Every now and then, I do check and try out some indie beauty brands that I am not quite familiar with. Case in point- Mattese NYC. One fine day, my wandering feet led me to this perfume store in Waikele (Oahu, Hawaii) and found these makeups. Looking at the swatches, they aren't bad so I picked up a few eye makeups and lip glosses.

And so I googled and ogled. This brand has a cult following in New York, simply because you can only find it in Ricky's NYC- an edgy all-in-one beauty store located in NYC. New York City that is. And how on earth it landed in Hawai'i shores? I seriously don't know but one thing I can bet on, it has remarkable color pay-off. 

I forgot to take pictures when they were sealed. I was so excited
to try them out that's why you see the pigments on top of the sifter.

In .05 oz  net wt. (1.5g)

Aww, one of the shades is named FABULOUS!

Impressive. Swatches in one Swipe only!
L-R: Virgin, Fabulous, Glitzzy, Cosmos, Abyss

Shades                            How they appear to me
Virgin                               White, shimmery
Fabulous                          Olive or army green, shimmery
Glitzy                               Gold, shimmery
Cosmos                           Taupe, shimmery
Abyss                              Dark blue, matte

The lip gloss is pigmented without annoying waxy scent or and tacky feel to it. It can be worn alone or under lipstick. 

Packaging looks surprisingly upscale

In 0.14 oz net. wt (3.95 g)

Swatches in one swipe.
L-R: 8354, 9005 (sigh, no names!)

Shades                 How they appear to me
8354                    Pink rose
9005                    Mauve

And here are photos of me wearing them:

Glitzzy (gold) on lids
Fabulous (olive green) on crease,
Virgin (white) on brow bone
8354 (pink rose) on lips

Ain't bad for everyday makeup

Cosmos (mauve) on lids
Abyss (dark blue) on crease
Virgin (white) on brow bone
9005 (mauve) on lips

Colors are buildable!

Though I haven't tried to order online, here's the link to Ricky's NYC website- click here.

On to my Kissmark Analysis:

Eye makeup: Affordable and good color pay-off.

Lip gloss: Affordable but limited shades when I bought them.

FTC: I purchased these.

Okay, no loud music and pupus (Hawaii's version of hors d' oeuvres, small portion of food served before a meal) but you read it right- it's a Girlfriend Party!

Hosted by Nordstrom Hawaii thru one of its cosmetics vendors, Bare Escentuals, the concept behind is to book an appointment with a Makeup Artist for a party of three and get a full-hour makeup lesson, product updates, hands-on basic makeup how-tos, and a complimentary starter makeup kit.  All for free. Fun and fabulous!

A personal user of Bare Escentual's bareMinerals and Buxom lines, I replied to an invitation so I can cover this event and find out what new products are worth- trying.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in the beauty market, expect Bare Escentuals to bring you brighter and bolder color collection. "Bare Escentuals is expanding to include high intensity colors, those that like heavy pigments", explains Leighanne Evans, Counter Manager for Bare Escentuals/Norsdstrom Hawaii. 

New: bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolors

Very pigmented lip cream that has bendable applicator which
conforms to your lips when applying. Precise application it is.

Swatches of Pretty Amazing Lipcolor.
L-R:  Ambition (hot pink), Fearless (mauve)

New: bareMinerals High Shine Eyecolors

Sheen yet vibrant eye makeup. Glides on without unsightly fall-outs.

Swatches of High Shine Eyecolors.
L-R: Electric (blue-gray), Vapor (silver-gray)

In line with its 35th year of bringing all-natural, mineral-based makeup, Bare Escentuals introduces this 5-piece eye collection for $35. (valued at $79).

5-piece eye collection: High Shine Eyecolor,
Eye Primer, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Eyeliner

Whether you are new to Bare Escentuals makeup line or a delighted customer who wants to know more about makeup tips, the Bare Escentuals team is more than happy to assist and answer your concerns. If you happen to be in Nordstrom (Oahu, Hawaii), visit the counter and try out the makeups. You may find one that suits you best.

The Bare Escentuals Counter in Nordstrom Hawaii

Oh, I breathe makeups!

Try 'em fab ladies!


Fab Spotlight!

Leighanne Evans
Counter Manager, Bare Escentuals, Nordstrom Hawaii
Relatively new in the islands, I chatted with the new Counter Manager of Bare Escentuals located inside Nordstrom Hawaii. 

When and how did you learn applying makeup? "In middle school, I learned about stage makeup"

How did you get into the cosmetics industry? " I started working in Ulta when I was still in Texas. Then when we moved to Oahu in November 2010, I got interviewed in Nordstrom. I started as rover and got promoted in May when they needed a Counter Manager for Bare Escentuals".

"What are your top 3 must-haves from Bare Escentuals? "Tough question, but that would be Pure Radiance (translucent mineral powder), Pretty Amazing Lipcolor (hot pink shade), Well Rested for Eyes (under-eye brightening that reduces look of tired eyes).

"What do you do when not working? "I have two dogs, I spend time with them and my husband. I go to the beach. We like going to Kailua and Bellows".

"Any makeup tips you'd like to share? " I apply bronzer to contour my face. I think people  have a notion that bronzer is meant to color the face. I use it mainly for contouring. You apply it like the number 3. In one sweeping motion, start with temple, along the cheekbone, then along the jaw line.

