Fall /Winter 2011 Theme

I had a pleasant experience from the summer makeup trend show hosted by Nordstrom Hawaii (see previous blog post here) that's why I sacrificed a good Saturday snooze over today's morning makeup madness. At 7 am, I arrived at Ala Moana Center overwhelmed with a throng of women already lined up for the 8 am show.

The theme for Fall/Winter 2011 is Red Carpet Glamour. Hosted by Nordstrom's Beauty Director, Joelle Russo, the program opened with a mini- fashion show with models strutting to this season's makeup trend: Hollywood Glow, Metal Rush, Runway Reds.

Joelle Russo explains this season's must-haves

Representatives from different makeup, hair and skincare companies presented certain products on how to achieve this season's trend.

Chantecaille's Global Makeup Artist Fernando
wowed the crowd with Chantecaille mascara's promise of long lashes
(up to 25% increase in 2 weeks) . He also mentioned Angelina Jolie as one of
his celebrity clients. (Fernando was the only repeat personality from
last summer's makeup show)

Red is the lip color of the season.
MAC Russian Red in particular.

It is interesting to know that some of the high-end makeup companies strive to be socially responsible. Dennison Samaroo from Clarins mentioned that for every purchase of a FEED Bag (a Nordstrom exclusive valued at $30) 15 meals are donated to hungry children through the World Food Programme. Donna Walters from Clarisonic also noted her company's active participation in the Look Good Feel Better Foundation 

Nordstrom Hawaii also opened its doors to new retailers Kate Sommerville and Bond No.9 Fragrances. "Chinatown" will be exclusively sold in Hawaii (retails $200)

Gifts with purchase resonated the whole time. GOSmile's John Krites explained the miracle of teeth whitening using their patented ampoules. For a limited time, customers who purchase the lightening system  ($198) will get 3 month supply of ampoules and on-the-go teeth whitening pen. 

Model with Smashbox Glambox promo (get  9 free products
for every purchase of Glambox, $68)

The crowd was more than elated during the raffle portion where each of the participating retailers gave away to-die for products! Clarisonic, NARS brushes, Phyto, Bond No.9 perfume, Philosophy, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia, among others. Of course, my name was never called (I don't have the green thumb in giveaways).

After the show, the audience was treated to free makeovers, makeup consultations, facials, etc. Advance appointment was needed in order to be accommodated.

One-on-one consultation with MUAs

Facials at Philosophy

Busy makeup stations at MAC

Hair analysis c/o Phyto

Guess who had the first picture taken at the Red Carpet Photo Station? Whoelse????

My outfit of the day.
My posing perfected by the official photographer, yay!
Souvenir photo c/o Nordstrom Hawaii

The official loot bag. A silver purse with some product samples inside.
I have been approached by strangers today where I got this bag....

That's all folks! Attendees of last trend show were spoiled with
more samples. Trail mix and pure water to nourish the famine...

Your fellow makeup junkie trying to pose at 7am, hahaha

With less than a week from Halloween, have you decided already what character or makeup will you be rocking? With so many looks you can browse over the net for inspirations, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Regardless whether you are hiring a MUA to create your out-of-this-world fantasy look or a creative genius settling for DIY special effects, take note of these safety tips:

1. Never use a product that is not intended for face or body use. I know this is not rocket science but there are people who still do it in the name of creativity. Leave arts and crafts supplies alone (oil paints, markers, glitter, etc.). Make sure that you only use cosmetic-grade ones. Glitters sold at craft stores are made from metal or plastics and colorants that can blur vision or worse, make someone blind. Some say that they have used art paints and nothing fatal happened....yet. But c'mon, there are reasons why they were not approved for face and body. 

2. Non-toxic doesn't mean it's safe. People react differently to products. Although latex is a common medium for prosthetics and/or special effects, it can be dangerous to people who are allergic to it. Latex allergy can trigger asthma, rash or in severe cases, anaphylactic shock. If you have allergy from bananas, avocado, kiwi or chestnut, stay away from latex and its derivatives. Read the label, it saves you from the hassle.

