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Now on to your online shopping spree!

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Carol's Daughter: 40% off on all body products. Ends 9/3/12


*Referral link for ebates; nada for online stores*

I have a huge thing for hygiene. You can't be fabulous with sour funky smell, ladies! I bathe twice a day, morning and night. The products I use vary, some for review, the rest have become staples. But you get the logic, women should devote time pampering their skin and body. Why not, it's the only skin we got! Here are some tips for you:

1. Immediately after a warm shower, slather some body cream or lotion. Cream is 50% water, 50% oil so if you have extremely dry skin, use this instead. Lotion is 80% water and has lighter consistency. Moisturizing within three minutes seals in water and makes your skin less dry.

2. Prevent sweat and body odor, use a deodorant. What good is a brand new makeup if your pits stink like hell.

3. Amp the fragrance. I wear perfume or light cologne in the morning and body mist at night. Ooops, I take that back- it all depends on my mood. You can layer your fragrance (same-scent lotion and perfume) for a more uniformed and lasting smell. A woman that smells good commands attention.

4. Remove remaining traces of makeup, tone, moisturize and more! Sometimes a makeup remover before shower isn't enough so wipe off any excess before you begin your skincare. Use a toner and moisturizer meant for your skin type. In the morning, I use an oil-free moisturizer that has SPF. In the evening, I use a lightweight oil-free one. If you are using anti-aging products (I am currently testing one), apply that first before a moisturizer. 

5. Moisturize lips. I said it before and I'd say it again, dry cracked lips ain't pretty.  Lips are part of the skin and they react fast to hot and cold weather. I use a lip balm that has SPF in the morning and a regular one at night. Luscious lips don't kiss frogs!

6. Pamper those feet. You can use your body lotion or cream to your feet and massage in between toes and heels. A woman with nice smelling feet should be put in a pedestal.

7. Hydrate hair. I wash my long mane three times a week but every night I apply hydrating oil to keep it shiny and healthy. I try, promise!

~~ Remember to treat yourself like a queen. You deserve it!~~


Ah, the smell of fresh brewed Kona coffee! Well hello sunrise, this day ought to be good!

How do you start your day? Coffee and iPad with moi. I read blogs, answer emails, and check Facebook and Twitter updates as I tank up with caffeine. 

Today's makeup was inspired by the majestic sunrise. I mixed copper and gold eyeshadows for my lid and beige for my crease. To compliment these warm shades, I opted for bronzer and beige lipgloss with gold specks. Now I'm inspired to work.

Products used
Gold/copper eyeshadows from Rachel Roy Collection Palette
Buck for crease from Urban Decay Naked Palette 1
Lorac Tantalizer as bronzer
Nude lipliner from NYX & Estee Lauder Pure Color Wild Sugarcane Shimmer for lips

Have a productive day ahead!


Fact: My mineral makeups are all in powder form.
Fact: I love the effect but hate the messy swirling, tapping and buffing.

.28oz/ 8g, $27, purminerals.com

So in my mission to address my trivial problem, I was excited to try purmineral's new 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup. Lured by the promise of multi-tasking, things couldn't get any better.


The One-Minute Makeup Miracle! This product is your foundation powder, concealer, sunscreen (SPF 15) & skin perfector. Sounds like a manna from heaven? let's dissect.

Packaging-wise, I think it's sleek and futuristic (it reminds me of a flying saucer). It's compact enough for travel and quick touch-ups.

Shade selection is commendable with 10 variants to choose from. I bought golden medium based from gut-feel.


SPF 15 is a good addition. Actually, anything that protects moi from the sun is always a better choice. 

Paraben and gluten-free, ideal even for the most sensitive skin.

Cruelty-free. I have a soft spot for products and companies that don't test on animals.

What about the coverage and concealing properties? Of course that's the meat of the matter.

I have experimented with the application two ways since I was't satisfied with the label instructions.

