Hi fab friends! I want to share with you one of my favorite eye makeup looks- The Cat-eye or Winged eye effect. This eye makeup bespeaks the glamorous era of the 1950s. Think Marilyn Monroe who popularized this iconic look.

In case you missed the video, here are the steps on how to achieve this look:

Hi fab friends. I'm showing you another technique to make your own hoop earrings using old jewelries and broken chain.

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Hi fab friends!
This is a special request from a friend who's attending a luau party soon. This makeup is sexy, sultry, and exudes the warmth of our tropical islands, Hawaii. I used mainly pinks and gold/bronze from e.l.f's 100 palette eyeshadow.

e.l.f. 100 eyeshadow palette
available at eyeslipsface.com
For my eyes, I used these shades from this palette:

Complete list of products used:

Face: Revlon Photo Ready Eyes: e.l.f 100 palette eyeshadow, Urban decay eye primer, Rimmel mascara
Cheeks: Wet n Wild color icon blush
Lips: Neutrogena Think Pink lipstick, e.l.f. lip gloss

Ways to connect:

New to the work force? Going to a job interview soon? Create a positive impression and ace that interview. "First impression lasts", as the saying goes.

Finding a job is a job in itself so it is important to stand out from the pack. Hopefully the following tips can help you land that dream job:

I was completely floored by a recent email from an old friend whom I have not seen in ages. Thanks to occasional postings at Facebook (what else), we both know we are still alive and kicking. But what made me pondered for a moment was when she wrote about her "being happy seeing me reinventing myself". Reinvention- such a fab word, and so I thought. I never really thought about that idea the whole time I was doing things that truly make me happy. At least in the last six years I decided to love myself again.

Life is about making choices. Decision is not yet an action until we make the first move towards change. To change is never easy, let alone traverse the road less traveled. But certain life situations drive people to change. We need to. We have to. Or be trapped in a befuddled world we wished never existed.

Reinvention is not about changing yourself to something that is completely the opposite of your old self. Reinvention is about rediscovering yourself- what you can do, and want to do. It is about finding wisdom amidst failure, winning by losing, becoming whole after being broken.

Judging from the outside, my friend was indeed right. Yes, I "reinvented" myself . I lost weight significantly- but not for vanity reasons (read my previous blog on why and how I lost weight). My hair is past my waistline now as opposed to my trademark pixie cut eons ago. I stopped dyeing my hair blonde and opted for a more natural- brunette color. I shun eating pork and its related by-products. I regained my fondness for makeup and anything related to beauty. I started to incorporate all-natural/ organic products in my routine. I embraced my passion for jewelries by creating my own handmade accessories. I gave in to my inherent desire to write and start my own blog regardless whether I make sense or not. And the most critical part, I pruned my network- disconnecting myself from a bunch of "user-friendly friends". Welcome to Newfound Me.

It is never too late to reinvent oneself. If you find yourself constantly complaining about unhappiness and boredom- with lingering thoughts of " life is not fair; when can I ever find peace and happiness?". Maybe it's about time to reinvent. Life is short. Carpe diem.

Warning: Road bump ahead! 
Hold on to dear life.


Hello fab friends!! Some good news... We have little improvements with the video quality! You can now hear my voice and I learned a thing or two on editing. I'm still a work in progress but over all I'm quite satisfied with the outcome so far.

Today's tutorial is specially made for my friends and colleagues working in the healthcare field (nurses, doctors, PTs, etc). We all struggle with time, what with medical emergencies, patient care, meetings. Add issues at home, parenting, errands- boy! who has the time for makeup? Hopefully, this video will give you an idea that makeup is not a hassle after all. The whole point is just to make ourselves look presentable, less harassed and healthy in the eyes of our dear patients.

Feature makeup: Too Faced Glamour to Go Palette (used for eyes and cheeks). See product review here.

