As mentioned in my previous blog, hot pink screams fab this spring. Fergie and JLo both wore hot pink lipstick in the previous episodes of American Idol Season 10.

I'm not bothered by Fergie's supposed "plastic surgery". But I do love her lip color!
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Oh JLo, you made crying looked so glam! 
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Hot pink, like red, can be an intimidating color. But the key to rocking it superbly is to keep the rest of your makeup simple so the focus is your lips. Wear it daytime or night, the choice is yours.

1. Prep your skin before applying foundation (Cleanse, tone, moisturize). Try tinted moisturizer for a lighter coverage.
2. Apply eye primer on lid all the way to brow bone. Eye primer prevents unsightly creasing, a common problem if you have oily skin.
3. Apply neutral colored eyeshadows. For this look, I applied light beige on eye lid upto brow bone. Apply light purple on eyelid, then gray- black on crease with light and gentle strokes. With the same color, line upper lashline. Finish with 2 coats of waterproof mascara.
4. Brush light pink blush on apples of cheek.
5. Moisturize lips. Line and fill lips with nude or hot pink lip pencil to make the color last longer. Apply hot pink lipstick or lip gloss.
6. Seal makeup with loose powder.

w/o flash

With flash

Spring into action!

Complete list of products for this look:

Face: Revlon Beyond Natural Face Primer, Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, Make Up For Ever HD Loose Powder (seal makeup)
Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion Eye Primer, Wet n Wild Trio Pallet (Silent Treatment), Rimmel mascara
Cheeks: MAC Mineralize Blush (Warm Soul), Lancome bronzer
Lips: Amuse fuschia lip liner, Sonia Kashuk Lip Crayon, Duwop lip gloss

"If you have been blessed today, be a blessing to others."

Makeup without brushes is like coffee without a creamer or paper without a pen. While you can use your fingers to apply foundation or eyeshadow, flawless blending can only be achieved by using brushes.

Depending on the brand, makeup brushes can be quite pricey. Ergo, utmost care is of prime importance.

Brush  cleaners and shampoos are sold in drugstores and specialty stores. They clean, disinfect and prolong the life of your brushes. For reference, MAC is sold at  $12/ 233ml), Essence of Beauty at $5.99/4.2 oz, e.l.f at $3/8.5 oz

Do you know that you can use regular household items to clean your brushes? Here are simple ways you can try:

1. Baby shampoo or gentle face cleanser like Cetaphil. Mix 1 cup of warm water and 2-3 squirts of shampoo.  Baby shampoo is gentle to bristles, needless to day.

2. Dishwashing liquid. Mix 1 cup warm water with 2 tbsps of dishwashing liquid. This is effective especially in cleaning oil-based makeups.

3. Almond oil or olive oil + shampoo (or dishwashing liquid). Mix 3-4 tbsps of almond or olive oil and 2-3 squirts of shampoo or dishwashing liquid. Dip your brush in the mixture and swirl it in your palm. The almond or olive oil makes the bristles soft.

Regardless of the items you use, consider the following methods when cleaning your brushes:

1. Hold brushes head down under warm running water. Don't submerge your brushes in water.

2. When drying, use a clean towel to absorb excess water. Lay your brushes flat on paper towel or terry cloth to air dry. Don't use hair dryer or you risk destroying the bristles.

Let them air-dry, overnight at the most

Depending on how often you apply makeup, once a week cleaning is hygienic enough for your brushes. Recurring breakouts? Time to clean and disinfect your tools ladies!

Picture of the Day:

Caught Winkie hugging her toy monkey a.k.a Ebola in deep sleep

Hot pink is the new black. And what better time to rock this uber fab hue? Springtime baby! In the fashion world, hot pink screams fun, flirtatious, glam. If you have been watching American Idol Season 10, you've probably seen Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas wearing bright pink lipstick when the group performed yesterday, March 17 (who's your bet for this year's AI? my gut tells me it's going to be Pia Toscano!).

Last weekend, I received a box- full of goodies from my ever fab mom. Feeling like an extended holiday spree, I opened each package with elation. Makeups, snacks, shoes- what an eye candy! Came nighttime, I remember my mom saying that she bought me a watch, nothing fancy but appropriate enough for my other day job. Frantic, I searched for every packet but found nothing. Sigh, she forgot! I called her about it but she insisted that the watch was neatly wrapped inside the box. She asked me to check the box one more time. Oh, the USPS box! I threw it right away and was picked up by the garbage truck minutes after. Finder's keeper. End of story.

