Scored! Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Lips & Tips- Mini Set

Imagine this scenario: Pissed as hell; walked inside Target; passed by beauty shelf; no plans to buy; got a cappucino from Starbucks; caffeine got angst under control; passed by clearance bin. Madness be gone. See what cosmetics can do?

I mean for less than $5, I scored this mini-set Fall Limited Edition from Sonia Kashuk (normally $12+ online/other stores).

What is it anyway? Matchy-matchy anyone?

"lacquered lilac" + "shrinking violet" lip gloss 
"undercover lover" + "sealed with a kiss"
yeah, that small!?!

SK's nail polishes are okay, nothing spectacular to rave about. Two coats render a creamy opaque finish.

As to be expected, these lip glosses are somewhat tacky but don't have that icky chemical taste. Shrinking Violet is sheer lilac, a very daytime- friendly hue. Sealed with a Kiss is reddish pink, enough to brighten a pissed-off face, Grr!

Now who's mad? Not this woman.

What made you smile today?



  1. love that purple shade of nail polish

  2. I like the lilac nail polish. , Btw I like the blush u are using on this post, great shade and color pay off

    1. many thanks! I hope you're having a fabulous week so far!xo


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