purminerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF 15| Review, Photos, Swatch

Fact: My mineral makeups are all in powder form.
Fact: I love the effect but hate the messy swirling, tapping and buffing.

.28oz/ 8g, $27, purminerals.com

So in my mission to address my trivial problem, I was excited to try purmineral's new 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup. Lured by the promise of multi-tasking, things couldn't get any better.


The One-Minute Makeup Miracle! This product is your foundation powder, concealer, sunscreen (SPF 15) & skin perfector. Sounds like a manna from heaven? let's dissect.

Packaging-wise, I think it's sleek and futuristic (it reminds me of a flying saucer). It's compact enough for travel and quick touch-ups.

Shade selection is commendable with 10 variants to choose from. I bought golden medium based from gut-feel.


SPF 15 is a good addition. Actually, anything that protects moi from the sun is always a better choice. 

Paraben and gluten-free, ideal even for the most sensitive skin.

Cruelty-free. I have a soft spot for products and companies that don't test on animals.

What about the coverage and concealing properties? Of course that's the meat of the matter.

I have experimented with the application two ways since I was't satisfied with the label instructions.

On its own as a foundation. For reference, I used a face primer prior to applying this powder. With a face brush, I applied it in circular motions until I was satisfied with the coverage.Then I sealed it with Skindinavia makeup finishing spray. The result is the same as a  mineral loose powder ~ lightweight with a barely-there makeup look. With that said, if you have porcelain or flawless skin (which unfortunately I don't have), this stuff is for you. That red zit on the side of my face was untamed.

On top of liquid foundation. This is the method I preferred better. I used the same face brush and sealed my makeup using this powder. It did help mattify my face (caveat: I use a mattifying toner and oil-free foundation so consider this as an advise from someone ravaged with sebum).

Over-all thoughts. I like it for what it is, a mineral pressed powder with SPF 15 component. My vanity is clean, thanks to its no-mess application. But I won't use it on its own because the coverage wasn't impressive enough to conceal my flaws.

purmineral 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup
on top of tarte amazonian clay foundation

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  1. Fantastic review and a lovely picture of you, Kathryne! I agree, I prefer full coverage and something that controls oil production and usually, powder on its own cannot do all that! This looks like a healthy option to wear over foundation, however ; )


    --The Beauty Professor

    1. Aww, thanks much! I agree with what you said. I don't get it why companies market their products like that. Their focus groups must have been flawless people who don't need much coverage.xo

  2. I could not use this as a foundation either, my crazy oily skin needs more help than this would provide. Nice review!

    1. True that. On a happy note, having oily skin delays winkles, yay!!

  3. Conceal what flaws?!! Seriously, you have gorgeous skin!!!! xo

    1. No way, if you can see my skin up close it's ridiculous. Open pores and adult acne, sigh!
      Thanks much for the kind comment :-))))

  4. Thanks for showing this product and giving an honest review :) Products that claim to be "multitasking" always get my attention - too bad they rarely can really perform well on all their claims

    1. Hi Catherine. Thanks for visiting my blog. Same with me, while the promise of multi-tasking seems to be the trend for makeups, I always treat it with a grain of salt.xo


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