The following constitutes my coverage of the 2011 Summer Cosmetics Trend Show organized by Nordstrom, Ala Moana Center, Oahu, Hawaii. Click photos to enlarge.

Hot right now.
Waking up at 5:00 am to attend a makeup show tells you one thing- I'm a serious cosmetics fanatic. I was really looking forward to this Nordstrom event which only happens twice a year- summer and fall. With the unpredictable traffic in Hawaii, I was on the road at 6:00 am, and yes- with full makeup on. I cannot be late because I wanted to get the best seat. So at quarter before seven, I was probably the 20th person in line waiting for Nordstrom to open its doors at 7:30am.

Loud dance music mix, coffee and pastries greeted the eager attendees at the second level of the Ala Moana Center. To eat or not to? I had coffee and a piece of bread at home so I skipped the sweet offer this time.

Hot coffee and pastries were served while waiting for the doors to open.

Then came the loot bags which were distributed to all attendees in queue. Up close, it is actually a nicely designed purse filled with samples from Laura Mercier ( travel size kohl pencil and a mascara redeemable at the counter), Clarins (mini-treat bag redeemable at the counter), Bareminerals (eyelid primer), among others.

My sample stash. Cute purse it is.

Pre-show, some representatives from the participating cosmetics companies briefly discussed the latest in skincare and makeup world.

Ms. Ferial Boukarroum from Solta Medical talking about CLARO, a revolutionary tool that fights acne thru a combination of light and heat that zaps the acne-causing bacteria

Ms. Jennifer Pierracci from Rodial, a cult brand among celebrities. Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston are some of the noted users.

To say that it is a fabulous show is an understatement. Noted celebrity makeup artists and founders of the top selling brands were present to grace the event. I was so ecstatic to take pictures, film a clipping or two, and write all the important notes I can share to my fellow makeup junkies and friends. A self-appointed multi-tasker I had been.

Event Host Joelle Russo, Nordstrom Beauty Director

Models strutting the runway in bright and bold colors. Beautiful BRIGHT now is the theme of the event.

One of the most anticipated guests was no less than Oprah's Makeup Artist, the very talented and uber-entertaining Ross Burton. He demonstrated during the show how to apply some of his favorite makeup brands. He also filmed the excited crowd who altogether chanted " Aloha Oprah! Congratulations ".

Ross Burton showing various ways to use Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat

Ross Burton applying NARS Body Illuminator in one of the lovely models

In between the show, there were prizes raffled- some were picked from the entry forms and tweeps! How about going home with a brand new Clarisonic Skincare Brush and Philosophy Oxygen Peel Kit? I was praying to have my name called. But nah- it wasn't my day.

The tweeter TV. I was too focused listening, I totally forgot about tweeting!

Philosophy's Education Manager Jeff Cornet making a commitment to women on how to get amazing skin  using The Oxygen Peel Kit

A skincare enthusiast, I am in awe to see the creator of the famous Obagi skincare line- Dr. Zein Obagi. (A personal trivia, he said he was stationed in Hawaii for two years when he was serving the military several years back). Dr. Obagi talked about the future of skin health, in particular Oclipse (sunscreen and primer in one) and Ossential (reduces large pores).

Dr. Zein Obagi on "The future of skin health".

Then came my favorite celebrity manicurist- Deborah Lippmann. She cut and painted Lady Gaga's nails with bright yellow (called yellow brick road)  in her Grammy awards performance. I learned a new trend "the love finger"- you wear a different nail polish color in your ring finger. Tomorrow, I will rock this love finger!

Deborah Lippmann, the founder and creator, came with her husband whom she described as the only straight man she knows that understands and breathes nail polish. 

I gotta paint my love finger yellow!

Okay, I got distracted by those fab stilettos!

As if it wasn't enough, the crowd met fragrance designer extraordinaire Mr. Geir Ness. His most recent claim to fame was being the official fragrance in the Grammys. His fragrance Laila is named after his mother, and is Norway's first international fragrance.

Geir Ness's fragrance was inspired by the Norwegian wildflowers he would pick in the mountains as a kid together with his mom.

Want to be rescued by a team of superheroes? That was the theme of Clarins, headed by the dynamic Retail Merchandising Executive of Clarins USA, Gary Walker. Attendees were treated to free samples that address their skin issue. I made sure to have mine covered- prevent wrinkles and lighten dark pigmentation.

I was rescued by Gary!

The hype continued to build up as Chanel's National Makeup Artist RC Stevens wowed the crowd with his mighty grooves. If not for my camera and all, I would have stood up from my seat and danced with him (you know I'm not kidding right?) RC briefly talked about Coco Mademoiselle fragrance and Vitalumiere perfecting makeup SPF 15.

The uber-talented and wittingly funny RC Stevens

After the show, a throng of women were treated to makeup and skin consultations with these celebrated Makeup Artists and their team. I don't know where to go first so I let my wandering feet  lead me. Enjoy the photos fab readers!

The Superheroes team from Clarins

Gary and Moi

MUA Fernando from Chantecaille and a lovely attendee during a makeup consultation

Celebrity Manicurist Deborah Lippmann busy filing nails as husband explains the products to  clients

Fab Kath meets RC, National Makeup Artist of Chanel

One of the busiest counters after the show- Bobbi Brown.

The Founder and Creator of Laila, Fragrance Designer Geir Ness

Geir Ness signing a photo souvenir. He spelled my name right. Bravo!

