Much as I'm into horror movies, zombies in particular, my girly girl self does enjoy chick flicks once in a great while. For this week's challenge, my top-of-mind happens to be Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion (1997). It's a great story of friendship, bright clothes, and post-it's! If you haven't seen this movie yet, girl you're missing a lot! This nail design was inspired by the last scene of the movie, when Romy and Michelle were folding polka-dot scarves together. 

What's your favorite chick flick?

It's a beautiful Sunday morning as I write this post, the 30th of September. And before I say au revoir to September, let's revisit the products that have seen the most daylight in my vanity counter.
Eucerin Skin Calming Daily Moisturizing Creme

Early in September, my back suffered a first degree sunburn. I can't tell you enough how annoying, painful (note ~> I have low pain threshold) and itchy it was. My sleep was compromised to say the least. Aloe gel wasn't enough so I went to see my doctor who prescribed me a medicine and this Eucerin moisturizing creme. Day and night, after shower, and whenever I can, my hub will rub this cream all over my back, arms and legs (I'm a baby, woot!). It wasn't my fault, that sunscreen I bought from etsy didn't protect me at all. I was duped. But yeah, this cream helped sooth my very itchy skin. Now healed, I still reach out to this cream because it is very moisturizing.

Spa Cosmetics Dead Sea Treatment Aloe Vera Eye Cream

While browsing my local TJ Maxx, I discovered this Dead Sea Treatment Aloe Vera Eye Cream. It's a private label by Spa Cosmetics, so I'm guessing this is sold directly to spa salons. I am surprised with the quality, it's lightweight and gets absorbed easily!

Jesse's Girl Lipliner (Pucker Up)

I know Jesse's Girl makes nail polishes but not makeups. So when I saw this lipliner from Long's (CVS), my gut feel dictated me to buy it. Gut feel was right. Pucker up is the perfect hot pink lipliner. It's kohl, has built-in sharpener cap, glides smoothly, and pretty cheap too!

Physician's Formula Organic Wear Natural Origin Bronzer (Peachy Glow)

This Physician's Formula Organic Wear is another bargain find from Ross. For fair-skinned beauties, this shade (peachy glow) can work as bronzer but for me who's medium, I use it as a finishing powder instead. I like its very subtle luminous finish; it makes people stare and say "you have that certain glow".

NARS lip stain gloss duo (daredevil and sandpiper)

This lip stain gloss duo from NARS is an old stash. I just happened to admire its beauty again, especially daredevil - a very deep wine berry red. It's a nice fall shade. In fact I'm wearing it now as I write this post.

butter LONDON West End Wonderland

West End Wonderland by butter LONDON is fabulous. If you want to stand out from the sea of red and neutral lacquers, this glitzy gold is the answer.

Down to the last drop, D & G Light Blue is one of my many signature scents. It's fresh and feminine so I'm buying a new bottle this week.

What are your beauty faves for September?

Wow, I must be dreaming! I did 3 nail posts for this week? See what blog hops can do, moi got inspired!
Congratulations to the 5 Winners of Braologie Giveaway! Hear soon from Tallia of Braologie.

New Giveaway will be up on October 1. Stay tuned!!!


{ with flash }

Big girls don't cry says Fergie. To rebut, I do when I need to. I cry when the bride cries; I cry when I watch tear-jerking movies. Whatever. I don't even know what prodded me to start my post about crying. Blame the Last Song Syndrome.

I'm sure some of you have heard or read that Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas fame is in cohorts with Wet N Wild for a nail polish collection. Finally, it reached Hawaiian shores *my humps, my humps* So I bought a few to see if this fergalicious is worth the buzz.

Take The Stage is a fusion of magenta and silver glitters. It's sheer and boring on its own but throws quite a punch over a base nail color. Not bad but ain't the best either. I guess for less than $4, I shouldn't be complaining.

Take The Stage over Wet n Wild Shine Tickled Pink

{ natural light }

Do you own any Fergie nail polish? By the way, I'm so looking forward to her cosmetics line (also from Wet n Wild) which will come out early 2013.


