovery after all. I use this more frequently than a white eyeliner when I'm going for wide- awake eyes. It looks more natural I must say.

Any beauty faves recently?


*I purchased these except the bracelet*

A trip to Target is never complete without checking Sonia Kashuk shelf display. This smokey eye brush set ($16) was released last spring but who cares about seasonal launch? A makeup brush is a beauty necessity all year round, right?

I've been meaning to update my makeup brushes so I thought that this travel size set is exactly what I need. Plus the holder-slash-case is ideal for quick touch- ups when zilla's out and about.

I don't I own any brushes with the same shapes so I was excited to follow SK's eye chart. Instructions were crystal- clear...

Brush 1(large flat eyeshadow brush): Apply palest shade across the eyelid
Brush 2 (angled dome): Apply medium shade into the crease
Brush 3 (giant angled eyeliner brush): With darkest eyeshadow, start with the short end of the brush on the outer eye; then rock the angled, pointed end towards inner eye. Reverse direction of brush for winged effect.
Brush 4 (small smudge brush): With medium or darkest shadow, add definition to lower lash line using mini downward strokes for a smokey smudged effect.

New to this blog? I don't really follow makeup rules. Subscribed for a while? you know the drill. Rather than limiting myself to these tricks, I use them in different ways to maximize their full potential. Here are some examples:

Brush 1: to highlight brow bone in one stroke, also to contour the side of the nose
Brush 2: to highlight cheekbone and nose bridge (buff and blend as needed)
Brush 3: to highlight brow bone
Brush 4: to cut- crease

The proof is in the eating blending. As with other Sonia Kashuk's makeup brushes, these babies are soft and dense. Following the eye chart, #1 is my favorite (large flat eyeshadow brush), it's the perfect size for my rather biggie eyelid.  # 2 (angled dome) is difficult to work into the crease area, even more with blending; #3 is a big joke, the humongous angled brush almost covered my eyelid makeup, #4 is easy to use, no complaints mama.

So I used thebalm nude'tude for my EOTD (eyes of the day). For reference, here are the shades:
Brush 1 (eyelid): Stand-offish (shimmer light bronze)
Brush 2 (crease): Sultry (matte medium brown)
Brush 3 (upper lash line): Sleek (matte dark brown)
Brush 4 (lower lash line): Sexy (matte maroon)

I followed exactly what Sonia Kashuk said about those numbered brushes and which shade to use:
# 3 brush effect ate #1 that's why it's missing
my work-friendly smokey eyes today

Since I have other uses for these brushes, I still think they're nice addition to my collection. Like I said, I don't limit myself to what the packaging says. I explore to the core. And yeah, you can create smokey eyes with or without this set.


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*purchased this*

So I finally bit the bullet and got the new iPhone5. Friends and sissies (meaning super close friends) have been telling me to upgrade my jurassic mobile phone so we can Instagram. Yay! so fresh from the box and the very first thing I installed was **drum roll** Instagram! As I find my way in, add me up so I can follow you as well. Aside from all-things makeup, girly girl obsessions and occasional sighting of my baby english cocker spaniel, I will take y'all around Hawaii. How fun is that? I'm excited to interact with you....

Here's the link to my Instagram. Aloha! http://followgram.me/thefabzilla


*Excuse the 1st few pics you will see in my IG, sissy is still experimenting*

 Winter's comin', am preppin' my skin
It's snowin', my body's dryin'

Of course, there's no snow in Hawai'i. Nah, Let me retract that. Unknown to many, there's actually one place in the aloha state where it does. Have you heard of Mauna Kea (White mountain)? it's a dormant volcano located in the Big Island. It's the world's highest mountain (surpassing Mount Everest), well if you add its base which is 18,000 feet below sea level. That's some trivia for you.


Snow or no snow, my skin is super dry during the winter months. That's a fact. Oiliest face and desert-dry body? Welcome to my world.

I had the chance to try this natural skincare set from Herbacin, a German company established in 1905. Everything is plant or herb-based and dermatologically-tested. Let's see what's inside the starter bag.

I'm a sucker for lip balm. I lost count how many I have but yeah, you'll find one in my makeup bag, vanity, bedside, bathroom, office drawer etc. Herbacin lip balm is free from preservatives and fragrance. It lists chamomile and bees wax as key ingredients. I like that it hydrates my lips without the greasy feel. A keeper it is.

I'm a germaphobe. No exaggeration but I wash my hands so frequent that it makes them dry. Herbacin hand cream is thicker than usual brands I've tried. It has glycerin to moisturize, chamomile to heal, and silicon  to protect. I also use this for my feet, the very last beauty ritual before I sleep. I like how it makes my hand (and feet) feel soft and smooth.

Herbacin kamille soft mild hand cream is the lightweight version. Label says it's cream but it feels more like a lotion, consistency-wise.

So talking about dry body in colder months, I need something thicker than a lotion. Herbacin med skin wuta kamille care cream didn't disappoint. It's made for sensitive skin so that's a plus point. It has chamomile to heal skin, aloe vera to sooth dry and cracked skin, and vitamin E to moisturize. I like to use this immediately after a warm shower to seal in moisture.