On its own as a foundation. For reference, I used a face primer prior to applying this powder. With a face brush, I applied it in circular motions until I was satisfied with the coverage.Then I sealed it with Skindinavia makeup finishing spray. The result is the same as a  mineral loose powder ~ lightweight with a barely-there makeup look. With that said, if you have porcelain or flawless skin (which unfortunately I don't have), this stuff is for you. That red zit on the side of my face was untamed.

On top of liquid foundation. This is the method I preferred better. I used the same face brush and sealed my makeup using this powder. It did help mattify my face (caveat: I use a mattifying toner and oil-free foundation so consider this as an advise from someone ravaged with sebum).

Over-all thoughts. I like it for what it is, a mineral pressed powder with SPF 15 component. My vanity is clean, thanks to its no-mess application. But I won't use it on its own because the coverage wasn't impressive enough to conceal my flaws.

purmineral 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup
on top of tarte amazonian clay foundation

Check out my review on purminerals 4-in-1 mineral tinted moisturizer to see if it's meant for you.


Summer to Fall Style Ideas

After a long hiatus, I am back to Polyvore where I can get a little creative fashion-wise. I would describe my style as laid-back glam and this is what I envision wearing as we transition from summer to fall. Now I need to sort through my closet and see If I can come up with something similar. Frugal is fabulous my dear \m/

What are your fall fashion staples?

Inspiration list:
River Island sleeveless top, $24 / theyskens' theory flat front shorts / Jeffrey Campbell wedge heels / Diane von Furstenberg tote handbag / Resin bangle, $18 / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs jewelry / Elizabeth and James jewelry / Revlon lip stick, $20 / Deborah Lippmann nail polish

You know what guarantees instant emesis a.k.a vomiting from me? Foul armpits! One time my aunt had a visitor who occupied the guest room. Sweet Jesus! I threw up from the rotten onion-like smell that woman left in the room. Please I beg thee, it's  a serious crime to have body odor nowadays. Deodorants come in all shapes and formula so there is no excuse not to use one.

'Nuff of the awful side story, eeew! Now the things I hate with traditional deodorants are (1) tendency to stain clothes (2) certain fragrance competes with my perfume. 

In my quest to use natural and cruelty-free products, I discovered Devita Pure & Sure Deodorant Spray. Devita is a cosmeceutical skincare company that markets all-natural, paraben-free, PETA certified and vegan-based products. 


24-hour natural deodorant protection. Ingredients include mineral salts that eliminate odor-causing bacteria and aloe vera that soothes the skin; non-staining; fragrance and alcohol-free; never tested on animals.

So do I like it? A resounding yes, and let me tell you why. (1) tendency to stain my clothes (2) certain fragrance competes with my perfume  Without repeating myself, this stuff addressed my minimum expectations from a deodorant. I can confidently wear the blackest black tank top sans the unsightly white stains. I don't have serious armpit issues (LeHub can attest to that, hahaha) so the ability to control odor is relative. Most of all, it's cruelty-free so that seals the deal for me.

Remember, a deodorant won't completely solve body odor. Bathing can! But if your odor is so severe that it's causing tension in the workplace or with a loved one, time to get yourself checked by a doctor to rule out any medical conditions.

Have you tried other products from Devita? I'm reviewing some more so stay tuned.


I bought this and will definitely buy again.

L-R: Tarte Amazonian Clay Long-Wear Blush (Natural Beauty), Bloom lipstick (Cranberry),
Natura Ekos Maracajua (lotion & EDT), Beyonce Pulse Summer perfume,
Earth Science Chamomile & Green Tea Eye Makeup Remover,
Rachel Roy Shadow Collection

Geez! August went by so fast. Too busy to even care ha? Anyways, here are my most used-slash-worn beauty products this month.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Long Wear Blush in Natural Beauty is a loud pink matte blush that's richly pigmented. My trick is to apply it light-handedly with a blush brush for a more subdued finish. It's indeed long-wearing, definitely an A+ for a grease ball face like mine.

