Another trend you can try this fall are berry, wine-stained or dark red lips. They scream uber-fab! You can tone down your eye makeup and opt for something neutral like barely-there eye shadow; or for that 50s sophistication, wing out your eyeliner.

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Another look you can channel this season are metallic eyes. Gleam and be seen! Think gold, silver, bronze- anything that sparkles truly makes a statement.

Sourced from allure.com

These images were my inspiration for my recent makeup tutorial. Think you can't combine metallic eyes and berry lips together? The key is in the blending and knowing when to stop so I don't go overboard and look tacky. Here's my rendition:

Watch this 3-minute video on how I achieved this season's must-try beauty trend. By the way, I made this necklace from a bag chain and old scarf .

FTC: I purchased all products I used in the video.

Lately I have been getting questions on where I buy my makeups or if there are sites I can recommend. Starting today, let me be your deal finder. If there are some great online promotions on products I had pleasant experience with, I will pass on the information to you. For this week (September 26- October 1, 2011), here are some online beauty deals you might find interesting:

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I was writing this with a dozen of health and fitness magazines neatly stacked near my vanity- still in plastic covers, unopened, unread. How could I have ignored these when I am into advocating healthy lifestyle? I have skipped my workouts in recent months because of other priorities. My fondness for sweets are not helping me either- blame the summer season for ice cream, shave ice, milkshakes! What the hell happened to me? I have tweeted the other day that I am compelled to get back in shape. If I allot time for makeups, blogging, etc., then there is simply no excuse not to put my health back to my bucket list! This leads me to my next concern, in a month I am scheduled to have my annual health screening.

With fall almost upon us, it's nice to try some trends that have dominated the runways recently. One of the makeup trends this season is blue- think electric blue, teal, royal blue, navy blue. Wear it smokey or as an accent, it is absolutely ravishing!

I believe that there should be no rules when it comes to makeup and fashion as both are expressions of one's creativity and personal choice. But have you ever experienced that aha! moment when you look incredibly good in certain hues and bland in some? Many times I did, and it has something to do with what flatters your skin tone. Knowing your skin tone is as easy as reciting ABC and it may help solve your endless search for that perfect color combination, whether in cosmetics or clothes.

I was supposed to pick up Wet n Wild last week but settled for NYC IndividualEyes 943 Smokey Greens. At the same price as WNW's six-color palette ($4.99, CVS), I thought this was a good deal because it has four coordinating eye shadows that are supposed to flatter green eyes (I have brown peepers though), an eye primer and illuminator.

Except for Halle Berry and Emma Watson, I don't think there are lots of Hollywood beauties who don pixie- cut or short bob hair. I had my share of cropped hair eons ago and I don't think I will ever go back to that stage. I wanted to grow my hair long thinking it will require less maintenance. I was wrong. 

I haven't had a major haircut since 2005. Right now, my hair almost touches my waistline. I must have saved a few hundred dollars because I trim the ends myself every three months and dye my hair whenever I can. If you have long mane or have plans of growing it ala Kim Kardashian, here are some tips you can try:

1. Long hair is prone to dryness. To prevent it,
a. Wash your hair every two or three days as daily shampooing strips the hair's natural oil. In between, use dry shampoo to give your hair a boost.
b. Apply leave-in conditioner on damp hair to retain moisture
c. Treat you hair to deep conditioning at least once a month. To make your own, mix five- tablespoons of olive oil (or almond oil) with two drops of essential oil ( I prefer to use orange or citrus for shine). If you don't have essential oil, that's fine. Work the mixture from roots to end. Wrap your hair in a shower cap for one hour. Rinse you hair in bathroom sink, not tub because the floor can be slippery. Shampoo and condition as usual.

