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Elizabeth Arden
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Much as I love the coverage of a liquid foundation, there are days that I turn to powder foundation. Mineral- based to be specific.  For years, I have relied on bareMinerals so finally moi felt that it's time to explore other brands just because.Yep. #oneofthosedays.

Drum roll to Skinn Cosmetics High Definition Cotton and Mineral Foundation SPF 15, a brand created by celebrity makeup artist James Dimitri.

$20, skinn.com

I'd be honest with you ~ I'm not a big fan of Maybelline but lately I can't resist trying out their new products that promise long wearability. In my previous post, I raved about Color Tattoo and this time, I subjected this beauty to a rigid no-retouch experiment.

055 Keep Me Coral, $7.99 (Target)

Welcome to the land face full of oil, where open pores and breakouts abound. Ouch! Delayed wrinkles is probably the only thing to love with this cursed  gifted oil-ridden earthling. Love-hate it is dahlings!

So much for the humor and let moi dissect these products for you.

Yves Rocher is a French skincare company specializing in botanical-based products, and part of its product line is Sebo Specific. Quite straightforward ~ Sebo a.k.a. sebum (oil) & Specific (targeted). Do I even need to translate it? hahaha!

Let's start with Sebo Specific 2 in 1 Toner, 150 ml 5 fl.oz, $6.50 (ongoing sale at 45% off, yvesrocherusa.com)

Sometimes I wish for a shorter hair... but maybe not. Long hair is sexy but it's quite a maintenance. Maybe I should cut it again ~ ha, only if I have the guts!

Good thing, I can fake the illusion of a chic bob cut. Try it too, it's pretty simple:

Supplies > bobby pins, elastic band, hair brush, hair detangler (optional), hair spray (optional)

1. Brush/comb hair. You may use a hair detangler to make brushing easy.
2. Do a low ponytail, then tie with elastic band.
3. Adjust ponytail to the length of your "bob". Mine is chin level, as shown in the picture.
4. Hold the end of your hair and roll upward in an inward motion.
5. Once you reach the base of ponytail, tuck all hair inside and secure with bobby pins.
6. Depending on the length and texture of your hair, you may need lots (as in) of bobby pins.
7. Use hair spray to hold/ style hair.

For a live demonstration, watch this video.


It's just the start of 2012 but I'd bet that this year's best new drugstore product maybe is...  Maybelline's Color Tattoo. I'm a Thomas when it comes to claims ~ I keep mum 'til I get my hands on  over-hyped products.

But now it can be told. I am impressed and I'm a Maybelline convert.

Let me tell you a little secret ~ do you know what makes a woman look older than her age? Dark under-eye circles! And whether you are well-rested or have had an enviable amount of sleep, some women are more predisposed to have them. Blame the genes baby. With me, I tend to have these dreaded circles when I am over-fatigued. Quickie solution? 'Gimme that concealer!

Still part of my haul, this Triple Cover Conceal Wheel from Skinn Cosmetics is an interesting find.

$16.50, skinn.com

'Am blessed to have a man who supports my vanity 1000%, actually anything that makes me happy. Makeup-wise, Le Hubby would sometimes suggest that I do smokey eyes or bright red lips. He knows what a concealer is, and that I don't wear dramatic eyes and bold lips at the same time.

Anyways, while watching TV last night, I asked him spontaneously upon seeing Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind The Eraser Makeup ad...

photo c/o maybelline.com
Moi: "I don't have that makeup yet. Do you think I need it to reverse aging?"
Him: "Babe, you don't need that, you're not old".
Then he went on to elaborate his thoughts on makeup ads....

"Women should be smart enough to know that they can't reverse aging. Everybody gets old. Everybody will have wrinkles eventually. Some get winkles sooner than others because of genetics and the way they took care of their skin when they were younger. So if they worshipped the sun then without sunscreen, they are paying the price now.  These commercials make women spend for that promise of youth, which is not going to happen. I think basic things like washing your face, moisturizing and sunscreen are enough for your skin. Don't believe everything you see in a commercial".

Moi: "Wow, it's so nice to hear that from you. You can be a blogger, Mister!"

There you go my friends! 'thought I'd share with you what the opposite sex thinks about us women chasing eternal youth~ which makes sense after all.


Holidays are over but beauty deals still bug us. Here are some irresistible online and in-store offers:

ULTA: 20% OFF Online & In-stores. Use Code 62714 upon check out or print this store coupon ~ click here

CARGO Cosmetics at Hautelook- This brand is one of my uber favorites. It's one of those less hyped but high quality makeups. 

STILA Cosmetics : Palettes as low as $8! 

Pur Minerals: $10 Limited Edition Makeups!

Coastal Scents: 40% OFF Mineral Makeups. Ends 1/27/12

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I have been entranced by less commercialized brands lately ~ you know, those that don't rely on heavy marketing, ubiquitous advertisements, and broad distribution strategy. Brands that are content with word-of-mouth and loyal cult following. Maybe they have more to offer in terms of quality sans the hype. Maybe.