Beauty and Fashion Tech

Yep, it's Saturday! We just had dinner and in a 'lil while, it's another 3D home movie night for us. Meantime, here are some posts written by your favorite beauty and fashion bloggers.

Enjoy reading these posts. Visit one, visit all. Have a wonderful weekend!

No, not me. I'm not 80...yet. Much as I dread wrinkles, there's no stopping them. Age is inevitable. But if there is a choice, I'd like to have happy wrinkles. Exactly the type that 80- year old woman has. You see, it's one of those days. While waiting at my dentist's office, a woman randomly asked me if it's cold inside. "Yeah, you should've brought a jacket. Each time we come here, I wear long sleeves 'coz the aircon here is really cold. There, they have hot coffee, it'll make you feel warm", I told her.

Woman talk ensued. She asked me if I have kids, I said I have a baby dog. I asked the same question and she said she has three.
Me: So how young is your youngest?
Woman: Oh, she's 50.
Me: What? (while doing mental calculation). Tell me you didn't get pregnant at 10!
Woman: Oh dear, I'm 80 years old. 

Okay so I'm talking to an 80-yr old woman with looks that can pass for 60. What could be her secrets? 
  • Drink milk. She's been drinking milk since childhood. She doesn't smoke or drink alcohol. Milk is her dope. She said milk doesn't make her fat because she advocates....
  • Active lifestyle. She used to swim in competitions. Believe it or not, she rides her stationary bike for 13 miles every night
  • Find "me" time. Some dirt won't kill you, that's what she emphasized. Drop everything for one hour and treat yourself like a queen. Relax, unwind, do things that you enjoy
  • Let your husband/ partner spend some time away from you. Let him do his guy stuff
  • Challenge yourself each day. When doctors told her that her broken ankles won't probably heal, she was determined to prove them wrong. With cast and all, she continued her stationary biking even though it was painful. At 5 weeks, doctors were astounded that her ankles were back to normal.
Throughout this 30 minute tete-a-tete, we laughed and exchanged stories like we were good old friends. Finally it's time to say goodbye. She tapped me in the shoulder and uttered one more time, "Find me time. It's important to have time for yourself. And don't forget to drink your milk". With a smile, I said "those were real words of wisdom, you're very inspiring. See you in six months".

"Me" time. I hear my friends complain about the lack of it all the time. Well I used to. But now that I'm a lot older, I devote time for myself. It can be as simple as painting my nails, making jewelries, shopping, or simply blogging. When was the last time you had "me" time?


Do you have inexplicable bites in your face, hands, and arms lately? Are they red, swollen and appear in a straight pattern? Uh-oh, those could be from bed bugs! Although hard to differentiate from a regular mosquito bite, bed bug bites can cause insomnia, anxiety, and secondary skin infections related to scratching (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Bed bugs are most commonly found where we sleep, hence the name. One time I watched this investigative report showing hotels with severe bed bug infestation, Sweet Jesus! I nearly puked! Bed bugs spread inconspicuously. You may be reading this post not knowing that the luggage you brought from a recent travel had bed bugs prancin' and dancin' on the side pockets.

Source: MedicineNet.com

What to do then? Bed bug bites in general don't require urgent medical attention. Bites vary from skin to skin, and in extremely annoying circumstances, an anti-itch cream or lotion may be the best way to manage it. The quick and dirty way of dealing with it is to throw away old mattresses and pillows. If budget allows, call your local exterminator. Moving forward, cleanliness is key. Vaccum regularly and wash your bed sheets as often as necessary. After all, don't you want to unwind in a clutter-free and clean home?

Yay to beauties without bugs!

~ Kathryne & Winkles ~

Crop circles, one of the greatest man-made prank. Alien invasion, what a trip! While some remain a mystery, the rest were, uhm, hoax. 

For my crop circle nails, I used these Wet n Wild lacquers: Wet Cement 201C (megalast), Carribean frost, Black creme.