3. Always follow the product's directions for use. Given that it is safe for body or face use, don't attempt to use it around the eyes or on lips unless it is clearly stated in the label.

4. Research before buying. With so many cheap products sold at E-bay, it is easy to settle for cost than over-all safety. Make sure that the label is marked with "Laboratory tested" or "Meets Federal Standards for Cosmetics"; if it is from the USA, "Made with US Approved Color Additives".

5. Remove makeup immediately and safely. The party's over, never hit the sack without removing makeup. You have heard it a million times already so there is no need for further elaboration. Oh, but recently, I have been using almond oil to remove my makeup and it works just the same as your branded makeup remover. But then again, if you are allergic to nut, don't use it okay....

Happy Halloween!!!!

Need makeup ideas? Here are some looks I have recently created:

On rare occasions, I get to find unique deals or promotions at Target. Case in point- a bundled Revlon CustomEyes Shadow and Liner with Mascara for only $9.45. For reference, the eyeshadows and mascara are normally sold for $7.49 each. Tell me this ain't a good deal!
The free mascara is full size, yay!

My blog is turning a year old this November (do I sense a giveaway here? *hints*) and I can't recall myself blogging related to where the product testing and makeup transformation happens. When I started Youtube a few months ago, a makeup room tour is one of the most requested. If you are new to my blog or just starting to explore the wonders of makeup, let it be known that due to the nature of my passion, I buy makeups that interest me so this is not like an overnight accumulation of useless stuff. If you are active in the beauty community i.e Youtube, you will be overwhelmed with what some of the girls have. Once I saw someone that can rival Sephora's array of makeups and tools. My point is, everyone has a passion- think of people who collect books, pens, toys, memorabilia. I have always been enamored with makeups but it was only last year that I took this inclination seriously through blogging. Will my collection grow? Yes. I am always in search of the holy grail in cosmetics. I like to try new products and share my experience and thoughts with you. Okay, so let the short tour begin...

The Vanity- one of my DIYs
My little makeup station is located in one of our guest rooms. The vanity you see from the photo is from the 1950s. It has a matching dresser which we use for storage. Made from metal, this vintage beauty had chipped paints reminiscent of classic horror movies. About two months ago, I refurbished it with a contact/ laminate paper with wood finish. This is one of my cheapest DIY projects because I only used 3 rolls of paper (at $5/ roll, approximately 15 feet/pc). It took me the whole afternoon to cut and stick the papers to both this vanity and dresser!

Makeup brushes, eyeliners, lipliners, etc. on top of the vanity

I want easy access to my most used (and abused) makeup items so I organized my makeup brushes and other paraphernalia on top of the vanity. If you want to see my DIY makeup brush holder, click here.

Marilyn Monroe bust on top of vanity

I like to flip thru magazines and watch old Hollywood movies for makeup inspirations. Any girl will look fabulous with a winged or cat-eye makeup and luscious red lipstick. To get this iconic look, read this blog.

A tripod camera sits on the right side of the vanity  to get maximum lighting for my makeup tutorials

I expanded my beauty blogging to filming my makeup routine and techniques on Youtube (fabkath36) because I have friends who want to see the real deal. Am I ready to expose my face to the world? that was my self-imposed challenge. It was apparent in my old videos that I was so uncomfortable in front of the camera. Although I am used to public speaking and presentations, filming myself and talking to somebody I don't see was a bit odd in the beginning. Even my editing sucked. Still on the learning curve, I am happy to hear comments from my friends and subscribers that my confidence and editing have improved now. As you can see from the photo, my filming station is nothing state-of-the art. A tripod quietly sits on the side of vanity to catch natural lighting. I try to change locations or angles every now and then to make my videos interesting.

Left side: I organize makeups based on category

The first drawer holds some mid to high-end eye makeups; The second for drugstore eye makeups; the third one for sponges, lashes, and some perfumes that need to be protected from humidity. Read this blog on how to store and make your perfume last longer.

Corner of vanity: old book shelf for palettes, lipsticks, nail polishes, etc.