This lipstick from Bloom Cosmetics reminds me of MAC, what with its vanilla-infused scent.  I was surprised to see it on sale for only $5 at Sears! This normally retails for $20 at cherryculture.com so if you're near Sears, I say buy one or more. I got moi two.

in Cranberry
I have recently reviewed this lotion and eau de toilette combo from Natura EKOS Maracuja. A sucker for sale, I paid 50% less or about $30+ for both at Macy's. This line is Brazil-made and all-natural. Both have very light and sweet fragrance, perfect for bedtime.

I rarely win giveaways so I was ecstatic when I got an email from BeautyStat announcing that I won this Beyonce Pulse Summer Eau de Parfum. The scent is flirty and sweet and stays all day. I have been wearing this to work and I like that it's not too overwhelming for summer!


Another recent favorite is this eye makeup remover from Earth Science. As mentioned in my prior review, it removes my eye makeup with ease. Plus it's all-natural and never tested on animals. 

Lastly, I have been constantly reaching out for this eyeshadow palette from Rachel Roy. Check out the  ice shave- inspired makeup I did using this palette. The eyeshadows are soft, buttery and very pigmented. I hope to see other makeup collections from this fashion designer.

September I am ready for you! Bring it on.

P.S What are your beauty faves this past month?


Links for reference only.

Truth be told. I wear high heels 'till my feet are sore. Stilettos, pumps, boots - the taller the better. In my 20s, I can strut and shop in 4.5-inch heels. While I seldom wear killer stilettos now {age kicked in my dear} my love affair with heels lived on with wedges. One time I accepted this crazy challenge - moi hiked the 700-ft high Diamond Head wearing 3.5 inch thong wedges. Of course I made it to the top but shoot! my feet ached as hell. LeHub had to piggyback me on our way down, t'was embarrassing!

'told you am not kidding.
'...shoulda known better. So if your like me who's into heels and whatnots, Kushyfoot has the answer to our needs. Unknown to many (myself included), Kushyfoot was the first company to consumerize the healing art of reflexology thru its legwear accessories. You might have heard and seen those ballet flats (Flats to Go) a.k.a emergency flats. For 2012, the company has added two more styles: Peep Toe (in Cream or Slate) and Sandals (in Black). Lightweight, portable and affordable ($9.99 per pair), these flats saved my day.


Another product that's worth checking out is the foot cover (super ultra low cut). It has a foot cushion and heel guard that's very comforting when walking in heels. It was made to look discreet so they don't show up past the shoe line. Clever ha?


#tgif. Remember to give your heels some TLC ladies.


*Products sent for review. Links for reference only.


When you don't have a lot time in your hands, simplifying your beauty ritual makes sense. Such is the case when I saw purmineral's new mineral tinted moisturizer, what with its 4-in-1 promise. (1) Moisturizer (2) Foundation (3) Primer (4) SPF 20. 

Available in four shades ($34, 1.7oz/ 50g), this new addition to purminerals seems to satisfy what I need ~ a multi-tasking product. Now comes the burning question, did it deliver? Drum roll to madam guinea pig. 


Hydrating, check. No doubt this stuff provided moi moisture throughout the day. Or too much I should say for a naturally-gifted oily skin. I had shine issues after two hours and used four blotting papers during the 8-hour period. 

Lightweight foundation, check. It's marketed as a tinted moisturizer so I expected the coverage to be less than what I am accustomed to. My shade is in medium; it looks quite creamy when swatched but light as air when applied onto face. And just for reference, I sealed it with a pressed powder.


Primer, nah! The primer component was the main reason I bought this. I thought it was ingenious and practical! So I intentionally skipped using a face primer to substantiate this claim. Ain't happy that my pores looked bigger and more visible. And since I was blotting my face every two hours or so, my makeup was practically gone on the 8th hour.

Sunscreen without the annoying scent.  I like that it has SPF 20 and is fragrance-free. Note that this isn't waterproof so if you're planning to swim, this is not the best stuff to use.