Complete list of makeup products:
Eyes: Urban Decay Eye Primer, Rimmel Black Mascara, e.l.f. eyebrow kit, Maybelline clear mascara
Face: Make Up Forever Velvet Mat+ Foundation, Revlon Beyond Natural face primer, Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
Lips: Neutrogena (Think Pink) lipstick and e.l.f. lip gloss

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When I see blue, I think of the ocean and wonderful blue skies. Tranquility. Bliss. Just soothing.
Blue is a great color to define your beautiful eyes. It suits any skin tone and can be worn from day to night time. Look fa-BLUE-lous and try these simple techniques:

1. Apply eye primer over entire eye lids. Eye primer prevents makeup meltdown and unsightly creasing.
2. Groom and shape your brows accordingly. Pluck stray hairs and fill your eyebrow following its natural shape. Use light brown color (either pencil or eyeshadow) instead of black for a softer look. Brush eyebrows with clear gel to hold hair in place.
3.Bring out your eye shadows in colors blue (dark and light), yellow, white. For this tutorial, I used Pop Beauty Mosaic Palette (image below).
4. Apply yellow eye shadow from the inside of the lid to midway using flat eye shadow brush. Apply blue eyeshadow from outer corner of the eye to midway. Blend  upward and above the crease area using fluffy brush. Define outer corner of the eye by adding more blue color focusing on outer V. 
5. Line lower lash line with blue eye shadow starting from outer to midway, then with yellow eye shadow from midway to inner corner.
5. Highlight brow bone/ arch area and tear duct with  white eye shadow.
6. Line upper lash line with black eye pencil, and lower lash line with blue eye pencil (optional)
7. Curl eyelash and apply two coats mascara

For basic makeup technique (face , cheeks, lips), see previous blog. Click here.

Pop Beauty Mosaic Palette

Complete list of products used for this look:
Face: Revlon Beyond Natural Face Primer, Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation, Laura Mercier Concealer
Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion (eye primer) Eye shadows (Pop Beauty Mosaic), Black kohl eyeliner (Sephora), Dark blue eyeliner (Milani), Mascara (Rimmel)
Cheeks: Cargo Blush (Catalina), 100%Pure Bronzer (Honey)
Lips: e.l.f. mineral lipstick (bare brown), MAC plush glass (Bubble)

Earrings bought on sale at Claire's!

                                                               Photo of the Day
Rio (Movie) inspired nails. And so I thought.

Get inspired: Your failure today is your wisdom tomorrow- only if you learned from it- fabkath

Disclaimer: This topic is about my personal views on depression and how I handle life's issues. I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist. Any advice stated herein is akin to a friend seeking a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble. 

Yesterday's news prompted me to write about this topic. First was Catherine Zeta Jones's self-admission to an unnamed mental facility to treat her bipolar II disorder (manic-depressive) as a result of depression over her hubby's cancer (Michael Douglas is now tumor -free after intensive therapy for late stage throat cancer). Then the news about a New York mom who drove her van to Hudson river killing herself and three of her children onboard. The fourth child managed to open the van's window and was rescued (reports said she's battling marital woes). The first is a story of hope, the latter a tragedy. But there is a tie that binds them- Depression.

Depression is more than a feeling of sadness or loneliness. While getting upset or melancholic over a loss of someone or certain life events is a normal reaction to stressor, depression is categorically defined as a feeling of intense helplessness, worthlessness and hopelessness, lasts for several days or weeks, and affects your ability to perform normal activities. According to DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-Fourth Edition), depression is having five out of these nine symptoms:
  • depressed most of the day
  • loss of energy/ fatigue most of the day
  • unable to concentrate
  • feeling worthless most of the day
  • abnormal sleeping pattern (insomnia: unable to sleep/ hypersomnia: over-sleeping)
  • recurring thoughts of suicide or death (" I don't want to wake up/ I want to die")
  • loss of interest in performing activities almost everyday
  • significant weight loss or gain
  • being restless or being slowed down

Now the startling revelation- Antidepressants are the most prescribed medicine in the US, with about 27 million people taking them on a regular basis (Source: Today's Healthcare News, 04/2010). Women are twice as likely to use them than men. Reality bites hard, sadly.