You might have seen Skinn Cosmetics in some home TV shopping channels or privately owned spas where most of its products are sold. Created by celebrity makeup artist Dimitri James,  this beauty line claims to use pure ingredients devoid of fillers and fancy packaging. Sounds promising, let's dissect further.

Enter Fall In Love Blush and Blink Compact with collagen-boosting peptides.

$22.50, skinn.com

Have you ever felt that something bad might happen when you are way too happy, just like Charlie Brown's character?

I am usually the optimist type but for some odd reasons, this obscure feeling suddenly occurred to me tonight. In deep silence, I prayed for strength to conquer this negativity.

I am not sure where this mindset came from but I remember counseling some friends from the past who experienced the same fear. In retrospect, several factors come into play:
(1) The way we were molded as children ~ like there is always a consequence for every action.My grandma (RIP) used to tell me that if I don't attend mass, God will take away my smarts. If I don't receive the sacrament of communion, God won't forgive my sins. If I don't do this, yadada obladi oblada! Rules to live by which I detested growing up.
(2) Perfectionism. If you are inherently Ms. Perfection, you think that making a mistake will crumble your world. Hence, you are always on guard.
(3) Misery loves company. If you have been subjected to numerous hardships in your life and suddenly you were rewarded with something positive, you feel that you don't deserve it.
(4) Victory-Defeat Cycle. Just when you thought you built a close to perfect life, then suddenly everything fell apart before your eyes. And now that you are back in the ballgame, you are afraid that the same bad luck will happen again.

If you are one of the above and you have had this nagging feeling, I'd like to share with you these positive thoughts: 
~ Believe that good things do happen to good people.
~ Focus on the present and let go of your ugly past. Your past is not the sole basis of your future.
~ Life will never be perfect but we can always make it better. 
~ Happiness is a choice, and so is loneliness. 
~ You can't control the situations around you but you can manage your reaction.
~ You only live once, an hour dwelling on negative thoughts could've been spent on something productive and happy.

...Finally, say a prayer and thank our Creator for blessing us this happiness because you and I deserve it!

Blessed to be happy,


This post is still part of my haul from a French skincare company with surprisingly affordable prices, Yves Rocher. I never tried their makeup line so when I saw this hard-to-resist winter flash sale a few days before Christmas (some at 50% off) I hurriedly clicked add to cart button.

It's not cream but fluid babe! ~ Frosted /Metallic Eyeshadow

Now that I have ample lighting and space in my new craft area, I feel even more inspired to be creative.  For this project, I resurrected my old pair of wedges into something tribal-looking!

It's MLK Holiday. This extended weekend meant laundry time for me and continuation of yesterday's project ~ converting our guest room into my makeup-slash-office-slash-craft area. That's it for now 'til we're able to build the official his- and- hers- cave (home theater/ collectibles room for Le Hubby & makeup/office/craft room for moi).

In between all these, here I am blogging a rather interesting nail lacquer from Zoya. Yep, I took advantage of the ZOYA2012 promo which I tweeted over a week ago. I got two nail polishes free and only paid $6.95 for the shipping, how d'ya like that?

Hand-in-action sporting Kelly shade from Zoya

Look who's back! Sorry for my MIA status, moi has been uber busy lately with new work schedule, yay! Anyways, 'thought I'd catch up with blog-o-landia before I hit the sack pretty soon (so if you see Misspeled  misspelled words, you know I am typing with my eyes closed, okidokie?) 

How do you apply your makeup foundation? Me ~ always with a brush, and that's mainly for hygienic and flawless look reasons. I have a mini collection of stippling brush, flat top, buffer, flat brush, and recently a Sonia Kashuk Pointed Brush... 

$12.39, Target

I was first introduced to Yves Rocher  (a French skincare company specializing in botanical-based beauty products) in early 2000 during a trip to Paris. So imagine my excitement when I discovered a US-dedicated website with some products at 50% off, free products for every purchase, and free shipping at $30. 

Part of my haul was its Monoi de Tahiti Traditional Gardenia Oil (whew! such a long name to type!).

100ml 3.4 fl oz.

There's no denying that online shopping is the most convenient way to buy stuff among time-deprived earthlings like moi.  For the most part, it saves me gas and effort, plus I can get amazing deals not offered elsewhere. 
However, before you go gaga over some web promotional teasers, here are some tips I have learned from my personal experience ~ the good and the bad ~

Another set? Yes my sisters-in-faith. Moi can't get enough of these, especially from brands I so patronize. What was funny though ~ the beauty sales associate at Macy's thought that I was paying for a DVD movie, hahaha! Blame the packaging for it.

Get ready for the movie makeup 7in7

Subscribing to my favorite brands thru email has its pros and cons. All these exclusive online deals behave like a seductress undressing in front of me. Pocket-wise, it ain't good babe! But when it's a deal,  it's a 'helluva-steall! You snooze, you loose. Case in point- Laura Mercier Exclusive Colour Collection. 

