How can I not have a mascara reserve? Today I realized that three of my active mascaras are past due their shelf-life. Lady 'gotta throw them after three months of use lest I risk bacterial contamination. 2 Cargo and 1 Laura Mercier mascaras, it was a bittersweet goodbye. 

Eek! Boring lashes can't leave home without mascara. Quick remedy? Pull out that blackest black eyeliner and improv. If there's a will, there's a way! So I was in the middle of doing this trick when I realized moi gotta take a picture to document....

Spot the difference. Obviously, the one on the left is the real deal sans eyeliner-slash-mascara trick. The right side have somewhat fuller and raised eyelashes.

Don't expect vavavoom and tarantula lashes though. This trick is meant to rescue a mascara-deprived lass for the time being, say you forgot your mascara or don't own one. Using a black eyeliner will create an illusion of fuller lashes. Case in point...

Open and closed eyes, there's a little magic right there my friend.

1. Line upper lash line with black eyeliner.
2. Run eyeliner on top of lashes, back and forth (like gentle brushing)
3. Curl eyelash.
4. Repeat procedure until you are satisfied with the result.

Long story short, I rushed to Target after work today to buy a new mascara (review soon).


Sometimes all you need to define your eyes is that 'lil black eyeliner. But don't you get tired of the black eyeliner monotony~ line upper lash line and waterline or wing it out thingamajig? I do. My quickie solution? top off that black eyeliner with any sparkly, glittery or bright eyeshadow.  I like to play  with turquoise and purple hues because they make my brown eyes pop.

This is my makeup at work today. Subtle but ain't boring, what with the unexpected bang of purple. I used MAC Fluidline (Blacktrack) to line my upper lash line, and then applied e.l.f's purple pigment over it.

'Gonna hit the sack now. Have a fabulous day (and sweet dreams to moi)!


Earlier this month, I wrote about my new beauty dilemma: dry under eye area despite having a greasy face. Age is a big factor because the skin around the eyes mature faster. I'm into natural and organic products lately so I decided to purchase 100% Pure Organic Cucumber Eye Cream Gel from Dermstore ($18).

Geez, where did the long weekend go? Back to the grind we are tomorrow.

Restless hands got some quick DIY up for y'all. The tubes I used here were recycled from an old broken necklace. Why throw when you can give them a new life, right?


1. Cut 3 cords according to desired length.
2. Insert cords onto the tube. Adjust and position tube at the center of the cords.
3. Braid one section of the tube first. When you get to the end, tie a knot to secure cords.
4. Open jump ring with round- tip pliers and attach it to the end of the cord. Do the same thing for lobster clasp.
5. Spice up your bracelet by adding chains to the braided cord. Use jump rings and lobster clasp.

Do you recycle old jewelries? 


Forgive those who wronged you but 
don't forget the wisdom you have gained 
from that experience.

Have a wonderful weekend!


New to makeups? Don't wanna splurge on high-end brands? Look no further, e.l.f (eyes lips face) Cosmetics have some quality products for divas on a tight budget. In fact, I wore my top faves to work today. Yep, that's a cheap beauty up there and down here, haha!

How's the weather in your part of the world? It's blazin' hot as I write this post. Summah-time, well almost. I have this love-hate feeling for summer. Hate the headache the extreme temperature gives me but uber-love this whole carefree fashion spectacle.

Do you switch your beauty routine for summer? I sure do. For one, I wear less makeup. Here are some of my beauty staples, majority of them have been reviewed already so clickety-click the link for more details.

What good is a summer without tan. I mean glowy-tan minus the harmful effects of sun. I fake mine with Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel. It's colorless and has a nice caramel scent. As with other self-tanning lotions or creams, it's important to exfoliate and moisturize first before using it to avoid streaks.

When out and about, I skip foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 like Korres Tinted Moisturizer. It's lightweight, natural, and oil-free. Sometimes, I just wear powder mineral foundation like Skinn. Skin 'gotta breathe baby.

Bronzer rules! 'tis the time to rock this beauty. Some of my personal faves are from Korres, The Body Shop, and Lorac Tantalizer. I use matte bronzer to contour and shimmer ones (Lorac) for that extra sun-kissed punch.

Don'cha forget the puckers. I prefer a lip balm that has SPF like Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy with SPF 25 and a coral-ish lipstick (like the one in the photo) from Yves Rocher.

Ready to soak up the sun? This song by Sheryl Crow is top-of-mind.


