Some Kind Of A Haul | Accessories

While I absolutely love DIY- accessories, what with my own online store (I accept custom orders, just shoot me an email), sometimes moi can't say no to retail beauties such as these. I mean, at 5 for $10 (originally priced between $10-$15 each), t'was a great deal I must say. Those orange and turquoise earrings are the perfect accessories for summer! 'Luv luv luv how bangles can amp a bleh outfit, don't cha think so?  Like these styles? check out Icing, you might find a fab pair or two.

...I hope you had a wonderful weekend...



  1. I can't believe it's DIY...so nice!Galing po!Creative much :)

    1. Thanks Jannah. If you are referring to those accessories in my online store ilovewinks.com, yep I made them. Have a fabulous week ahead.xo


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