This old book shelf is used for some more makeup products. The top shelf holds some eye makeup palettes. The organizer is a wooden plate holder I bought from Ross. The second layer houses my random lip products. I store them up or down where I can see the shades easily. The third layer is for my nail polishes neatly organized in a wicker basket. The last shelf (not captured from pic) is reserved for hair accessories and another organizer for new and unused makeups which I intend to share to my subscribers thru giveaways. For more makeup organization ideas, read this blog.

Right side of vanity for face, cheeks, and hair tools

The first drawer holds all face products- liquid foundations, pressed powders, tinted moisturizers, concealers, among others; the second drawer is for blushers and bronzers; the last one for hair tools.

Peeking through: One side of the koa wood headboard was used for some body lotions, colognes, mists, perfumes.

You know you don't have enough space when you start to use other furnitures for storage- guilty as charged! While my makeup/office/closet plans are still in oblivion, I am making use of what I have for now.

Caught on cam! Look at the mirror in front of tripod- that's my doggie Winkles who always watches me when I put on makeup. When she was still a puppy, she whines each time she sees me wearing makeup. The reason? she associated makeup with me going out and leaving her. She's past that stage already, thank God! I guess she is now accustomed to my lifestyle, yay!

Subscribe and/or follow my blog for more beauty tips. Also, watch out for my 1st Year Blog Giveaway!


I grew up watching The Addams Family, and Morticia and Wednesday are two of my favorite scary characters.

Quick trivia. The Addams Family originally started as cartoon characters published in The New Yorker from 1938-1988. Since then, it has been adapted to TV series, movies, among others.

Morticia, the matriarch of the family, is known for her pale skin, theatrical makeup and black outfits. Here are the steps to recreate her iconic look:

1.Start clean. Wash, tone and moisturize face.
2. Apply face primer to prevent makeup meltdown.
3. Use a foundation one or two shades lighter than your complexion. This will help you look paler than usual.

4. Hide blemishes and dark under eye circles with concealer.
5. Set with a pressed powder that is also lighter than your skin tone.
6. Contour nose with a brown shade (use eyeshadow) to make it appear a little slimmer. Use the same shade to create an illusion of lifted cheekbones. Buff to blend.

1.Prime eyes to prevent smudging of eye makeup.
2.Use black eyeshadow to create arched and thick eyebrows. Use stencil guide if you are not comfortable yet drawing this brow look.
3. Use silver eyeshadow and apply from inner corner upto two-thirds of the eyelid.
4. Use black eyeshadow to define crease and outer corner of eyes.
5. Use gray eyeshadow and apply from crease to a tad below the brow bone, then sweep towards the inner corner of the eyes.
6. Line waterline and lower lashline with black kohl pencil; smudge for a smoky effect.
7. Line upper lashline with liquid eyeliner- you can wing it if you want.
8. Apply mascara; Wear false eyelashes for added drama.

1. Line and fill lips with red lip liner.
2. Finish with red lipstick

Complete the look: Part hair at the center.Style hair straight.Wear long black dress with bell sleeves.

Wednesday, whose middle name is Friday, is pale, dark-haired, and fascinated with death. To achieve her look, do the following:

1. Use a foundation and pressed powder lighter than your complexion.
2. Use a gray eyeliner to draw an illusion of heart shaped-face (optional). Draw just below from your hairline/forehead; fill the space with gray eyeshadow.
3. Contour nose with brown eyeshadow.

1. Apply eye primer.
2. Use black eyeshadow to draw rounded brows. 
3. Apply brown eyeshadow all over the lids. Bring down the same shade to your lower lashline.
4. Line upper lashline and waterline with brown eyeliner. Smudge (optional)
5. Curl eyelash and apply 2 coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes. The clumpier, the better.

Keep lips natural so use lipstain instead. (berry or coral shade)

Complete the look: Braid hair (2 sides), part hair at center, wear white or any blouse with closed collar,wear black cardigan or blazer on top, wear skirt,black stockings and shoes. And remember, never ever smile!!!!


Click here for Walgreens/Wet n Wild Promo

Whether you are a makeup newbie or enthusiast who can't say no to good deals, this announcement is sure to whet your beauty appetite!