While at the mall the other day (okay, I'm guilty- new makeup hauls), I saw this "eco-friendly" watch called Sprout (available at Sears, Macy's, Nordstrom). Intrigued by the name, I asked the saleslady to let me try several pieces. Sprout watches are made from 80 percent biodegradable and recyclable materials. The dial is made from bamboo; the case and buckle from corn resin; the straps from all-organic cotton; the lens from mineral crystal. The battery is mercury-free. And the price? Anywhere between $23.00- $80.00. Not bad for a watch that requires function more than status symbol.  I like big dial styles so I settled for this unisex gray/army green color.

More styles at http://www.sproutwatches.com/collection.asp

Available at: Macy's, Nordstrom, Sears

One more cool thing about this watch. The packaging comes with "seeds" which will grow as grass in two weeks time. The box serves as the mini-planter. With proper watering techniques, the sprouts will shoot through the gauze in 5-10 days. Sounds like a science experiment, eh?!

Ms. Mad Scientist! Let's see if you'll grow...

See celebrities wearing Sprout here

There is a reason why even a mobile phone has to have a built-in camera: we all love taking pictures. And with modern- day technology, we can edit and delete those we despise. Add photoshop and you just created an ethereal masterpiece.

Unless you are vying for the next magazine cover, ditch computer touch-ups. Try this photo-ready tricks and bring out the true belle in you.

1. Find your best face angle by practising in front of the mirror. Do you look good in your left or right side? chin up? head slightly tilted? side gazed? Take a few shots with your digicam and study your best angle. Practice makes perfect.

Let the truth be told: My right side is my best face angle.

2. Hands on waist, body slightly turned to an angle. Celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez always rock the red carpet with this iconic pose. Reason being, it slims your arm and defines your waist.

3. Posture matters. Stand or sit up straight but do it in a relaxed mode. Execute the "stomach in, chest out" comfortably to avoid looking so "scripted" in photos.

4. Take pictures in eye level or a tad higher but never below. The latter is the culprit to unsightly double chin.

5. Make your eyes smile, yes! This is the new "cheese". Avoid direct sunlight so you don't squint. Close then open your eyes just before the camera clicks to get that fresh and bright-eyed look.

6. Makeup matters. Don't wear sunscreen or anything that has SPF (sun protection factor) when taking pictures. This cosmetic ingredient reflects light and is the reason for looking ghostly, chalky and pasty white in pictures. Make sure your foundation matches your skin color, extend the application to your neck and/or decolletage when wearing low neckline garb. Wear mascara, eyeliner and blush-on as the camera tends to wash out your face.

7. Enjoy and seize the moment. The best photos are usually those that are candid and free-spirited. For a moment, forget work deadlines, lover's quarrel and the like. Don't be the next photo pooper!

In days you don't want to play around with colors i.e. lazy weekend date, quick meetups with friends, try this easy yet fabulous look using one color eyeshadow makeup.

For this tutorial, I used Cover Girl Mono eyeshadow in Mink Vison 21 (CVS, $3.49), sort of bronze/light beige hue.

Take it up a notch. Use black eyeliner to define eyes!

As in previous tutorials, I recommend using eye primer prior to eyeshadow application to prevent unsightly creases. It also makes the color more vibrant.

With eyeshadow brush or clean fingertips, apply color on entire eyelids. Highlight your brow area and tear duct (inner corner of the eye) with the same color. To define your eyes, line upper lashline with black eye pencil. For a smokey look, smudge with cotton tip and blend by using small upward strokes. Line again. Finally, apply 2-3 coats of black mascara.

So fab, so easy.

Since this is a simple eye makeup, I opted for a bright red lipgloss. You can use different colors like coral, peach or beige.

Haha! Bangs!

Quick, easy makeup in five minutes. Other products used as follows:

Face: Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturizer, Revlon Beyond Natural Face Primer, Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Foundation, Milani Pressed Powder (to seal makeup)
Blush/Bronzer: Revlon Beyond Natural
Eye Primer: Urban Decay
Mascara: Bare Escentuals Buxom
Lip gloss: L.A. Girl Platinum Collection (Ruby Red)

Ready, set, go!

Forgive the red eye. Moi inside the theater

Look fab today. With a little trick, single eyeshadow is a woman's secret beauty aid!

" Self-pity is a woman's no.1 frenemy. Like a friend, it is always there. Like an enemy, it gives nothing but trouble"- fabkath
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