Hair is not only a woman's crowning glory,it is a mood setter. Having a bad hair day is akin to PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome). You are not in your best self, period. So how do you manage your hair? Do you always go to the salon for some serious yet pricey hair treatment? Try this simple and all-natural  DIY (do-it-yourself) hot oil treatment in the comfort of your home.

  • 5 tablespoons (or more) of sweet almond oil or extra virgin olive oil. 
  • 3 drops of essential oil  (orange or citrus)
  • Clear plastic wrap (the one you use to cover/wrap food)
  • Hair brush
  • Mix sweet almond oil or extra virgin oil and essential oil. 
  • Lightly damp your hair with water. Brush hair in section.
  • With clean fingertips, apply mixture on scalp and hair. Massage your scalp as you apply it.
  • Wrap head/hair with clear plastic wrap. Leave it on for 15 minutes
  • Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner
  • Optional. Apply leave-on conditioner
Almond oil has a plethora of medicinal benefits. Packed with Omega-9, Omega-6 and Omega-3, it provides hair with nourishing properties that help combat dryness and flakiness. Ever since I incorporated almond oil in my hair care routine, my hair has never been this shiny and smooth.

Orange essential oil when mixed with a carrier oil like almond or olive elicits a scent that soothes tired muscle. Because it is pure and concentrated, it should not be used alone. Other medicinal benefits of orange essential include anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, anti-acne and immunity booster.

Take a break from all things harsh- Go natural.
 Look fab today. Go all-natural and reap the benefits of long, shiny hair.

Too Faced Glamour to Go is a credit card- sized makeup palette that has eight coordinating eye shadows, four lip glosses and one blush. Meant for travel and quick touch-ups, this fits your purse/ pocket. It retails about $19.50 at Sephora.

The lip gloss/ blush on slides in and out

Yes, it really is the size of a pocket. Thus the name.

The eyeshadow colors are more on neutrals/ earth tones and they are sheer when applied. They are not heavily pigmented so you might need two to three (or more) applications before you see the color in your eyelids. The blush-on is of rosy-peach hue (my favorite item from this palette).  The lip glosses are carefully selected to compliment the eyeshadows and blush-on.  This set is ideal for daytime wear and for beginners who may want subtle yet enchanting colors. Since the packaging has "to-go" printed on it, this set could have been more user-friendly if it came with travel eyeshadow brush, blush brush and lipstick brush.

My Kissmark Analysis:

Disclosure: I got this as a gift.

Daytime Makeup Tutorial

The inspiration for this tutorial is the subtlety of Too Faced Glamour To Go Pocket Palette. Meant for daytime wear and/or makeup beginners, this look is simple and sweet.

1. Prep your face. Cleanse, wash, tone. Apply moisturizer with SPF.
2. Apply face primer to make your face look flawless. More on face primer benefits, click here.
3. Apply liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer over face. (Optional) Seal foundation with mineral powder.
4. Groom your eyebrows. (Optional) fill eyebrows with brown eyebrow makeup or brown pencil.
5. Apply eye primer over eyelids. Let it dry for 1 minute. Eye primer prevents smudging and creasing of eye makeup. It also makes the colors stand out more.
6. See guide picture below. Apply pink shade (1a) over eyelids. Blend bronze shade (1b) over crease and outer corner of eye. Lightly blend mocha (1c) over crease but not the arch area. Highlight arch area & tear duct with shimmer yellow (1d).

Click image to zoom
Feel free to replace these supplies with your own collection.
1) Too Faced Glamour To Go Pocket Palette  2) Too Faced Mascara   3) Estee Lauder brown eyeliner  4) L'Oreal carbon black liquid liner

7. Line waterline with brown eyeliner. (Optional) With a smudge brush, line lower lashline with bronze eyeshadow from outer to midline, then with pink eyeshadow from midline to inner area (towards tear duct).
8. Apply waterproof mascara. (Optional) Wear fake eyelashes (like I did in the the succeeding photos)
9. Brush blush-on over apples of cheek. (Optional) Brush bronzer on side of face (temple area) to contour.
10. For longer-wearing lip product, line and fill your lips with lip liner then apply lip gloss or lip stick.

Click image to zoom
Feel free to replace these items with your own collection
1) Too Faced Glamour To Go Blush-on  2) Optional. Lancome Bronzer  3) Optional. e.l.f. under eye concealer  4) Bare Minerals Powder

Click image to zoom
Wet n Wild lip liner   LA Girl Lip Gloss

Don't sleep my dear!!!

Look fab today. Sexy and sweet, why not?!