The extras. Though not mentioned in the claim, I noticed an inexplicable "glow" upon application. I'm wild guessing that it could be from the combination of natural extracts in the ingredients; cruelty-free, no guinea pigs harmed; proud supporter of Go Red for Women, an awareness campaign that fights heart disease (# 1 killer among women in the US)

Bottom line. If you have normal to dry skin, this might work for you, skip if you have extremely oily skin.

Wishful thinking ~> what about an oil-free version, purminerals?

Hello Glow. Isdachu Pore?


Links for reference only. Own moolah spent.

Daily Glow, an online beauty and skincare resource, released this interesting infographics on the best and worst cities for your skin. Dermatologists per capita, skin cancer rates, and healthy lifestyle are some of the indicators used to find out which of the cities in the US have the most glowing complexions. Of course I was ecstatic to see Honolulu on the Top 10 Best List. What about your city?

10 Best Cities for your skin
1. Portland, Oregon ~ Portlanders eat healthy, exercise more and smoke less. Having long rainy season is a blessing more than a curse because it makes them stay out of the sun.
2. San Francisco, California ~ This city has the lowest number of tanning salons per capita in the US. Dermatologists abound, has low skin cancer rate, and overall has active citizens.
3. Seattle, Washington~ Has low ozone days and high number of overcast days. It also boasts of institutions that teach people the importance of healthy lifestyle.
4. Baltimore, Maryland ~ Has one of the lowest cases of melanoma in the US.
5. Chicago, Illinois ~ Has the highest number of skincare specialists in the US. Having shorter summers mean lesser chances of being exposed to sun's harmful rays.
6. Honolulu, Hawaii ~ Has the lowest rate of air-particle pollution in the US and zero, as in nada, high ozone days. About 34% of the adults engage in physical activities for 20 minutes or more at 3x a week.
7. Boston, Massachusetts ~ Has the highest number of dermatologists per capita. Citizens generally live an active and healthy lifestyle.
8. New York City, NY ~ Has one of the lowest cases of skin cancer in the US. The recent ban of public smoking is also a big factor.
9. Milwaukee, Wisconsin ~ has long winters which translates to lesser sun exposure.
10. Austin, Texas ~ Has the most physically active people with about 36.6 % of adults engaged in vigorous activities for more than 20 minutes at 3x a week.

10 Worst Cities for your skin
1. Las Vegas, Nevada ~ Over a fifth of the population are smokers. The hot, desert-like temperature makes the citizens more prone to wrinkles and other skincare problems.
2. Phoenix, Arizona ~ Has low number of dermatologists per capita, has extended summer days with high ozone days.
3. Fresno, California ~ Has high level of pollution and bad air quality with shortage on dermatologists.
4. Sacramento, California ~ One third of the adults suffer from sunburn with slightly higher than average skin cancer death rate.
5. Los Angeles, California ~ Has the highest number of high ozone days at 92.3 days; it also has very low number of dermatologists per capita (I'm actually surprised with this fact, what with the vain celebrities in Hollywood!)
6. San Diego, California ~  Has the highest rate of melanoma in the US, with 29.1% cases per 100,000 people.
7. Charlotte, North Carolina ~ Ranked as the 10th worst city for ozone pollution in the US, according to The American Lung Association.
8. Memphis, Tennessee ~ Has the lowest physically active population, according to the CDC, with very low dermatologists per capita or 3 per 100,000 people.
9. Forth Worth, Texas ~ Tanning beds in every nook, not good!
10. Tulsa, Oklahoma ~ Has the highest skin cancer death rate in the US.

For more facts and figures, check out Daily Glow.

'Must be the age. The older I get, the more I lean towards natural products. So when LeHub and moi trooped to our local organic food store, I went straight to the beauty aisle to browse, not necessarily buy. Of course I failed.

So I picked up this herbal makeup remover from Earth Science, a family-owned company that's hinged on natural, paraben-free and cruelty-free skin, hair, and body products. At $7, I thought it was a good deal.


