In love with naked, in awe with nude. Moi ain't porn 'zillahs! I'm talking about my uber favorite Urban Decay's Naked Palette 1 and close- second theBalm's Nude'tude. 

Aside from red lipstick and mascara, I'd say neutral eyeshadows should be part of a woman's beauty staples. Drum roll to Nude'tude dudes!

$36, thebalm.com
Feeling Nice version

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (Cotton Candy)
Yet another pic of me in scrubs. But I really do test and wear all these products I review at work...
This is my third Revlon Lip Butter purchase and most probably the last. Not that it's bad but I don't need to own every shade there is. I think I already have a pretty mix of neutral (Creme Brulee), coral (Tutti Frutti) and pink (Cotton Candy).  Check out my previous post for a more in-depth review of these beauties, click here.

Cotton Candy (045) is medium pink with subtle gold sheen. The wearability is about three hours, with medium to full coverage depending on how many times you glide it over your lips ~> 3x for moi in reference to above picture.

Two-cents worth: 4/5 Must- try but don't expect it to be the miracle lip balm-slash-lipstick. It's a nice lippie to own and carry around when you're out and about.

Have a fabulous day everyone!


Nope, don't ask me about Hunger Games ~ 'never read the book or seen the flick (yet) but I am a fan of Elizabeth Banks who is Effie Trinket in the movie version. Her avant-garde fashion is ah-mah-zing to the nth power.

I give credit to youtuber Cutepolish who makes fabulous nail art designs for this interpretation. Nail art is admittedly not my niche and I can only admire from a distance because (1) I don't heavy steady hands ~~> blame that coffee! (2) I am right-handed and my left hand is not as gifted as its sister.

Anyways, here is my attempt to rock Effie's nails...

L'Oreal Don't Wait Up (Magenta Pink) as base, Le Metier de Beaute All That Glitters (metallic gold), LA Girl Top Coat, cosmetic wedge.

Coat nails twice with magenta pink and let it dry. Break the cosmetic wedge in half and coat the ridges with gold polish. Stipple the wedge on top of nails from mid-way to tip. Let it dry a little. For gradient effect, coat wedge with gold polish and stipple again. Finish with top coat.


Lucky you if you were born with flawless skin. Not moi. For years I have searched high and low to keep this oily skin at bay. You know how it is ~> Greasy face = acne + visible pores + makeup meltdown. Oh well, I can rant forever but thanks to self-experimentation. Now I can face the world without looking like a frying pan at mid-day. 

Different strokes for different folks but these techniques really helped me look fresh all day with very minimal shine issues. 

1. Always start with clean face and hands. Use oil-free and gentle skin cleanser like Cetaphil.
2. With a cotton pad, apply mattifying toner all over face (and neck).
3. Apply oil-free moisturizer over face. Yes, even if you have oily skin because oil and hydration are two different things. To know more about this topic, click here
4. Apply face primer. Face primer forms a barrier between your face and makeup and prevents makeup meltdown.
5. If you are battling with open pores like me, try Clinique Pore Refining Solutions/ Pore Minimizer. It fills visible pores and blurs its appearance. Dab pea-sized amount where pores are highly visible.
6. Use an oil-free foundation that has double the staying power. Try Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation or Make Up For Ever Velvet Mat+
7. Buff foundation with flat top brush to distribute it evenly and minimize appearance of pores.
8. Dab facial tissue over face to absorb excess oil and moisture.
9. The next step is my saving grace, for real! Ever since I have added this product into my routine, I don't need to worry about retouching my makeup constantly. Try Origins Zero Oil Instant Matte Finish. With a drop or two, I apply this on top of my foundation. Full review here
10. Set foundation with loose or pressed powder.
12. Proceed with your other makeup routine (eye makeup, blush, lips)....

Watch this video for a quick look. More or less, this is how I do my makeup on a regular basis....


Finally, this cult has reached Hawai'i shores! Better late than never I suppose. Moi has been eyeing this Revlon Corlorbust Lip Butter for eons (I know I can buy online but I just didn't) so it was a sweet treat indeed, what with the introductory price of $5.50 each at Long's Drugs (CVS for you guys in the mainland... see, we're still stuck with the old name). Anyways, I randomly picked Creme Brulee and Tutti Frutti to see if they're all worth the rave.

The buzz. It's a marriage between a lip balm's moisture and shine and and a lipstick's color. 

The bust. Creme Brulee is nude and Tutti Frutti is coral-orange. Both have medium coverage that goes on full when you apply it thrice. The moisturizing property is decent but not as much I get from my trusted lip balm brands like Jack Black and Tokyo Milk. The tube has a clear top that lets you see the color of the lipstick so that somehow eliminates blind- guessing. It glides effortlessly and the wearability is about three hours.

Creme Brulee on my lips

Tutti Frutti, baby!

Over-all rating: 4/5 Must-try. It won't treat chapped lips like a medicated lip balm does but it surely is moisturizing to say the least. Plus the color selection is wide enough to make you settle for one or two...or three #makeupjunkie


Here's another fun DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project. Earlier, I asked some of you in my Youtube channel (if you haven't subscribed yet, click here, its' free) as to what kind of DIYs you want to see from my channel and/or blog. So in my next DIY posts or so, expect me to feature your suggestions. 'Lemme sidetrack you a bit, aside from makeups and whatnots, my other passion is to make jewelries and all sorts of accessories. And if time and moolah allow, I participate in some local fairs in Oahu. Check out my online store ilovewinks.com (which I have not updated in a while due to uber hectic schedule) for trendy accessories. Yep, I accept custom orders, moi is just an email away.