For a limited time, Wet n Wild is running 50% off at Walgreens; if you buy online, get additional 20% off when you use the code LOOKS20 upon checkout! At dirt cheap prices, you can't get any lower than 70% off!

Avail of Walgreen's free shipping at $25 total purchase (free to 48 contiguous states- how annoying for me though)

Have you decided what character will you be this Halloween? Be a hippie or flower child! This look is easy, cute and fun. You don't even have to stress yourself out buying outfits- don a floral dress and pair it with boots, beaded thongs or chunky sandals; accessorize with feathers, flowers, or psychedelic patterned bangles- the choice is endless because a true hippie expresses her love for individuality without limits!

Trip down the memory lane. A hippie a.k.a flower child has deep roots in San Francisco, USA, the center of hippie revolution during the 1967 social phenomenon called Summer of Love. Usually young and idealistic, they were called flower children because they distributed flowers and other floral accessories to symbolize peace and unity.

The hippie makeup from late 1960s to '70s is characterized by bright wide eyes and pink or nude lipstick. Here are the steps on how you can achieve this look:

Hautelook had a sale on Pixi Beauty cosmetics a few weeks ago and I was enthralled to see this palette, Lumi Lux Bronze (No. 1 Rosy Sunshine). About $26 at Target or $25 at pixibeauty.com, I got this for less than $10, a steal it was!

It has a ribbon attached to the side to pull out product 

My Shu Uemura eyelash curler is the only curler that stood the test of time in the last six years- it witnessed both tears of happiness and drama in my life! Seriously, there was no need to replace it since it's still keeping up with K!- Kathryne (myself)

I have positive experience with Tarte Cosmetics lately so I thought of trying out its Eyelash Curler called Picture Perfect. Funny how a name can psyche me up- there's no denying I always like to be picture-perfect!

I bet every skincare or fragrance enthusiast owns at least one Philosophy product. I love their line of bath and shower gels, and Amazing Grace is one of my favorite scents . They make nice holiday gift sets and if you are a Sephora Beauty Insider, you get a complimentary shower gel on your birthday.

In my quest to try natural-based makeups, my recent trip to Sephora led me to the hardly-noticeable shelf of Philosophy makeups. As I was browsing, my eyes were glued to this super-lenghty-title The Supernatural Superbeautiful Superhealthy Hybrid Makeup SPF20. Superfluous over-claims are the only words that entered my discerning mind.

I was half-awake when I picked up my iPad today to check my inbox. This direct message from my twitter caught my attention,"I read a real bad blog about you", followed with a link. As a serious blogger concerned with my reputation, I opened the link which led me to my twitter log-in. No, there was no "bad blog". Unfortunately, I just gave away my password to this monster-of-a-hacker!

My account was compromised today and sent direct messages to my followers saying the same thing- "I read a bad blog about you" with links; this hacker also tweeted some weight loss articles I never wrote nor endorsed.

Appalled, I immediately changed my password, revoked access to third party applications, and tweeted several apologies and warnings to all my friends-slash-followers. I needed to blog about this so I can reach out to more people who might be the next victim of this hacking incident.

Lessons learned: 
  • Never open messages from people you hardly know
  • Don't be curious if someone wrote a bad blog about you- good or bad, it's still PR as they say (take this with a grain of salt)
  • If your account was suspiciously hacked, change password right away and revisit your privacy settings

Consider yourself warned.


I'm not really a fan of Rimmel London, a line of affordable makeups sold in US drugstores and retail chains. Their brand of mascara makes my eyes teary, and their primer didn't exactly deliver the staying power as raved by some bloggers/ vloggers. Not giving up, I picked up this eye shadow quad Glam'Eyes (002 Smokey Brun; $5.45, CVS) the other day because I was drawn to the classic bronze-brown mix which screams fab.

If you are new to Tarte Cosmetics and would like to try the hype on all-natural makeups, then this duo is made for you. 

Blush and Bronze On The Go is a travel size set of blush-on and bronzer ($20, Sephora). Both comes in 0.11 oz and 3.2 grams, which is about half the size of the full versions- quite affordable when you consider the cost of a full size blush- on ($25) and bronzer ($29).
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