In a nutshell, the label says that it has no artificial colors, non-irritating and fragrance-free. pH 5.5 means it matches the skin's natural pH level. No animal ingredients and testing, bravo!

It's not liquid, it's gel-like, formulation-wise. This stuff is devoid of any recognizable fragrance despite its  herbal concoctions. I like that it removed my thick eye makeup with ease and most of all, I am glad that it didn't irritate my eyes.

Will I repurchase? Absolutely.

Have you tried this brand? 

Deal alert! Get 25% off when you buy this makeup remover online. Enter coupon code eyemakeup25

*Links for reference only*

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Ombre a.k.a graduating color is a trend that's been going around for quite a while now from the catwalk to hair to makeup. The technique looks a bit tedious makeup-wise but in reality, it really isn't. Especially if you're going to use only one eyeshadow. Yes you read it right.

For today's tutorial, I used this purple shade (Celestial) from Rachel Roy Palette Collection.


Start by priming the eyes then follow these simple steps:


The key to a flawless look lies in the blending. Pat purple eyeshadow several times on the lid until you are satisfied with the color. With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, start blending from the crease upwards. Retouch the lid as necessary. Smudge lower lash line with the same purple eyeshadow. Tight-line upper lashes and line waterline with black eye pencil. Finish with two coats of mascara or false lashes.

Since the eyes are quite dramatic, go easy with the cheeks and lips. 


Products used:
Face: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hr Full Coverage Foundation
Eyes: e.l.f eye primer, Tarte mascara, Rachel Roy Palette Collection, Laura Mercier black eyeliner
Cheeks: Candy Leopard from Too Faced on the Prowl
Lips: Laura Mercier Lip Glace (Coral Diamond)

Have you tried any ombre lately?



While at Macy's the other weekend, I stumbled on this fragrance and skincare line natura EKOS Maracuja. I sprayed, lathered, sniffed, and walked away. Came back, sprayed, sniffed, and read. Made in Brazil. All-natural. 50% off. Paid. 

Guilty as charged, impulse purchase that is. So do I like it? Hmm, let's just say that this duo has been my signature scent at bedtime. It's light, fresh and a tad sweet. 


The Leg and Foot Cream (right photo) has thick consistency but isn't greasy at all. I also use it for my hands and arms, and it's quite moisturizing. The packaging reminds me of L'Occitane.

The Eau de Toilette has a teeny weeny hint of citrus that dissipates fast. The scent is so light I can barely smell it after an hour. Ha, I'm already snoozing by that time so treat this with a grain of salt.

I am trying to find as much information about this brand but so far I have been unsuccessful. The company website isn't fully functional as of this writing. And guess what, it's sold out in Macy's (online). Boo.

Are you familiar with this line? 


Cliche as it may sound but I started blogging to share my passion for everything beauty-related. Ask any seasoned blogger and she will tell you the exact same thing, this ain't easy writing! That's why I treasure every comment you leave in my blog. And for my 400th post, I'd like to surprise our top commenter Tina B

Tina, I hope you like this pair of handmade earrings I specially made for you plus this makeup combo (eyeshadow and lip tint ) from Victoria's Secret.

'think you'll be the next top commenter? Spread some love!

So you cried a river last night and you have to go to the office (or school) today. Blame that stupid thing called L-O-V-E for those nasty puffy eyes. Sob if you must but don't go out looking like a hot mess. Trust me, this 'zilla  can relate to your agony. 'Been there, done that. Life goes on. Someone's loss is somebody else's gain. Now get your sh*t together, face the mirror, and let's do a quick beauty fix.

