How To Customize Your Holiday Gift: Beauty Edition

I call this the art of giving. While I like the ease of holiday sets, nothing is more special than customizing your gifts. It's like opening a box full of chocolates- sweet, nutty, moist. Everything is an eye candy!

It all starts with a cute makeup bag. You can find inexpensive yet chic styles at Ross or Target, like this $6.99 bag from Sonia Kashuk

It's cold and dry skin is a common dilemma. I see you hoarded limited edition lotions and creams from Bath and Body Works. Throw in a hand cream por favor!

She's a makeup noob? Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette won't disappoint. Good thing, it won't break your pocket!

'Tis the season to shine. Highlight those luscious lips with a gloss. Nyx mega shine lip gloss is affordable with undeniable superb quality.

Spruce up the style babe. Give your bestie a pair of fabulous earrings. This dainty dangles from Forever 21 is only $7!

Mascaras have shorter shelf-life so probably it's about time to toss hers. Milani runway lashes is a good addition to her stash.

Party with sparkles! A new glitter nail polish is a no-brainer. Wet n Wild Fergie is worth a try!

Ready to wrap?



*Links for reference only. More gifting ideas next*


  1. Love this idea. I have three sisters so I usually put together four (one for each sister + my mom) little sets of different makeup for Christmas. It's really fun picking what to put in each set.

    1. Thanks Catherine! Wow, 3 sisters- that's so fun! I like to customize as well for relatives and friends.xo

  2. Great post and really good idea! I would definitely like receiving this kind of customized gift set and putting together something like that would be fun.

    1. Thanks much. Same here, it's like someone really expended effort on me ;-)


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