Do you find yourself constantly reaching for the same products even though you have a lot more options? For August, ' thought I'd share some items that I was insanely obsessed  with:

Top: Fully Loaded Mascara by Mattese NYC
L-R: Wet n Wild (The Gilded Age), Wet N Wild Megalast Lipcolor, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipcolor is a poor man's answer to MAC. At less than $3, you can get five to six lipsticks equivalent to one MAC (talk about huge savings). To date, I own about ten of these beauties but my top 3 color choices were 913C (nude), C910D (coral), 905D (hot pink).  For a separate review on Wet N Wild's Mega Last Lip Color, click here.

My eye shadow of the month is also from Wet N Wild Color Icon trio palette, The Gilded Age. Again at less than $3, you can build your makeup collection with good quality, richly pigmented eye makeups.

Think outside the palette. Use these colors interchangeably. No need to follow whether it was meant for brow bone, eyelid or crease.

Having oily skin, I always have trouble finding a makeup that will last throughout the day. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush (Natural beauty) is a keeper! The payoff is outstanding. Read separate review here.

This lasted me a good 8-9 hours. Not bad, not bad at all!

My mascara go-to is from a cult brand Mattese NYC- Fully Loaded Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara. I like that it really amps up my lashes to a flirty degree. I got this mascara from a local perfume store and found out that it's exclusively sold in Ricky's NYC stores in New York City. Fret not, you can order online, click here.

And  oh, As I am transitioning to my new online store name (previously Kakalina's to ilovewinks.com), I needed a new business card-slash- earring card holder. I ordered this online two weeks ago. Here's what I came up with:

These business cards are free- just pay for the shipping cost.  I paid $8 for 250 pcs.
Try it out, I got these from Vistaprint.

On the side, I have been re-designing my old clothes, check out what I did with an old halter top.

Click image to zoom.
Photo from http://www.jours-apres-lunes.com/fille.html
Having an open-mind and fashion- forward attitude, I have nothing against advertisements that use "shock" approach to generate hype and awareness. But this lingerie ad from a French clothing company which target kids from 4 to 12 years old somewhat bothered me.

Sans the beehive hairstyle, bold makeup and adult-like poses, there is nothing alarming with this ad. It shows a group of little girls playing in their undies which is a pretty normal occurrence. I mean, I have quite a few childhood photos of me in floral panties playing!  I celebrated  my 2nd birthday dressed in 2-piece bathing suit and it was not even a swimming party! For the life of me I don't have a clue so I point my finger to my fashionista mom.

So is this ad a form of art or exploitation? With shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, and pre-teen kids demonstrating  back- to- school makeup in Youtube, are we ready to see our children act and look beyond their age? There is a limit to my being open-minded. Let kids be kids. Let them go through a normal transition to adulthood. There is a time for everything. Call it old- school but it's just me sayin'....

Makeup brushes like cosmetics do expire. But unlike makeups which might have shorter life span i.e. mascara (3-4 months from the time you opened it) or sunscreen (up to 2 years from the time it was manufactured, not when you started using it), makeup brushes can last pretty long especially if you know how to take care of them. I have a couple of brushes that are still in good condition after five years, the rest I needed to throw simply because they offer no other use than to collect dust and clutter.

Before I mention some practical guidelines on when to say goodbye to our makeup brushes, I just want to emphasize the essence of cleaning and sanitizing makeup brushes. Needless to say, a hardly- washed makeup brush is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. For tips on how to clean your makeup brush > click here.

Au revoir! These suggestions are not rocket-science but plain rational thinking:

1. Bristles are consistently falling apart. Occasional shedding is okay due to the wear and tear but if you start to notice more than usual, it's time to say goodbye! Brushes should be compact and dense for even makeup application and/ or blending but once they lose their shape, you will no longer get desired results.
2. Brushes turn stiff and hard. Remember the first time you bought your blush brush and how it felt so soft and gentle on your cheeks? Brushes were made to be soft so they won't scratch your face and to give you flawless coverage.
3. Brushes are not in their original shape anymore. There is a reason why a brush is made angled or contoured- to define certain areas like cheeks or to fill in sparse space such as eyebrows. When they lose their original form, you will not be able to get the right definition anymore.
4. Brushes smell awfully bad. There is a stark difference between a smell of a new brush especially if it's made from animal hair (this can be managed by washing it with specialized brush cleaner or good old baby shampoo) and a scent of old-moldy-funky- brush. Anything that is suspiciously foul-smelling should be tossed out.

Do you have other tips? Share them here!

To find out makeup's shelf-life > click here.

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Prizes at stake: Clinique makeups, peacock feather earrings and chain necklace (both handmade by me)- visit my newly relaunched online store ilovewinks.com

Watch the video for the results...

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P.S. I am not uploading this video to my Youtube channel because this is a separate promotion outside Youtube. Links however will be provided for reference.

FTC: I am not paid to feature this brand in my giveaway. I purchased them with my own money.

UPDATE AS OF AUGUST 16, 2011: The prizes were unclaimed by the original winner last Aug 10, 2011 so I decided to raffle them out to give chance to other participants. Here is the result. New Winner must get back to me with shipping information on or before Aug 18, 2011.

The prizes at stake- a choice between handmade feather earrings or feather clip-on hair accessory and 2  L'Oreal lipsticks. This video won't be uploaded in my Youtube channel because I asked the participants to post their comments in my Facebook wall, not in Youtube (a link is provided though for reference). Subscribe to my Youtube channel for beauty and DIY tutorials- fabkath36 , follow me in Twitter for more updates- fabkath36  or add me in Facebook - Fab Kath

Music provided by Loveshadow

Last week, I held a mini-giveaway for my faithful Facebook friend-subscribers as my way of extending my deepest gratitude and at the same time, create awareness for my newly-relaunched online handmade jewelry and apparel store ilovewinks.com
(yes, there will be series of campaign so stay tuned!). Ending soon are my Youtube and Twitter giveaways, subscribe to my Youtube channel or follow me in Twitter for updates. Anyways, without further adieu, Here is the result!

UNCLAIMED as of Aug 10, 2011

The prizes at stake- a choice between handmade feather earrings or feather clip-on hair accessory and 2  L'Oreal lipsticks.
Congratulations to the lucky winner and thank you everyone for your participation!

P.S. This video won't be uploaded in my Youtube channel because I asked the participants to post their comments in my Facebook wall.

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I don't have a lot of NYC products in my cosmetic armament so an addition of one or two at a time wouldn't hurt. I can't pass on this beauty- what with its sleek packaging and promise of non-sticky gloss! So without second thoughts, my love for lip products won over my urge to control impulse buying. Sigh.

what an eye candy they are, right?

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