We live in a generation beset with unending tribulations: recession, unemployment, foreclosure, nature's wrath, etc. Without a strong support system, anybody can snap out and lose the sanity. Life is not fair because people don't play fair. So how do we manage personal issues then? 

1. Speak. Reach out. Ventilate. You can only keep so much to yourself. You are not perfect, life is not perfect either. You are as vulnerable as everyone else. Unmask yourself. Break the sturdy facade and reach out to your loved ones and closest friends. No man is an island and you cannot solve problems alone. Oftentimes, we are blinded by our own emotions and judgment. Ventilating your feelings to people you trust is like pouring an overflowing jar of negative emotions to glasses of positive reinforcement. 

2. Seek professional help if you must. Sometimes going out of your circle is more beneficial because there are no personal biases involved. You are able to say things or cite instances without being ashamed. Your issues are managed by licensed professionals who will monitor and evaluate your progress. Joining support groups that tackle depression and anxiety management is another way to handle issues in a positive manner. You will be relieved to know that you are not alone in your problem. Learning from others will help you reevaluate yourself and your life.

3. Pray your heart out. Regardless of your religious inclination, prayer is about faith. Faith is believing that there is someone up there more powerful than any man you can imagine. Someone who hears even the slightest trouble of your heart. The answer to your problem is not always immediate but hopes continue to shine bright. Although born and raised as a Catholic, to me the most meaningful prayer is something that is not from the manuscript but from the heart. I pray to God like I talk to a friend- uncensored and sincere. 

4. Defy negativity. Entertain positive thoughts and emotions. Feeling worthless today? What about looking at some old pictures of you getting recognized for your effort (like school awards, job promotion). No interest to go out? Check your Facebook and see your tagged photos with friends having fun. Feeling fatigued all day? Why not exercise? Exercise is a mood-lifting activity. Dance like the world is your stage. No appetite?  Eat mood-enhancing food like oatmeal, bananas, brown rice, whole grains but skip that sugar please! Though cakes and ice cream are your go-to foods for moments of depression, they are quick to satisfy and crash your energy level.

5. List down activities that you used to enjoy, and try to do one if not all. Prior to your depressive state, what are the things you love to do? Watch a movie, a drive to the beach, jewelry-making, book scrapping, hiking, reading a book, playing with makeup, singing. List as many as you can and help yourself to do one at the most. The key is to keep your mind busy rather than wallow in self-pity.

Life is never easy. We cannot control situations but we can manage our reactions. Our failure today is our wisdom tomorrow. So keep the faith my friend.

"Today is the day I will take care of myself." Love life. 

Give soda a break and do your health a big favor: Drink your fruits. Unless raw fruits are contraindicated to you, eating and drinking all-natural is beyond refreshing. Needless to say, fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals our body need. And the great thing about it- you don't need to buy some fancy smoothies you can make your own. So go ahead and indulge. Here's my all-natural Berry Orange Smoothie!

3 large strawberries (add more pieces to your liking); sliced
1 orange, peeled and sliced
a bowl of cubed ice
1 glass of water (adjust accordingly based on how thick you want your smoothie)
3-4 tsps Honey
(Optional) yogurt

Ingredients c/o Mother Nature

Slice strawberries and orange small enough not to clog the blender

Put sliced strawberries and orange, ice, water, and honey in blender. Crush in low setting for 10- 15 seconds. Pour over your favorite glass. Voila! Healthy drink made straight from your kitchen.

Give your furry baby a healthy treat. Here's Winkie enjoying her bowl of strawberry & orange. And Oh, she loves banana and green apples too!
CAVEAT: not all fruits are safe for dogs. Here's a link to what you can't feed them: http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/slideshow-foods-your-dog-should-never-eat

A woman's perennial problem: Not having enough space for our clothes, makeups, accessories, and other knickknacks. While my dream vanity/ walk-in closet is still in oblivion, I constantly rearrange and purge items as often as I could. Anything that is not worn or rarely used in a year is mostly sold at swap meets while the rest are donated. Blame it to impulse-buying. 