" The greatest form of self-promotion is not the talk but the walk. Let your actions speak for you."- Fabkath

My lip products are 80 percent dominated by lip gloss. I like the glamour side of gloss and how it makes your lips look full and luscious.  My current obsession is L.A Girl Platinum Collection, a drugstore brand that retails about $4.00 (or less) each. It claims to have rich moisturizing formula and brilliant colors that suit any skintone.

1)Berry Wine  2)Pink Pearl  3)Antique Gold  4) Topaz  5)Ruby Red  6)Baby Pink
The wearability is impressive with about five hours of  non-reapplication from me. The pigment stays true to its packaging - a big deal for me as I have fallen victim to high-end lipglosses that hardly have colors in them. The moisturizing formula is a great add-on as I have not experienced lip dryness while wearing this product. The price is affordable, you can buy 2 or 3 colors for under $10.

Kissmark analysis

Disclosure: I bought this product

Quick beauty tip: To add more staying power to your lipgloss/ lipstick, line and fill your lips with lip liner close to the color of your lipgloss/lipstick.

Look fab today. Full and luscious lips are sexy.

" It's always easier said than done. But once it's done, it's even easier you have accomplished much".- FabKath

Big, small, straight, curved. Whatever the shape and size, our feet deserve to be pampered. No time to visit a spa this week? Tight budget? Make your feet happy by doing this homemade foot scrub recipe. Now head to your pantry and bring these supplies out. 

1/2 cup olive oil
(optional) choose between 1/2 ground coffee or 1/2 cup sugar
(optional) essential oil (cinnamon scent)
(optional) 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
empty jar

Olive oil has a gamut of uses outside the kitchen. Being a natural oil, it is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores). In fact, it has been used for centuries as part of personal care. Sugar is a good exfoliant. When rubbed against the skin, it sloughs off dead skin cells. Ground coffee is another alternative. Coffee has antioxidant properties. Coffee on skin, why not? 

Mix all ingredients together. The use of essential oil (cinnamon) and ground cinnamon is optional. I just want mine to smell like freshly brewed gourmet foot scrub. Essential oils can be bought from any health store. I purchased mine online.

Complete your foot spa experience. Soak your feet in warm water for about five minutes. Pat dry. Scrub with this homemade recipe. Rinse. Apply foot lotion (or moisturizer). Suffering from dry cracked heels? Wear socks overnight after applying foot lotion. 

Here's my Coffee Cinnamon Foot Scrub!

Use within 3 months. I swear my feet are well moisturized!

Dry cracked heels ain't fab. Make your feet happy! Scrub and moisturize.

* Get inspired*  Driving directions: Drive MY-way is devoid of bumps but it's a lonely journey because you travel alone. Turn HIS-way, it has highs and lows but it's all worth the ride"

Look fab using drugstore brands. Take 2. The first tutorial generated one of the highest page views so I thought of recreating another look using affordable makeups which you can buy from any pharmacy or retail stores.

I like the sexiness evoked by smokey eyes. In fact, it can take you from day to night by simply building colors. Smokey eyes don't need to be always dark and black. Channel a more subdued look by wearing other colors such as green and maroon.  Here are the products I used for the eyes:

Main feature: Wet n Wild Icon Trio Pallet.
Substitute black & green eyeliners with your own collection. 
I can't find my drugstore eye pencils when I made this tutorial

When it comes to drugstore brands, I am impressed with the staying power and color selection of Wet n Wild. This particular pallet is newbie-friendly as it tells you where to put what- dark green for eyelids, maroon for crease, shimmer light green for brow bone.

Using your eyeshadow brush, pack on dark green color all over lids. Blend maroon color over crease. The crease is the hollow portion between your browbone and eyelid (top of your eyeball). Line/Blend maroon color from lower lashline starting from the outer corner of eyes to midline, then with green color from mid to inner corner. Line upper lashline with black eye pencil. Smudge with cotton tip. Line again. Line your waterline with green/dark green eye pencil. Finally, highlight your brow area and tear duct with shimmer light green. Apply 2-3 coats of black mascara.

To prevent smudging/creasing, apply eye primer prior to eyeshadow.

For the rest of the face, here are the products I used:

All drugstore brands: Rimmel Liquid Foundation, Nyx concealer (green) to cover redness (got pimple during this tutorial), Maybelline mineral veil to seal makeup, Maybelline blush-on
Note: Apply face primer prior to liquid foundation to create flawless canvass and prevent wilting of makeup

And now, my smokey green eyes rendition...

Click image to zoom.
Taken w/ and w/o flash; indoor/outdoor
Look fab today. Try the smokey green eyes. 

*Get inspired* " Any duckling can be a stunning swan. Walk with confidence. Smile and laugh from the heart. Look fab today".

