DIY: Glitter Tweezer

Express your love for anything sparkly with a DIY Glitter Tweezer! 

Here are the supplies:

How to:

1. Apply Mod Podge on tweezer
2. Sprinkle glitters on top
3. Let it dry for 10 minutes
4. Seal with Mod Podge. Optional: seal with satin glaze. Dry overnight.

It's time to...

'til our next DIY,



  1. arent you afraid that one of those glitters will fall into your eye? those glitters will fall eventually

    1. good question. mod podge has done a pretty good job gluing and sealing with my past DIYs; but accidents do happen no matter how careful we are. so i'll just keep an "eye" for fallout. thanks!

    2. You welcome,
      It seems like a great idea to do with stuff that is not
      going to be near to your eyes, I'm just being cautious
      I have heard that if you blow up some glitter on a table and u put later clear on it It will give an amazing effect .

    3. I haven't tried that trick yet, tnx for the tip

  2. waoww its great idea :) i loved glitery stuff


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