Oprah Winfrey's Makeup Artist Ross Burton during a step-by-step makeup demonstration

The very stylish and friendly Ferial (Solta Medical) and Moi. Love her wedges!

MAC  Surf Baby Collection. Staff busy as a bee.

Upbeat music playing while I fight the urge against impulse buying.

500+ people, predominantly women (okay a few sightings of husbands or boyfriends) flocked the counters.

Yes, bright lips are in. Rock that coral/ orange, baby!
I definitely enjoyed this event and I can't wait to attend the next one. Again, bright lips, colorful eyes, sun-kissed skin, black-rimmed eyeliner, bold nails are the looks to go this summer!

I will be doing a separate review on products I got from this event. Till then. Stay fab everyone! xoxo, Kathryne


This is a two-part tutorial featuring Hair and Makeup looks for Summer. Part 1 is all about sweet and simple makeup that you can wear during summertime. The colors are fun and reminiscent of the glowing sun. Here are the steps to achieve this look:

1. Use tinted moisturizer instead of liquid foundation if you find the latter too thick for the hot and humid weather.
2. Always use sunscreen before going out. The American Cancer Society recommends at least SPF15.
3. Eye makeup: Apply eye primer to prevent smudging and creasing of eye makeup.
4. Use gold/bronze eye color for the eyelids, and lime green for the crease. 
5. Optional: bring down both gold/bronze color and lime green to lower lash line. With a smudge brush or Q-tip, start lining the lower lashline with gold color from the outer corner to midway, then with lime green from midway to inner corner.
6. Line upper lashline with waterproof eyeliner pen, create a small wing on the outer corner. To define the eyes more, line upper lashline with waterproof black eyeliner, this time staying close to the lashline as possible. 
7. Optional: for added shimmer effect, top the brown eyeliner with glitter gel liner.
8. Curl eyelash and apply 2-3 coats of waterproof mascara
9. Apply coral or pink blush on to cheeks.
10. Orange and Coral are in this summer, so indulge your lips with that bright color.

FTC: All products used are purchased by me.

Face: The Body Shop Vitamin C SPF30 Susncreen, Jane Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer
Cheeks: MAC Mineralized Blush (Warm Soul)
Lips: NYX (Sunflower)
Eyes: Benefit Stay Don't Stray eye primer, Matteese NYC (gold loose pigment), NYX (lime green pearl loose pigment) e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen in brown and black, NYX glitter liner gel (Candy), Too Faced Lash Injection mascara

This is a two-part hair and makeup tutorial. This video features a braided headband hairstyle- bohemian, laid-back- ideal for your summer rendezvous.

1. Part your hair sideways or center.
2. Grab a portion of your hair just thick enough to braid it, taking it from the back. Braid.
3. Bring the braided hair over to the other side and secure with bobby pins. For shorter or thinner hair, use elastic band to tie your hair then secure with bobby pins.
4. Do the same process on the other side of your hair.

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Hi fab friends! This is my first hair tutorial- a request from a friend who wanted a twist to her traditional ponytail. Listen to my funny hair story and updates on my 1st Giveaway.

Awww! Forgive the quality of this video, me being uncomfy with camera most especially. This was the time I was  still new with making and editing videos. 

Here's another handmade accessory! A chunky necklace made from an old bag chain (yes!) and a scarf that I seldom use. Watch the video to see how I transformed these two unlikely items to a stunning neckpiece that screams F-A-B for summer!

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Here are the steps on how to make your own chunky necklace

Welcome to my first giveaway in Youtube! How about receiving some fab handmade/ customized earrings plus random mix of makeups from me? Consider these gifts as my own little way of thanking you for your subscription and inspiring feedback. Watch the video for full details.


Jessica Alba (Print ad)- Inspired Makeup

Here's another celebrity-inspired makeup tutorial from the print ad of Jessical Alba (for Revlon Topspeed nail polish). This makeup is so dramatic and sexy- what with the heavy smoky eye makeup and bright red lips. To re-create this look, try these steps:

Hi fab friends! It's my furry baby's 2nd birthday today! How fast time flies- she was just a plump puppy when we first brought her home two years ago. Now, she's half my weight already! See some of her baby photos in today's tutorial...

Makeup-wise, I did a simple smokey eye makeup look this time. The bonus part, I only used a single eye shadow color (dark/chocolate brown) and a black khol eyeliner. This is to show you that you don't need a lot of makeups when creating that iconic smokey eye effect. And depending on the occasion, you can always build this eye makeup from light to heavy- gothic kind of look. Again, here are the steps:

Hi fab friends! It's time for another DIY project. You''ll be surprised that you can turn that old belt into a stunning piece of jewelry! For this project, I used an old safari belt, some loose beads and broken chains to make a new pair of earrings. Watch the video to see the process.

Old belt, broken jewelries/ chain/ loose beads
Round tip pliers/ Regular pliers
Jump rings and earwires: sold at craft stores

2 weeks after this post, flowers bloomed. Yay! for green thumb
I don't know about you but there's something about pulling out weeds that makes me high- and I am referring to those useless plants that compete with grass or plant's nourishment. Especially that crab grass, a.k.a lawn weed, that seems to emerge between spring and summer. Last week, I had pulled out two bag-full of weeds from our side yard. Unbelievable! Each weed that I mightily uprooted metaphorically represents victory over life's unnecessary worries, and so I thought! But before I derail you with my plant-life analogy, let me get to the topic straight: gardening the fab way!

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