Hot Pink is the new Red. It's flirtatious, fun and fierce. It can be quite intimidating to some but once you get the hang of it, this shade becomes your comfort zone. Feeling sad, sick or drab? reach out for that hot pink tube and instantly you become Ms. Fab.

Choosing the best shade of hot pink is another ordeal. While I don't normally follow rules as makeup is a form of self-expression, MUAs recommend cool pinks to those with cool undertone (blue based pink) and warm pinks to those with warm undertone (orange based). Rule of thumb: when in doubt, don't.

Get the Look


  • Exfoliate lips! Bright shades emphasize rough lips. Make your own lip exfoliant, here's my recipe.
  • Line and fill in lips with hot pink lip liner. Check out Jesse's Girl kohl lip liner (Pucker up) in your local drugstore, it's surprisingly good and very affordable too!
  • Layer with hot pink lipstick. For this look, I used MAC Girl About Town Amplified (fuschia with blue undertone)
  • Apply eye primer from the lid to brow bone. Kat Von D is one of my favorite brands
  • Apply and blend gold eye shadow on lids. I used Mattese NYC Shadow Dust (glitzy); pack and pat to your liking
  • Blend brown eyeshadow on crease
  • Line and smudge upper lash line with black eyeliner; line water line with black eyeliner
  • Smudge lower lash line with brown and gold eyeshadow
  • Apply a coat or two of mascara. 

On a side note, I really want this wall art inspiration from Aulani Disney (Hawaii). I like the idea of planters against the stone wall....another DIY-in-the making?


I get excited when "ber" month hits, it's the merriest season! There's Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. Just last week, we hauled some nice halloween decors from Target, in particular a life- size skeleton we will call Django....

Django sitting comfy.
He looked eerie at night so we moved him 'outta there.

Halloween is not complete without candies. Top of mind? Candy corn! We were planning to save all the candies for  trick or treaters but the restless adults can't control their horrendous candy pangs. 

Wearable Makeup
inspired by
Candy Corn

Wearable is self-explanatory ~ it isn't theatrical but simply a makeup look that you can wear to the office. Bright meets Conservative, if I have to reword it. The key is balance, when you focus on the eyes, keep the rest neutral.


Get the look ~>
  • Prime the eyes as usual. This will make the eyeshadows appear more vibrant; it also prevents smudging
  • With a flat brush, pat yellow eyeshadow all over the lid
  • With a crease bush, blend and buff orange eyeshadow from outer corner going mid- way towards the crease
  • With the same crease brush, transition orange eyeshadow to bronzey-gold eyeshadow from mid- crease going to inner eye corner
  • With a small smudge brush, use the same bronzey-gold eyeshadow for lower lash line
  • Create a subtle cat eye by using black eyeshadow instead of liquid or cream eyeliner
  • Apply two coats of mascara
  • Use coral blush but apply light-handedly
  • Finish with nude lipstick or gloss.
Products used:
  • Kat Von D Eye Primer
  • e.l.f 100 palette for all eyeshadows
  • e.l.f contouring blush and bronzing powder for cheeks
  • e.l.f mineral lipstick (bare brown) e.l.f. lip gloss
  • Tarte amazonian clay foundation
  • pur minerals pressed powder
  • skinn cosmetics mascara
So what's next? candy corn nails? let's see!


Have you noticed something? Each year, holiday gift ideas by your favorite beauty brands are being released earlier than ever. So while browsing Sephora, I saw these irresistible beauty sets that I want to buy pronto. For myself. Because I work hard. And I don't need to wait for Christmas. Because I know there will be more choices to come. Because I am a makeup junkie. I thought I am a in a no-buy mode. But....

I own LORAC lip glosses and they don't disappoint. And for $25 ($132 value), this Sweet Temptation Lip Gloss Collection is a steal.  You get six lip glosses that can take you from day to night, talk about versatility dahlin'.

Tarte is one of the best blushes there is. It's super pigmented and most of all, it's cruelty-free. This set, a.k.a Fantastic Foursome 4-Piece Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush, retails for only $35. They're in deluxe sizes so this collection is the perfect way to test run Tarte if you are new to this brand.