Creative mind to the rescue. In my previous blog, I wrote about reusing household items/decors to store or display your jewelries and makeup (like an old CD holder for earrings and napkin rack holder for makeup palettes). I don't buy storage bins, I recycle. Here are some more ideas if you are dealing with a small space like me:

This is an old makeup brush case. It now holds all my eye and lip liners. Open and close, such a neat space saver!

A Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Gift Box now holds my stash of lip products.

An old desk organizer to store blush/bronzers.
A peg board (used to hang tools in the garage) hold my jewelries. As most of you know, I also make and sell jewelries and accessories! www.kakalinasaccesories.artfire.com

This is my tiny vanity/ closet space in the bathroom. 

I used an old book shelf to store my makeups, skincare and body products. The peg board was attached to the door to maximize space. Notice how I used the towel rack to hold my sunglasses/ eyeglasses.

 Share your storage solutions!

Disclaimer: This topic is about my personal experiences and choices. I am not a nutritionist/dietitian. Losing weight requires healthy diet, exercise and commitment. If you are serious about shedding those extra pounds, consult your healthcare professional or fitness expert as our nutritional needs differ. These are the ones that worked for me. Whatever manner you choose, remember that losing weight should never be a vanity issue. Love your body. xoxo

In my previous blog, I mentioned some fat-busting tricks I have been doing through the years. It wasn't easy in the beginning. Procrastination is my number one nemesis. How can you resist that fresh-from-the-oven pepperoni pizza? or the mouth-watering German chocolate cake sold in your neighborhood bakery? What about the quarter pounder double- stacked burger topped with mozzarella cheese? Diet begins tomorrow. Maybe next day. Nope, this coming week. Months passed and the thought of healthy diet was just a dream, a plan. "Diet" to me meant limited food choices and euthanasia by starvation. I am genetically sweet toothed- does it mean au revoir to hot Krispy Kreme or creamy Long John after a hearty meal of baby back ribs? Tough decision but things need to change especially when I discovered that my blood sugar was borderline high some years back. Rain check be gone.

Eat smart. Live right. One cannot be a slave to food. Mind over stomach! I need to learn to respect my body or face the consequences later. With a renewed spirit, I begun my journey towards healthy diet. I am a still a work in progress but so far, here are my little self- discoveries:

1. Listen to your brain, not to your tummy. Science taught us that the brain governs all body organs. If the body needs to rest, it sends signal to make us feel sleepy and take a well deserved nap time. Same is true with hunger pangs. Eat when you're hungry or when it's time to eat, not with the sight or smell of deep fried chicken cooking across your office building. When you listen to your brain, you snip the unnecessary snacking of calorie-packed chocolate bars or a bag-full of greasy potato chips, just because they're in front of you. Think of these unhealthy food choices as a temptress wanting to distract you from your goal. Eat when you're hungry not because you're tempted to.

2. Never skip meals. Again listen to your brain, eat when it's time and never get to the point of feeling  so hungry  that you want to devour anything within your reach. The logic behind is darn simple- you will end up eating more than your usual capacity. Our body is programmed to have three major meals in a day and maybe some  two or three snacking in between meals. Remember, the key to losing weight is healthy food choices combined with exercise. Skipping meals will put your health in jeopardy.

3. Put that fork down when you're 80 percent full, not when you're tired of eating. This sounds ridiculous but did you ever have that experience of feeling too tired to even chew that last one piece of meat? You are not alone. I had that feeling many times in the past I could literally pass out. You have probably heard the Japanese diet "Hara hachi bunme" or stop when you're 80 percent full. It makes sense considering that the Japanese diet is one of the healthiest in the world. So where does the other 20% go? H2O! Drink water before and in-between meals, it is good for your body and it also prevents you from over-stuffing yourself.