6- piece collection for eyes, cheeks, lips (in a cosmetic bag)

Decoding the jargon. Microdermabrasion is simply a type of exfoliation that utilizes very fine crystals (or other medium) to scrape the topmost layer of skin so that the products  used for specific skin issues can penetrate better. It makes skin softer and helps reduce breakouts. Microdermabrasion can be done at home although it's not as intensive as those performed in-office. At-home microdermabrasion uses either cream or machine. Microdermabrasion in cream formulations are the most popular ones and depending on the brand, the price is anywhere between $10- $100+.

Enter Fruit Enzyme Micro Scrub by Naturalskinshop.com. 

$28, Net Wt. 2 oz/ 60ml, naturalskinshop.com


Happy New Year! This giveaway is over and let's congratulate the winner(s). The first winner will receive the prize Burt's Bees Asstd. Lip Balm Keepsake in a Tin. I decided to add a runner-up and this person will receive a handmade pair of earrings from me. Thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for another blog giveaway.  Winners were drawn using Rafflecopter/Random.org.


First prize winner (Burt's Bees Asstd Lip Balm): Entry #64 Tanya B
Runner- up winner (Handmade earrings): Entry #6 VintageKawaii O.

*Pls. email your shipping info and email address at fabulouskath@hotmail.com within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked again*


New Year. New Beginnings. Start with a positive mind and everything else follows. 2012 is a fabulous year, just will it. #mindovermatter


It's the name baby! I bought these two lip glosses from MAC's  Lipglass Tour de Fabulous Limited Edition primarily because of the word fab in both shades. Lame excuse? absolutely not. They are both fantabulous in a contrasting way, 'lemme tell you why.

$14.50 (MAC online and counters)

Last night's episode of The Hoarders is probably the worst I've seen. The gross level is beyond one's comprehension. I mean, how can someone live in a house so filthy with tons of crap piling up ? As if it wasn't enough, the camera panned on the woman's bathroom filled with five years worth of dirty diapers, cat feces all over the floor, and horror of all horrors! four decomposing cats buried amidst the stockpile. I felt heavy and my throat was dry.  Shoot, I was in utter disbelief!

Hoarding a.k.a pathological collecting is a subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). According to the International OCD Foundation, between 2 to 3 million adults in the United States have OCD;  about 2 to 5% percent of Americans may be hoarders, according to Psychologist David Tolin, PhD (source: WebMD)

So what differentiates a pathological hoarder from a bonafide collector?

First,  hoarding is a mental disorder that results from significant stress i.e tragedy, loss of loved ones,  relationship issues, financial, etc. 

Second, excessive hoarding disrupt a person's quality of life and ability to function such as unable to cook or bathe, with obvious health and safety hazards at home.

Typical symptoms of a pathological hoarder includes: collects items of worthless value; excessively buys items of any kind; attaches sentimental value to all items; lives in a very cluttered home.

What makes collecting different from hoarding then?

A collector values her possessions by keeping or displaying  them nicely, knows when an item is a good purchase or not, organized, mindful of the over all value of her collectibles, and most of all,  her collections don't preoccupy her life.

As a makeup enthusiast, I enjoy watching videos and/or reading blogs of makeup collections from other women who share the same passion. I have seen some that can rival a Sephora store, what with the massive makeups, hair, nail, tools, etc. Most are even unused or unopened. So is it pathological hoarding or merely collecting?

Personally, I would think of myself as a user more than a collector. I buy products that interest me but I also throw them when they've maxed out their shelf-life. I can skip the urge to purchase things I don't really need but also snag deals that are simply too good to pass up. I open and use all the products I own. And yes, I have a whole 'lotta life outside my makeup room.

#Springcleaning. Okay, I'm a little ahead but I just threw away expired makeups before I wrote this post.

Do you know the expiry dates of your makeups? Here's my guide, click here. For makeup brushes, click here.


So what makes shampoos lather? that's the big question of the day. Check your shampoo bottle and most likely they contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and ALS (ammonium lauryl sulfate). These two are classified as detergents and are found in most personal care products including toothpaste, body washes and soaps. And yes, they are responsible for that lather effect which we all equate with being cleansed. 

That explains why I was doubtful of Burt's Bees Very Volumizing Shampoo's (Pomegranate & Soy) cleansing ability. It didn't lather and the consistency was runny as water.

$7.99 each

Happy New Year my fellow beauty afficionados. Consider yourself lucky if you were able to get through Beauty Army's launch. I was really looking forward to this because I like the concept of being in control of the samples I will be getting from the mail. I woke up 30 minutes before their 12nn launch (PST) and I was glued to my iPad since then. As I write this post, I have been refreshing my page for an hour to no avail.

Technical difficulties. Sounds like Sephora's Black Friday and Nyx's mega sale. Thousands of eager people wanting to sign up for Beauty Army's exclusive 300 launch kits. I guess I'll have to try my luck next month. It's the first day of the year, I can't be sitting here feeling frustrated.

I hope you had a fabulous NYE! Over here in Hawaii, it was a little stressful trying to calm down my furry baby. My dog was scared of the fireworks from the neighbors. Add her non-stop barks and those loud firecrackers together, you bet my night wasn't as fabulous!


New Year. New Beginnings. May you have a fantabulous 2012! 

For my year-end message and personal resolution in 2012, click here.

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