Finally, I've found a way to recycle this crafty box (a freebie from Boots) by converting it into an eyeshadow palette. Recognize the eyeshadows? yep, they're from Wet n Wild. Pretty cool yeah?

If you're friends with me on Facebook or gladly follow my Twitter, you know that I'm one proud Dog Mama to an extremely smart and sweet furry baby. She likes to be around people 24/7. When I was taking pictures of my orange nails, she laid supine in front of moi. Belly rub time mama! Aha, her fur  and pinkish belly complimented my bright orange nails.

Crush, $3.99

I was surprised to see Jesses's Girl at Longs Drug (Oahu, Hawaii) last weekend. Even the sales associate who checked me out wasn't aware of it. Anyways, I randomly picked up this nail polish and a hot pink lipliner to try.

Oh shoot, streaky it was! And I needed to coat my nails four times to achieve this bright orange finish. Teeny weeny disappointed.  But I wuve owange so I'd force myself to keep this 'til summer.


As a sequel to the Big Pony for Men Collection, Ralph Lauren launched this line for us Eve's last April. Each scent claims to embody a woman's ever dynamic personality. Intrigued as to what fragrance will suit me best, I purchased the coffret edition at Macy's ($49.50).

The Buzz. This eau de toilette coffret has four different scents, at 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) each. The regular- sized bottles' price range from $55 (1.7 oz) to $70 (3.4 oz). I believe there's a body mist from this collection ($23) which I have spotted at Sephora. 

1 Sporty Fresh. Packaged in a blue bottle against lime green "number 1" and yellow pony polo icon, this has floral citrus scent which features a combo of grapefruit and blue lotus. Personally, I'd describe it to be more of a sporty-boyfriend-type. Unisex is the word baby. 

2 Fruity Sensual. Featuring a fruity mix of cranberry and tonka mousse (Mr. Google said tonka is a Venezuelan bean which has sweet and herb-like fragrance), packaged in a pink bottle with blue number 2 and green polo pony icon. In layman's lingo, the scent is sweet and romantic, something you'd wear for a date. It's subtle but evokes sexiness.

3 Radiant Floral. With pear notes and mimosa, this floral mix is packaged in bright yellow bottle with orange number 3 and blue polo pony icon.  The most underwhelming, this version is just another floral scent with fancy packaging.

4 Delicious Oriental. A floral combo of wild cherry and purple amber, packaged in a purple bottle against  a yellow number 4 and pink polo pony icon. A little on the strong side, the scent is exotic and crisp.

The Bust. The scents don't last pretty long, I know they are EDT not parfum. But even then, the fragrance is weak to my liking, especially no.2 and 3. Le Hub  had to sniff my neck literally to attest the presence of fragrance. These bottles from the coffret edition don't have sprays, so you have to dab the fragrance onto your wrist or pulse points. If I have to choose the best, I'd pick no.4 on the basis of uniqueness and olfactory power a.k.a being able to smell me at least from a 2 ft.-distance. 

Over-all rating 3/5 Nice clean scent for summer but not something I'd buy again. 


A pop of bright hot pink is enough to make a rather dull day exciting! Love at first swipe. That's MAC Girl About Town (Amplified) for moi. Richly pigmented and long-wearing, this lippy survived an afternoon delight of chocolate cupcake, coffee and chicken salad. The shade is fuschia with blue undertone, and it's creamy and smooth to say the least. With barely-there makeup, no doubt this is the perfect hue to bring out the hot woman in you!

Geez, summer is around the corner. Watch this video to see what items I got here and there.

The Brightest  & Biggest Full Moon of 2012
May 5, 2012

This beautiful moon was taken across our home, by the golf course, approximately 8pm HST.  Let's chill for a while and admire this magnificent creation.

Moon River is such a sentimental song to me because it's the favorite of my demised Grandpa (who took care of me and my sister since time immemorial). I believe that his love and guidance continue to shine like a moon. 

Music & Video from The Honey Trees c/o TheLofiSessios

Have a wonderful weekend....

Sweet Jesus, this woman is battling with a new problem. With an oily face like moi, how in the world did I have uber dry under eye area? Eeek! Sign of aging, what else.

As most of you know, the area under and around the eyes is most prone to signs of aging a.k.a wrinkles. Also, there's not enough sebacious (oil) gland in it resulting to dryness. 

Right now, I am using Clinique All About Eyes twice daily (morning and before bedtime). It's supposed to hydrate but I feel that my under eyes feel tight after application. 

Long story short, my search for the holy grail has commenced.

Do you have any suggestions?

#Womenproblem. It never ends.


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