I love the versatility of shimmers, especially the neutral/ cream/ vanilla hues. They instantly brighten your face, make you look posh and oh-so-fab! If there is one beauty product that you need to buy today, I encourage you to get one. Shimmers are sold in different formulations, packaging and uses.

1) The Body Shop Shimmer Waves (Eyes/bronzer)  2) Wet n Wild Icon Eyeshadow   3) e.l.f. Healthy glow Bronzing pressed powder   4) Benefit High Beam

Save on makeups! Regardless whether they are sold as bronzer, eye shadows, etc., here are some unexpected ways you can use them:
  • Highlight brow bone/ arch area. But first things first. Your brows should be groomed and tamed. Pluck stray hairs! With flat eyeshadow brush or finger, dab neutral shimmer under the brow/arch

  • Brighten/open up your eyes. This is the final touch to your eye makeup. With flat eyeshadow brush or finger, dab shimmer and apply in inner corner of your eyes (tear duct)

  • Use as shimmer/ lip gloss to highlight pout and sexy lips. Wearing a flat and lifeless lipstick? Add shine and glam. Dab a small amount of neutral shimmer and apply at the center of  lips.

  • Make lips plump and pouty. With thin lip brush, line the cupid's bow / center of lips with neutral shimmer and blend with fingers to soften the look. Cupid's bow is the upper portion of the lips.

  •  Highlight cheekbone. Create an illusion of high cheekbone by simply sweeping neutral shimmer/ bronzer over cheekbone (just below the outside corner of eyes). The light which reflects that area will lift it up.

Just a caution. Look fab but not overdone. Unless you are attending a costume party or strutting the runway, use shimmers sparingly. When using shimmer to highlight your brow area, use matte-colored eyeshadows.

Look fab with simple makeup. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara, apply neutral shimmer on brow area and inner corner of eyes.

Shine, fab woman, shine!

*Get inspired* "You can only give unselfish love to others when you love yourself 100%"

Wet n Wild in Carribean Frost

Do you regularly go to nail salons to have your nails done? Do you enjoy painting your own nails? Here are some fab tips to make your nail polish last longer:

1. Even if you are polish-free, apply polish remover to remove natural oils on the surface of your nails.
2. Wash hands with warm water and gently scrub your fingers using soft-bristled brush (nail brush or toothbrush)
3. Apply a thin strip of gel cuticle remover around cuticle. Leave on for 1 minute. With the flat end of your pusher tip, gently push back cuticle. Brush nails. Wash with warm water.
4. Apply base coat. This will help the polish to adhere to your nails better.
5. Apply nail polish thinly. Wait for nails to dry before reapplying. I usually do 3 thin coats.
6. Polish nail tips. This will help prevent chipping.
7. Apply a clear topcoat. This will seal the color of your nail polish.
8. Allow nails to dry completely before holding objects or resuming household chores or work assignments (now that's what we call me-time, yay!). Give it an hour. In between, snooze baby!
9. Apply hand cream or lotion.
10. Extend the life even longer: Apply topcoat every two days or so.

Hail the fab nail! Clean (polished) nails add beauty & glam.

*Get inspired* " To judge someone based on looks is discriminatory, character is self-explanatory"- fabkath

Who says you can't look fab while out and about burning calories? Running a mile or two? Walking your dog? Gyrating to zumba? Chasing kids in the park? Step out looking good with these sweat/water resistant and simple beauty aids.

This tutorial was inspired by a friend who asked about a beauty routine that can help her look even more fabulous despite the scorching summer heat downunder.

There is only one product that will protect you from the sun's harmful rays: Sunscreen. Never go out without wearing one. Choose a product with at least SPF15 and has both UVA/UVB protection. For more information on sunscreen, click here.

Save on makeups. Use a product that has multi-tasking functions. I like to use Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 because it also acts as a moisturizer and sunscreen. And because it is lightly tinted, you have the option to wear it alone.

Use water/sweat resistant products or you end up running like a zombie. Line your upper lashline with water resistant eyeliner, follow with 1-2 coats of water resistant mascara.

Look fab but not overdone. Apply neutral lip color. If you are pale like me, you have the option to apply a hint of color. Lightly brush rosy pink blush on cheeks or bronzer on the side of the face up to mid forehead (where light hits you).

These are the products I would normally use when I'm out running. These are for illustration purposes only.

1) Sunblock SPF50 Ocean Potion Sweat & Water Resistant (for arms, legs) 2) Clinique SPF 40 (face)  3) Optional: Bare Minerals Face Powder  4) e.l.f. water-resistant eyeliner  5) Rimmel mascara  6) e.l.f.  mineral lipstick nude color

Here's a simple makeup look you can try:

Click image to zoom
Get fab & fit. Sweat it out without the sweat.

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