Another one on my beauty radar is Stila Snow Angel Palette & Stay All Day ($39, a $270 value). It's a limited edition palette that features 18 eyeshadows, 12 cheek colors; never mind the mascara that comes with it, it's just a nice 'lil addition.

You know what I do for gifting? I create my own set from these collections! I take one item from each, say a lippy, eyeshadow, body lotion, fragrance; wrap them nicely and voila! you have your girly girl holiday gifts to your BFFs.

Stay tuned for more holiday gift ideas. For now, I will checkout and pay. 


Photo source : Sephora

*Link for reference only. Happy Shopping!*

{ white fire }

Yep, nail art remains to be a challenging territory to me. Being creative is one thing, but to actually execute it like a maestro is where the complexity begins. That's why I salute all the talented nail bloggers and vloggers in the beauty community, you seriously take my breath away ladies!

So when those nail art thingimajigs I purchased from e-bay arrived, I was beyond happy. Finally, I can practice! Here's my first attempt, let's just call it white fire because hmmm...it looks like one.

Base: Wet n Wild Megalast 201C Wet Cement
Fire effect: Wet n Wild Shine (white)
Glitter on tips: Nicole OPI Make You Smile

What d'ya think?


I'm eating body parts as I write this. But before you even freak out, I'm pertaining to these gummy-like candies we bought from Target, supposedly for Halloween trick or treaters. I can't resist opening the pack, these decapitated parts are so chewy! Agh.

My favorite would be the eyes and brains. Zombie, eh?

Still on the subject of body parts, I had the opportunity to try a product that's supposed to plump lips, not to Angelina Jolie level, but sexy enough to say that I don't sashay with dry cracked lips. Enter suggah + | anti-aging lip plumping treatment (new supercharged formula) by Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals.

Whenever I hear, see, or read "plumping", stinging and tingling come to mind. That lip venom by DuWop stings like hell. Truth is, that repulsive sensation is a clever marketing tool that conditions your mind that a product is working.  Stung = swollen = plump. So if you ask me what makes your lips look full? it's the illusion with a capital I! Shine reflects light; put anything glossy at the center of your lips and stand against or under direct light, you'll see what I mean. Here's what Sircuit Skin says about suggah + : adds volume to lips without irritation; helps repair and restore softness; stimulates collagen production; helps restore definition to the vermilion border; provides superior hydration. Vermilion in layman's lingo is the line that separates lips from the skin.


Ingredients: shea butter, organic jojoba oil, cocoa seed butter, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, yogurt extract, tropical fruit harvest (mango, papaya, pineapple), coffee, green tea, caffeine, Maxi-lip (ethyl palmitate, tribehenin, sorbitan isostearate, palmitoyl oligopeptide).

So there's coffee, green tea, mango, etc but I'm missing sugar! This lip treatment actually smells like brown sugar. That could be the reason for its name suggah (pronouncing it provocatively ala- Jolie). It doesn't taste synthetic (I licked!); it really is hydrating; and  most of all, it doesn't sting.

Illusion explained.
L: My lips in its natural state of fuglyness
R: With suggah against direct light. Plumped, woot woot!

How to use: apply to lips and vermilion line day and night; not to be used as lip balm. Of course, I didn't follow because I'm such a hard-headed. I use it mostly in the evening and also on top my lippy whenever I feel like it, just because. I had no problem, thankfully.

suggah + on top of OCC Lip Tar Anime

The verdict. If you like to fake full lips sans the awful sting (don't forget the illusion),  prevent dryness (weather's changing, we need to amp our skincare), and support cruelty-free brands, then this suggah won't disappoint. As to the promise of anti-aging, I can't evaluate in that aspect because (1) Growing old is inevitable (2) I don't smoke so my lips won't wrinkle soon.