1. Reduce the eye bags. Try dipping tea bags in ice cold water for 15-20 seconds. Lie down and place tea bags over the eyes for 10-15 minutes. The coldness helps reduce swelling while the caffeine component minimizes dark circles.
2. Conceal puffiness. Following your usual foundation routine, use a concealer slightly lighter than your skin tone to illuminate the eye area. Dot concealer in a triangular pattern, just under the eye or where the eye bags are prominent. (check out my post Look Well-Rested to have an idea). Blend and seal with a pressed powder.
3. Downplay puffiness by focusing on the upper part of the eyes. Apply eye primer to help the eyeshadow stay longer. To de-emphasize puffiness, use a lighter shade (pale gold or champagne) for lids and light brown or taupe for crease. Create an illusion of bright eyes by tight-lining the upper lashes and applying shimmers on the inner corner a.k.a tear duct. Don't line your lower lash line or waterline.
4. Anticipate crying spells so wearing a waterproof mascara is a no-brainer. It's the dreaded "day-after". You're with your friends who has nothing but serious angst towards your ex. They curse, you wail! Reality bites.
5. Cheer up thy cheeks. Apply a light pink blush on the cheeks.
6. Paint your lips red.  Bring out the reddest red or hottest pink lipstick you own. If all else fails, everyone's attention will focus on your drop dead gorgeous lips.

Remember now, these tricks are meant to hide signs of over-crying from a heartbreak, not evidence of domestic violence! Don't tolerate abuse. Speak up, seek help. Respect yourself. Don't be another statistic.


butter London's Autumn/Winter '12 collection was inspired by the catwalk's rich texture: velvet, sequins, satin and tweed. Infused with glitters, holographic and  metallic finish, this season features earthy tones of rust, shimmering greens and silvers.

Lovely Jubbly is vibrant magenta flecked with red, blue and gold micro particles. With a feel of retro 70’s, this glitter nail polish is perfect for the Disco Diva in you!

Trustafarian is sage green with golden holographic finish that channels a sophisticated and edgy look.

Gobsmacked is heavily pigmented charcoal grey glitter with slightly textured finish. This shade is predicted to be a legend in the making!

Shag is high-shine metallic lacquer in warm orange-burgundy shade. Think autumn leaves.

Dodgy Barnett is a cross between grey and silver in holographic finish.

MSRP: $14, on-line and in-stores.
Lovely Jubbly




Dodgy Barnett

I'm eyeing Shag and Gobsmacked, what about you?


Glad to meet my grade school best buddy today! She's in Hawaii for a week-long vacation with her ohana. You see, we lost contact for more than twenty years but thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, ours was another story of Facebook rediscovery! Sweet.

Beachside Beauty
This makeup is ideal for beachside events like weddings or a luau. It's simple, fun and fabulous.
Get the look ~>


1. Sunscreen with at least SPF 15 is a must if you are attending an outdoor event. And please, don't forget your lips, they burn quite easily so wear a lip balm with built-in SPF. My personal fave is Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy (SPF 25).
2. Apply face primer, then some lightweight yet long-wearing foundation. Have you tried Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hr Full Coverage Foundation? It's my go-to foundy. It doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing loads of makeup, plus it has SPF 15 too! Set makeup with finishing powder.
3. Apply eye primer as this will prevent eye makeup melt-down. It also adds vibrance to your eyeshadow.
4. Apply gold or bronze eyeshadow on lids and light brown on crease. Highlight brow bone with flesh-tone eyeshadow.
5. Tightline upper lashes. New to this technique? Here's my 'lil trick
6. For the fun part, line waterline with waterproof teal eyeliner to mimic the ocean's color. Try Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, this is waterproof to the nth degree.
7. Apply two coats of mascara. Falsies are optional.
8. Bronze up. You can use matte bronzer to contour your face or for that proverbial sun-kissed effect, try a shimmer version.
9. Blush is optional. If you must, use something that's more on the peachy side to warm up your face.
10. Wear pink, nude or peach lipstick. I don't like wearing lipgloss when there's too much wind and my hair is down. Gloss-stained face, hello!

Flying to Hawai'i? Don't forget to visit Disney Aulani. The child in me screams Mickey! Here are some photos inside the resort.

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