4. Give drive-thru's and fast food a break. We all have hectic schedules and the quickest way to satisfy the growling stomach is to drive by the nearest McDonalds or KFC. Do yourself a favor and check out the calorie content of that Angus beef burger. Add a large order of french fries and soda, and you are way over 1,500 calories in one meal. If you have been watching Style Network's  Too Fat at 15, you will understand why these teenagers are morbidly obese - their parents fed them fast food since childhood. If you are serious about losing weight, experts recommend at least 1,500 calories a day for women or 1,800 calories/day for weight maintenance. So how do we solve this fast food frenzy? I cook it my way. I strive to use the healthiest ingredients and methods possible. I shy away from frying; I avoid anything with pork and its by- products; I satisfy my sweet tooth with a bite- size dark chocolate bar; I feast on oat meal with a teaspoonful of whipped cream, and a whole lot more. It takes discipline but once your body is accustomed to this lifestyle, it becomes second nature.

5. Cook your way, the healthy way. I am neither a chef nor a food guru. Although I know a thing or two about cooking, I am no way near expertise. I started by reading cook books and watching shows like Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals, Giada de Laurentiis's Everyday Italian, Paula Deen's Home Cooking, and other more shows airing over The Food Network. Of course, I choose to cook only those that are within the level of my comprehension and available resources. I also use cooks.com when researching for easy and healthy recipes. Who would've thought I can even bake a cake? Cooking the healthy way means being resourceful in food substitution or method of preparation. Chicken adobo tastes as good without using cooking oil. Crispy chicken can rival Popeye's deep fried chicken through baking. Turkey meat balls are just as tasty as beef or pork minus the cholesterol.

The bottom line is simple- We eat to nourish our body, not to abuse it. We eat to live, not to die from it.
I have been a slave to food. But now I'm a master over it. If I can do it, so can you!

Try some home-cooked meals today. That's what the kitchen is made for.

My version of pineapple and carrot cake. The proof is in the eating.

Move, stay active. Burn calories baby!

Disclaimer: This topic is based on my personal experience. I am not a nutritionist/dietitian. If you are serious about losing weight, it is best that you consult your doctor or fitness expert because of our differing nutritional requirements. These are the ones that worked for me. Whatever manner you choose to lose weight, remember that losing weight should never be a vanity issue. Love your body more than anything.

Eight years ago, my body mass index* was bordering on chunkiness. Okay, fat to be blunt about it. I blogged not being able to achieve size 0 or 2 ever in my life. I love food. When I'm stressed at work, I delight myself with calorie-laden cakes, pastries and other what-have-you's. I was never conscious of what I eat. I work hard so I have to fuel the machine, that was my mantra. I dread summer. Tank top is not in my dictionary. At least I'm fashionable, that's how I motivated myself.

Then I started to feel joint pains. Haunted with migraine. Harassed by acne. Self esteem at level 1.5. Boom! Self-pity kicked in. Then I became a gym pseudo-enthusiast. Boxing, tae-bo, cardiofunk, belly dance, yoga, hiphop, name it I have probably tried it. After six- diet, no carb, low fat. Sadly, nothing worked. I lost two pounds and gained twice as much. So I went back to my old mantra- Eat and be merry like there's no tomorrow.

Fast forward to 2006. My job led me to work in a healthcare setting where I did some advocacy campaigns promoting kidney disease awareness. Believe me, this job opened my eyes to be serious about my health. Talking to patients first hand is such an enriching experience. So what's the point?

Statistically speaking, obese people, with BMI (body mass index) of 30 or greater, are prone to diabetes, hypertension, cancer, stroke, heart problems, etc. About seventy percent of cases of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), a progressive disease requiring lifelong dialysis or transplant, is caused by diabetes and hypertension. 1 in 9 Americans suffer from CKD, a silent killer unknown to many. Now the point is, CKD, hypertension, diabetes, to name a few, are lifestyle-related diseases. While genetics may play a role, there is so much we can do to prevent or manage its progression.