This DIY is a twist to the infamous friendship bracelet. Let's call it Friendship Beaded Bracelet (or pea-in-a-pod because it looks like one...). If you want to win a customized piece like this, head over to my Youtube channel ~ subscribe, like and comment on your idea of friendship. 

Do you tend to over-analyze things and situations? Spend hours or days thinking about what could have been the ultimate result had you done things differently? It's not a frequent occurrence but yeah, I do. Sometimes Le Hub will ask me "are you okay, you seem lost" or he'd tell me "snap out of your over-analysis, you can't control situations".

I hate to call myself Ms. Perfectionist because to err is human, as the adage goes. But one common trait among us striving for idealism is over-analysis. The tendency to think many times over. We don't stop until we have searched for the best solutions. And even if there are answers already, I still challenge myself. Mental torture it is.

There is something about Yves Rocher that makes me try more and more of its products. For one, I love the whole idea of botanical/ natural-based skincare. Second, the price range is quite affordable especially when they have limited time promos for beauty insiders. Case in point ~ Culture Bio Wake Up Cream ($29 original price but I got it at 60% off during their winter sale. As of this writing, it's $20.50)

M.Monroe bust & necklace not included.
The prizes: Wet n Wild Makeup kit, 2 pairs Feather Earrings, Clutch bag

Thanks everyone for joining. Watch out for the next giveaway. Congratulations to:

SAMREEN S. Pls. respond to my email within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked. 


Yet another sequel from my Everyday Minerals haulage. See my post on Brow Defining Kit here.

Like I previously mentioned, while I love the whole 'natural' concept of mineral makeups, I bemoan the messy application. I can never succeed without the fallouts all over my vanity counter. So I thought it was a clever idea from Everyday Minerals to package their travel- size eyeshadows with rollerballs. 

I'm on the hunt for some new mineral-based makeups lately. Not that I detest my all-time fave bareMinerals. 'Ya know, just one of those 'lemme-try-that- days. 

So this Mr.Know-It-All a.k.a Google had me landed on this website that has quite a bohemian air to it. The clean look and simplistic typeface were a subliminal success. Add to cart, why not? What with the friendly price.

At $10, this Brow Defining Kit from Everyday Minerals caught my attention.


Get to know Singapore-based Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Charles of wickeRmoss.blogspot.com 

Laura Geller Baked & Beautiful Collection (Medium), $60, Macy's

Despite its popularity in the baked makeup category, I never got to try Laura Geller until recently. Undecided what to pick up using one of my gift card stashes, I  handed this set to the sales associate with one question ~ so how do I use this Balance and Bronze? It's like a finishing powder she replied. Alrighty. Now that's the thing I like with gift or starter sets , I can try out deluxe-size products and evaluate if they deserve a repurchase down the line.  But wait, Ms. Geller didn't scrimp on this collection! Three are full -sizes. #Ecstasy

Head to Target soon mah zillahs and chances are you might find Sonia Kashuk's Luxury Lip Color irresistibly priced at $2.60 (originally $8.99). I said chances because not all lipsticks from this collection are on sale. At my branch, only two shades are on clearance ~ Sheer Orchid and Sheer Bronzy Nude, both ideal for daywear or barely-there makeup. Ms. Gut-Feel tells me either this collection will be phased out or a new line will  be launched pretty soon.

Here's a fun DIY-earrings made from feathers, chains, and beads...

Creativity has no boundary.
Express yourself.

Designer extraordinaire Rachel Roy expanded her empire via the launch of Shadow Collection, a Macy's exclusive, last November 2011.  It has ten coordinating eyeshadows aptly labeled Day & Night. 

$32, Macy's

He's not into you. Open your eyes. Follow your gut. Ignore your blind heart for love is fatal to the fools. Here's moi releasing my inner beast to share with you a piece of my relationship opinion. Let's just say that I've been there and done that stupid thing called love. Wisdom comes with experience. But don't get me wrong! Wild as it may sound but beneath this feisty facade is a mild heart to my Le Hub. No rhyme intended. 

Seriously, don't waste your time or attempt to be a life-saver for this hot -mess- of- a- guy, hoping against hope that he will be your knight in shining armor. If Mr. Perfection Right is not embedded in his nitty gritty bone, it's not going to happen. Sad but true. Spare yourself from drama and abuse. Your worth is way more than a dozen of roses or cheap box of chocolates he gives you each time he makes up for his mistakes. Get what I mean?  My Love 101 Radar says not to deliberately ignore these signs or your'e doomed girl...

1. Gut feel from family and close friends is often right. Nope, your man doesn't have to impress everyone in your circle. But there is no smoke without fire. What we see is what you don't because the love bug's venom is more potent than your rational thinking. Then the next turn of events. You will avoid friends and family to prevent conflict with your man. Then your man gains control of you. Then you think your man is the savior of your lonely life sans friends and family. The strong you becomes Ms. Dependent and weak. Pathetic. And who started this drama? Not us my friend. We are telling you from the beginning but you pushed us aside.

Dance like the world is your center stage. 
Liberate yourself. Find your bliss. 
The only thing that stops you is yourself.

What are those?
Oh, they are instruments used by hula performers/dancers.
Uli 'uli (Gourd Rattles; red/yellow feathers in photo) are the most recognizable among hula implements. They are cut from la'amea tree and ali'i poe seeds are added inside to give it a distinct hula sound.  Ipu (Gourd drum; brown objects in photo) is a percussion instrument that provides beat to hula dancing.


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