"What else should people know about Bare Escentuals?" bareMinerals is no longer about neutral and conservative colors. We have new products that can transform you from day to night- from nude to bold.

Look for Leighanne and her radiant smile at the counter.

Clarins makeup fanatics and enthusiasts, here's a quick preview of its Eye Quartet Mineral Palette  for Fall 2011. 

This four-color palette is meant to be applied either wet or dry. It is mineral-based with a luxurious silky finish. Encased in 3.5 x 4- inches gold hue pan, it comes with two sponge tip applicators. 

04 Indigo: Lavender/Blue/Silver/Gray

06: Graphites  Pink/Silver/Black/Gray

Pull out the pan from this red velvet case.

The back portion of the box has description where to put what (Base/ Liner/Highlighter).
Think outside the pan and play around with colors.

04 Indigo:
Swatches of wet (damp) application: Good and sophisticated color pay-off.

04 Indigo:
Swatches of dry application. Pale and subtle.

06 Graphites:
Swatches of wet (damp) application.
Fab and smoky.

06 Graphites:
Swatches of dry application.
Teeny weeny hint of color.

Additional product information:
Size: 5.8g       0.2 oz. net wt.
Key ingredients: mica, talc
Available in stores: Fall 2011

My impression and thoughts:
If you are into high-end makeups, this is a good addition to your collection. I like it wet (damp) because it gives exquisite color pay-off. Dry technique looked flat on me and it took me quite a while to pick up the color from the pan (I used both the sponge tip applicators and my own eye shadow brush). The gold-tinted case is handy, ideal to-go because of its compact size. You can even use the top/outside case as your mirror for quick lipstick touch-ups. But if you're OC with finger prints, expect to leave your thumb marks on the case. But then again, it comes with a red velvet case which you can use to wipe and store your palette properly. 

Ever the guinea pig, I tried and wore this eye makeup yesterday. You be the judge....

Moi wearing 3 colors from the 04 Indigo Collection.
Wet (Damp) technique for base (lid) and highlight (brow bone & tear duct).
Dry technique for crease

Lavender for base and lower lash line, blue for crease and to outline upper lash line. Silver to highlight brow area and tear duct.

Moi with colors from the 06 Graphites palette. 

Wet technique for lids, lower lash line, brow area and inner corner.
Dry application for crease

My Kissmark analysis

FTC: Product samples were provided for PR consideration and review.

Making jewelries by hand (visit my online store, Kakalina's) has its drawback- I can't have to-die-for nails. Notwithstanding occasional pokes from wires and pliers, and good-for-three-days nail polish, I do enjoy painting my nails. Plus it's the best excuse to rest my hands for one solid hour. Except today.

The Wait Is Over is the name of the quick-drying nail lacquer created by celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann. It is the last step to your usual manicure routine. Packaged with a dropper, you can brush the formula directly on your nail polish or use the former to dry your nails in a flash.

"The Wait Is Over" Intensive Nail Treatment

I used the standard brush over dropper.

In 0.50 fl. oz  / 15 ml 
Immediately after the last coat of nail polish, I brushed this lacquer. Without averseness, I touched my nails and boy, they were dry in an instant! And yes, my fingertips are back to work right away. No more excuses I guess!

Alongside this nail treatment, I also painted my nails with Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air. It has a milky-blue tint adorned with blue and pink glitters. 

Free of formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phtalate. Not tested on animals.

In 0.50 fl.oz  / 15ml

In days you want to give your nails a break from bright hues, this polish is for you. The milky texture renders it opaque when applied on nails, and the glitters- they're simply fun to look at.

2 coats of  Glitter in the Air.

Think outside the bottle. You can mix it with your favorite nail color. See what I did....

High-end meets Cheapo! I applied Glitter In the Air on top of a drugstore brand, LA Colors. Who can tell?

On to my Kissmark Analysis:

The Wait Is Over gave me no excuse not to blog right away!

Glitter in the Air nail polish: Color choice is relative. I'm drawn to bright hues as my nails don't look good in clear-opaque finish.

FTC: I got these as gifts.

Want to make your polish last longer? read this blog- click here.
For more information on Deborah Lippmann's nail collection, click here.

Yay!  In two weeks time, I'm turning a year older. To me, age is more than a number but a feeling! Feel young, look young. To celebrate my birthday, I am holding this giveaway to my fab Youtube subscribers.  This is open international, and there will be two winners. Here are the prizes:

Winner 1 package: LORAC baked matte eye shadow, LORAC plumping lip gloss, 2 L'OREAL lipsticks from Le Rouge collection, pair of handmade shell earrings from my summer collection

Winner 2 package: LORAC on-screen duo, LORAC lip plumping lip gloss, 2 L'OREAL lipsticks from Le Rouge collection, pair of handmade shell earrings from my collection

On how to enter, please watch this video. 

FTC: I am not paid to feature these brands for my giveaway. I purchased these LORAC cosmetics and the L'OREAL lipsticks were part of my huge collection winnings from a photo entry I participated on. These are all brand new items. The earrings were all handmade by me.Visit my online store Kakalina's- click here
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