But I love food, how can I ever be healthy without depriving myself? It has always been a hit and miss thing for me. Then I realized that the missing link was sheer discipline. I was a slave to all things gustatory. I ate more and sweat less. 

It was a long and bumpy journey, but so far I won the battle against the bulge. This time I did not spend a fortune, neither broke a leg with crazy gym routines nor engage in another fancy yo-yo diet. I committed to DIY! Do-It-Yourself. Discipline-It-Yourself. If we want to live long enough for our loved ones, we need to do it now. No if's and but's. Health is the best gift we can give ourselves, don't you agree? Here are fat-busting tricks that worked for me through the years:

1. Calorie-counting. Call it insane but knowledge is power. You need to know what you are eating to fuel your body. If you are serious about losing weight, experts recommend at least 1,500 calories a day for women or 1,800 calories/day to maintain your weight. Again, consult your doctor or nutritionist if you have special needs and/or requirements. One cup of rice is 250 calories, a slice of pizza is 375 calories, a small frappe from McDonalds is about 400 calories. 4 strips of bacon  is 320 calories. Add bagel, you consumed over 500 calories for breakfast. Surprisingly, I don't diet at all. I eat what everyone else eats. But everything in moderation. I count my calorie intake to plan my next meal. Knowledge is power. Power over food is discipline. Discipline-it-yourself. DIY.

2. Move, stay active. Diet alone is ineffective to bust that belly fat. 'Been there, done that. Common sense, food is a basic need, you cannot starve yourself to death. Why ride the elevator if your office is one floor up? Skip the elevator, take the stairs. "If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise", a dog calendar once said. Take your furry baby out for a walk/run, it's a fun way to bond and burn calories. De-clutter your space, mop the floor, wash windows. Yes, you burn over 100 calories in an hour by simply doing household chores. Take control of your body and mind. Control is discipline. Discipline-It-Yourself. DIY.

3. Exercise if you must. Zumba, bellydance, yoga, aerobics, cycling, treadmill, whatever it is, discover your interest. Unleash the fitness amazon in you. I dance like the world is my center stage.  I start my exercise routine dancing to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal and Billy Jean- all in the comfort of my living room. Yay, I just burned 130 calories in 15 minutes. Exercise is a commitment. Commitment is discipline. Discipline-It-Yourself. DIY.

4. Eat smart. Do you always need to have a slice of cake every meal? Munch a full size of snickers each breaktime? Do you know that by simply reducing your caloric intake by 500 a day (yes, that slice of cake or ice cream you are enjoying right now) you lose one pound a week? Why feast on a whole bar of chocolate if you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a bite size? Fast food and drive thru's are like manna from heaven to people who don't have the time to cook. But they all drag you to fatville faster than a speeding bullet. Eating smart entails wise choices. Choosing wisely requires self-discipline. Discipline-It-Yourself. DIY.

5. Chart your progress. Document. Share your experience. I find it self-liberating when you monitor your progress. What is your weight goal? What motivates you to lose the extra pounds? How do you want to maintain it? Share your thoughts to people around you, especially to your loved ones. Your success can be an inspiration to many. Most weight bloggers say they remain committed to their healthy lifestyle choices by sharing their personal experience to other people. Live by example. Walk the talk is discipline. Discipline-It-Yourself. DIY.

I am glad to have taken the route to healthy living. I commit myself to it like a marriage. There might be stumbling blocks along the way (such as days I am too lazy to use the exercise mat or too weak to resist that 4-cheese pizza) but knowing that I am doing these for my loved ones is reason enough to motivate me to be in tiptop shape.

* Body Mass Index calculates body fat based on height and weight.

Dog Mama chillaxin' after a quick run with furry baby
Lose the winter baggage. Spring into action. Get ready for summer bod!
No take-out: My version of turkey teriyaki burger (all baked, plenty'o veggies, yum!)
Let the truth be told: I was even chunkier pre-2005.

Commitment is discipline. DIY!
 March 2011
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