2. Long hair is prone to split-ends, tangles, and brittleness. Don't let split-ends exacerbate or you end up cropping your mane ultra-short.
a. Trim at every chance you see split-ends. Use sharp scissors intended solely for hair, not the household scissors. Snip where you see strands split in two's. Examine your hair regularly.
b. Don't brush your hair when it's wet. I used to do this before and noticed that my hair has become brittle.
c. Use a detangler product before brushing your hair especially if you have natural curls or waves. One time I had an unplanned trip to the salon and it took the hairstylist a good  30 minutes detangling my hair (imagine my shame as I helped her brush my hair, eeww!)

3. Give styling tools a break. Needless to say, too much heat emitted from curlers and irons can damage your hair. Use a heat protectant before styling your hair.

Bad hair day? get creative with your hair. Watch these videos for some ideas:

                                           Side Braid Overload

                                            Twisted Side Bun in Under 2 Minutes

                                            Cinnamon Roll Buns

Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more live tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/fabkath36?feature=mhum

Exfoliation has become part of a woman's skincare ritual- thanks to the omnipresent TV commercials and print ads that tell us how it can revitalize dull skin. But with so many products marketed for skincare, ordinary consumers like me get confused with jargon that only the manufacturing mavens comprehend. Case in point- AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid)

Not all products are made the same. Ever the skincare enthusiast, I hope these little tips can help you make an informed decision:

AHA or alpha hydroxy acid works as an exfoliant. The most common forms are glycolic acid and lactic acid. AHA improves skin texture by sloughing off dead cells from the skin's outer layer that's why it is also used for chemical peels. In a nutshell, AHA is primarily indicated for wrinkles, rough and dull skin,  and sun-damaged skin. It works best in concentrations between 5%-10%, anything higher can cause skin irritation and should not be used unless supervised by professionals. When you read the product label, opt for something that has listed AHA second or third from the ingredients- this way you are getting an acceptable concentration of AHA. Because AHAs strip the topmost layer of the skin, the FDA recommends wearing sunscreen. (Confused with sunscreen jargon? click here)

BHA or beta hydroxy acid is simply salicylic acid, the best friend of acne-prone people like me. BHA is oil-soluble which enables it to penetrate pores where sebum (oil) is produced and exfoliate dead skin cells that are trapped inside the pores. In short, if you are battling with oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples, choose BHA over AHA. BHA should be at least 2% to achieve desired results. It is less irritating than AHA and has anti-inflammatory action.

Disclaimer: Although I have worked for a dermatology company before, my experience and opinion should not replace your doctor's advice. For more serious skin problems, it is always best to consult a dermatologist.

Watch this video to find out how I minimize unsightly facial pores:

I am not getting enough sleep lately so I thought of sharing with you some quick fixes to fake a good night sleep. So whether you are sleep- deprived due to school assignments, office deadlines, or late night parties, look bright and awake in the morning! Try any of these techniques:

1. Reduce puffy eyes the natural way. Dip tea bags in cold water and place over eyes for five minutes or immerse tablespoon in cold water and press against eye bags for five minutes.
2. Apply eye cream or gel over eye bags at least ten minutes before you put on makeup. Pat and massage gently using ring finger. 
3. Hide dark under eye circles with concealer. Concealer, also called color corrector, comes in different shades. For dark under eye circles, use one that has a yellow tone. To prevent concealers from caking, set it with powder.
4. Skip smoky eye makeup and wear neutral or lilac shades. Lilac in particular, brightens your face and compliments any eye color. In contrast, dark eye shadows exacerbates tired eyes. Use brown eyeliner for top lash line and nude or white eyeliner for waterline to make eyes look wide awake.
5. Choose pink or peach blush-on to bring a healthy glow to your face.
6. Similarly, wear lipstick that has pink undertones to downplay tired eyes. Let your lips be the focus this time.
7. Never underestimate the power of accessories. Earrings add energy and glow to your face. Wear something that inspires or makes you cheerful.
8. Ditch dark colored clothing and wear something bright or pastel. 

Do you have other beauty tips to fake a well-rested night? Share them here....

Watch how I transformed from looking dull to a morning doll, LOL!

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