Where to purchase? sircuitskin.com


*PR sample received. Links for reference only*

If the brand name FutureDerm rings a bell, then you know that this breakthrough retinol is the baby of award-winning beauty blogger and dermatologist-in-the-making Nicki Zevola. I had the opportunity to try this product and after a month of diligent use, I am ready to share my thoughts with you.

Excited but hesitant. Truth is, I'm not new to retinol. Having worked for a dermatology company in the past (yes, I'm that woman who injects marketing claim to make consumers believe that product X is the manna from heaven), I am fully aware that some retinol can be downright nasty, peeling-wise. That generic retinol I tried eons back made my face peel like cobra, no pun intended. So when Nicki replied that her version of retinol is lightweight and ideal for all skin types, I bit the bullet. I'm two years away from the big 4-0 so I'll do anything to delay those dreaded wrinkles, come hell or high water!

To some of you who are unfamiliar with retinol and its use, it is the gold standard of anti-aging. Ask any dermatologist and she/he would probably agree. Retinol is as ubiquitous as the golden arch, a.k.a McD, you see it anywhere you go - drugstores, department stores, doctor's office, vitamin shops, etc. I am 100% sure that you've seen and heard it at some point. So without sounding like your abhorred chemistry professor, retinol is a form of Vitamin A. When converted to retinoic acid, it does wonders to your skin such as (1) promoting firm skin by preventing collagen loss (2) increasing cellular turnover thus delaying signs of wrinkles (3) acting as antioxidant by counteracting future damage to skin. Aside from wrinkle prevention,  retinol can also alleviate mild to moderate-type acne and reduce age spots.


So what sets this apart from other retinol brands then? FutureDerm 0.5% has micro-encapsulated retinol that allows a slower release time, which in turn minimizes irritation. Now that explains why I didn't peel as much (I was prepared for the worst, mind you). In fact, my peeling was only noticeable up close which was remedied with a moisturizer (we'll go to my routine later). But here's my face on the exact 4th day when I spotted peeling on my nose and cheek.

Excuse the humongous face occupying your screen right now,
I just want you to see the extent of my peeling experience.
Also, peeling was more obvious when I was wearing a foundation.
I peeled on the 4th-7th day, and that's about it.
Caveat: By now, you should know that our skin reacts differently to products.

Product description. Futurederm Time Release Retinol 0.5% comes in a white plastic pump bottle (1.oz/ 28.3g) and costs $54.95 (futurederm.com), a little pricey compared to its drugstore counterparts. But it's a specialized product so I won't even dwell on that. It looks like a cream but it is actually a lightweight gel that is absorbed into the skin easily. It's fragrance-free and isn't greasy at all.

How to use. Apply a pea-sized amount (pump the bottle slowly to deliver a precise amount) to a well-cleansed face. Don't apply near the eye area. If you are new to retinol, start by limiting to twice a week, gradually increasing to every night, and once nightly as you become more used to it. Since my face has been subjected many times over to various product experimentation, I used this retinol for 30 straight nights. For reference, my night time skincare routine is like this ~> Wash face, Tone, Apply Futurederm (let it soak for a minute), Moisturize. Add the lip balm, body cream, and fragrance mist and this woman is off to dreamland. And before I even snooze (for real), wear sunscreen in the morning or when going out as retinol makes you susceptible to sunburn; stop using if you experience severe irritation.

The results are in. After 30 nights of religious use, my skin looks firmer; I had fewer whiteheads; Other than minor peeling, I didn't experience any severe irritation or redness. Just the other day, a friend asked me what I was using because my face looks "uplifted and tight", to borrow her words.  Of course, I mentioned this retinol and where she can buy it.

Now that the experiment is over, will I continue to use it? Absolutely. This product changed my not-so-good perception on retinol. So let me say this loud and clear ~ Wrinkles, I'll see you in twenty years &  by that time, I am ready to embrace you!

Where to buy? futurederm.com 
Facebook  Twitter


*Product sent for review. Links for reference only. If you promise to stay with me in the next 20 years (or more), we shall see the long-term effects of retinol. Let's grow old fabulous 'zillas !!!!*

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