Dark Holiday Makeup (Tutorial)

think red is so predictable this holiday season? why not embrace your dark side.

"Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody"- Mark Twain

Apply eye primer as in usual
1. Apply creep on eyelid. Build intensity if you must
2. Blend and buff hustle onto crease
3. Apply toasted on inner 1/3 of crease
4. Blend with buffing brush for a smoother transition
5. Apply sin on brow bone
6. Smudge lower lash line with creep
7. Line water line with black eye pencil
8. Line and smudge upper lash line with black eye pencil.
Curl lashes, apply 2 coats mascara; wear falsies (optional)

Complete the look:
Eyes: Kat Von D eye primer, Urban Decay Black eyeliner (zero), Milani runway lashes mascara
Cheeks: Cargo blush (mendocino), jane cosmetics bronzer
Face: stila foundation, skinn cosmetics concealer, Too Faced on the prowl (pink leopard) as highlighter
Lips: Kate Moss 04 rimmel london

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars"- Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. You look gorgeous in all your photos!! Super tutorial, too! xo

    1. Many thanks Moxie. I hope you had a great weekend!xo

  2. Beautiful!! The lipstick shade goes really well with the eye makeup look!!:) <3


  3. Love it!!! love your make up and the colors that you have used. They are really perfect for this coming holiday season where there will be lots of evening parties.

  4. Gorgeous! The only time I can pull off a color close to being that dark on my lips: in the summer when I have a tan and my hair is dark, dark burgundy :).

    1. Thanks Tina! wow dark burgundy hair, that's so fab!!!


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