Finally the face products, one made for my greasy fez (gentle exfoliant)  the other two for normal to dry skin type (cleansing cream, moisturizing cream for face, neck).

If you're used to rough exfoliants, you won't like this; the little beads are too dispersed you don't even feel it does the job. Treat it with a grain of salt though, my face craves for roughness sometimes. It has the same aloe vera and chamomile, with the addition of calendula.

I've tried the face cream wash and although it's recommended for all skin types, I'd still say that it will work best for normal to dry skin. 

Overall, Herbacin is a good brand to try if you are into fuss-free and natural skincare products. The price is also affordable, (lip balm is less than $3, full size cream below $10)

Where to buy: company US website, drugstore.com, Walgreens, Vitacost.


* starter set provided for review; link for reference only *

It all started with a cold. I have been sneezing for couple of days, then my eyes became watery. Then I noticed  my face peeling. I thought I over-exfoliated. Now I'm craving for brains!!!!!

Before this 'zilla eat you alive, 'thought you might like this easy scary halloween look. 

Got glue? We'll start with that! ( I used Too Faced shadow insurance glitter glue)

1. Dot glue ove your face. Select areas you want to peel. Lay tissue over glue and tear it apart. Tear to your satisfaction.
2. Apply foundation using stippling brush
3. Saturate tissue with foundation so it blends to a T.
4. With gray or black creamy eyeshadow (you can use regular e/s), fill the entire eye area. The uglier the better!
5. Blend a little but don't overdo it, we're not going for bombshell look.
6. Got black lipstick? I don't so I used black eyeliner.

When you're starting to look sick and sicko, that's when the zilla virus took over your system. 

You've been warned!


$39, sephora, stila, macy's

so what else will you tell ms. know-it-all about stila in the know when you know that this palette is nothing but 
  • 10 matte eyeshadows with predominantly brown shades in varying intensities
  • has shades that overlap when swatched and applied
  • packaged with charcoal gray smudge stick eye liner
  • has credit-card sized lookbook for inspirations
now that you know what i know, there are two reasons you will like this palette




{ description from stila's website }
air- matte beige
wind- soft matte peach
desert- soft matte tan with warm undertone
clay- matte warm light brown
earth- deep matte chocolate brown
driftwood- mid tone brown
fire- matte brick
rain- matte brown
smoke- matte charcoal gray
ebony- matte black

the eyeshadows are soft and powdery, moderately pigmented and obviously neutral. some shades overlap i.e air and wind, desert and clay. fire is the most intense, my favorite from this palette. used with  an eye primer, they don't smudge or crease.

the big winner from this set is the charcoal gray smudge stick a.k.a halfmoon. it's creamy, glides smoothly and lasts throughout the day.



the quote on top of the mirror  is pretty smart. "when a woman knows, she knows" - sarah lucero. simply put, trust your gut woman. when there's smoke, there's fire. 

top photos in neutral mode; bottom in fiery mood. 

overall, it's a nice palette to have if you don't own any matte neutrals yet.


*i bought this. i intentionally didn't use caps today, just because :-) *

I'm not big on falsies. Why? I find the application challenging and time consuming. The glue, maneuvering and whatnot, such a hassle! But that mindset changed. I think I've found the perfect natural lashes with Salon Perfect. Love at first try t'was!


At less than $10 from Walmart, this pack (4 pairs) is a steal. They're light as feather, I don't even feel wearing false lashes at all. Application is easy breezy. Label says they're handmade, will that make a difference? I have no idea. I bought 110 Black, but instead of me writing, let these photos do the talking....


You can see how my boring lashes came to life with Salon Perfect. Ignore the somewhat clumpy mascara from Hard Candy.


HubZilla said they look natural. Of course I have to do some cutesy eye twinkles otherwise he won't even notice that I'm wearing false lashes.


On a side note, I lurvvve fabulous bargain finds. Guess how much I paid for that sea horse neckpiece? Two freakin' dollars from Icings (80% off!!!). What about the hot pink lippy up there? It's actually a $4- lipliner from Jesse's Girl. Who says you need to splurge to look posh? Not this woman.



Woot woot, I just made it to 500th post! Blogging ain't easy writing my friends, that's for sure! There are moments when I don't even know what to write about. Brain-dead you bet. As most of you may or may not know, I have a day job so it all boils down to planning and organizing. I'll write a separate post on that but for now, I'd like to surprise a lovely reader with this ALOHA Package.


I'm not sure if you love coffee as much as I do but I think you'll like this stainless mug....

Love thy own so I decided to give you a set of handmade lotions and soaps from Hawaii....

I sense you need a new nail file. How about this Hawaiian surfboard?

You're sweet as candy with your consistent comments. 'thought I'd let you sample this caramacs (Macadamian chocolate with caramel), my fave!

Burt's Bees is not made in Hawaii but the weather is changing, dry lips could be your beauty concern this winter....

How did your name come up? You see I tallied all names that visited and left comments on my humble blog from 401st post to present; then I used random.org to pick the winner. 'Must be written in the stars because today, you are the lucky recipient of this care package.

I hope you like it...... Moxie!!!!!

TheFabZilla is celebrating a milestone this November, do I sense a giveaway? stay tuned.

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